Seasonal Termination and Refusal to Provide Termination Letter

Dec 9, 2021
I worked at Target for about two to three months (Since late October). I am still a student, keep this in mind. I was unable to come in twice because I was near confirmed household COVID-cases. I am also a volunteer EMS, so I knew the danger of spreading. I notified the store both times and both times I was interrogated regarding them. I provided tests and whatnot but they still marked them down as strikes. Then, earlier in December, I was late because my school was locked down due to a school shooting threat. I came into work and my ETL brought me into her office. She notified me that I am being terminated for the two "unexcused absences" and being late. Being seasonal, I suppose it is easier to do. I requested a formal termination letter as the IRS is required to file one for my financial aid, and she blocked me. Not sure what to do, I was fired day before Christmas Eve and since then havent had access to workday. Is there a corporate HR number?
May 6, 2020
I am 56 and in my various jobs I think I have only got a termination letter once or twice.

I would file for unemployment and tell the unemployment office that you have nothing documentation.

You should tell the office you were hired as seasonal anyway.

They might reach out to Target but probably get no response.

Look for another job and move on.