1. H

    Seasonal Termination and Refusal to Provide Termination Letter

    I worked at Target for about two to three months (Since late October). I am still a student, keep this in mind. I was unable to come in twice because I was near confirmed household COVID-cases. I am also a volunteer EMS, so I knew the danger of spreading. I notified the store both times and both...
  2. B


    Seems we’ve said this before on here but as it’s getting slower I still see new hires coming in. Can someone in Hr, PC, or OM explain why HR needs to keep people coming in? We have several underperforming staff members not being terminated. Really frustrating as We could have highly performing...
  3. R

    When does a seasonal job become permanent?

    I was hired seasonally back in the start of July this year and have been there since. I thought I would only stay for the summer but they never said anything about letting me go so I’ve just continued working and would like to keep working. However, I heard from a coworker that was hired...
  4. lokinix

    I have been asking about staying on after the season....

    I was hired as seasonal back at the start of the season and recently I asked the HR ETL about how long seasonal positions last and when they would decide if they kept someone on or not. They said (in so many words), that if I keep doing what I am doing now, they don't see why I wouldn't be...
  5. lokinix

    New GM Seasonal TM

    Howdy! I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions regarding GM TM. My first day is tomorrow (after orientation) and I am not 100% sure what I'll be walking into. I was hired for fulfillment and then they moved me to GM. Thanks!
  6. TargetsDaddy

    Halloween set

    Hey guys, for those that are early set or got all their signing pallet in... Did they send us any 16" chrome pegs? Were very short this year.
  7. T

    let go before end of 90 days

    so today I was told that I wouldn't be kept after my 90 days, and so im scheduled through next week, but am i required to go? they already told me that im not staying so is it worth it to go this last week? all it would be is some extra cash.
  8. B

    Seasonal question? Help please!

    Hi! I was hired as a softlines seasonal employee December 18. I am very confused as to whether i’m staying or not. Some seasonals in my area have been taken out, and a few of them are still there. On my Workday app it says I’m seasonal but on some of the other seasonals in my area that are left...
  9. B

    Seasonal TM to On Demand TM

    Hi folks, I was wondering if ODTM means I would get less hours weekly or will be the same as any other TMs? I see some of TMs are still seasonal TM even though they have been worked at Target over years. is any (benefits ) difference between seasonal or on demand? Thanks.
  10. T

    Was let go as seasonal last week, but still able to log on to workday, my time, etc?

    I was told my last day as seasonal would be the 21st of Jan, and I there were no hours right now in Flex. I was hired as seasonal they said, but in workday and on my paychecks I am listed as regular. I worked for Target 6 years ago. If I was truly let go, then why can I still log on to ALL...
  11. W

    Likelihood of Being Rehired once Seasonal Position Ends

    Would REALLY appreciate your answers on this: So, my Seasonal GM Expert position ended Dec 26, 2020. I believe they liked my work :) Since then, I applied twice to whatever I thought I qualified for part-time wanting 15 hours a week, 20 ish for holidays, etc., with preference to 3 consecutive...
  12. M

    End of Seasonal

    Well I finally got my seasonal talk with my ETL and.... I'm not being kept on. 😪 Kind of disappointed lol, I kind of liked the job. My last day is the end of this month, but my ETL couldn't stress enough how much she liked me and how she wanted me to reapply later this year when more hours come...
  13. E

    First GM Shift

    When I was hired as a seasonal in October, I got a few training shifts in general merchandise, then was moved exclusively to OPU and Cashier. I noticed next week that I was scheduled again in GM. My trainer taught me all of the basic duties, but they never told me what I am supposed to do when I...
  14. T

    Answered Am I Still Seasonal?

    I’ve been a seasonal fulfillment expert for 151 days (I was hired on 8/14/2020) and I was wondering when/if my probationary period is over. They fired the guy I was hired with back in December, but i’m still being scheduled. Is there any reason Workday would still show me as a seasonal employee?
  15. B

    Seasonal tm help

    I’m seasonal, was supposed to switch departments but it’s taking forever, I’m still getting a lot of hours and am on the new schedule, I do live in a state that gets lots of people that stay until April so lshould I still be looking?
  16. T

    Final Day Paperwork

    Hey all, yesterday, Tuesday, was my last day working with Target. Was I supposed to do any paperwork? They never gave me anything to sign or told me it was my official last day, but as mentioned I’m not on the schedule next week and one of the leaders mentioned last week it was likely my last day
  17. KiaPink

    Seasonal Hire in January?

    Hi everyone, I applied as a regular part time TM but I got counter offered to be a seasonal part time employee. I accepted and was supposed to start late December but that didn't happen. Since the holidays are over and I've seen on this forum most seasonal employees get let go or asked to stay...
  18. Y

    I'm a seasonal TM but was let go. I have my last shift next week. Is it ok if I start applying to other Target nearby? or should I call HR there?

    I am looking to stay with Target; I love working there. Even if it is just a few hours until it picks up again I am willing to do so. I was told last week (my 2nd to the last shift) that they won't be able to keep me. Ive asked to be transfer to another department at our store but was told they...
  19. T

    Pretty Sure This Means I’m Gone

    Hey everybody, hope you have a happy New Year. I see on my schedule after next week, it says “Att- Unpaid Vacation”. I’m pretty sure this means I’m gone, but just wanted to confirm it better with the good people here
  20. BullseyeBabe

    Seasonal TMs

    Do you have to have documentation if you don’t want to keep a seasonal TM? In the past years we just decided, but this year HR is telling us we have to have documentation if we don’t want to keep a seasonal TM.