1. H

    Still Seasonal?

    I have a question, I was hired as a (seasonal) cashier in November. I have open availability and learn really quick so I get a lot of GSA shifts now. But in workday i'm still seasonal. I was never officially asked to stay on and never received a 90 day review. Is this normal?
  2. Happy

    Letting me go

    After working for Target for 6 months in SFS, and being kept on after seasonal, I’ve been given the cut. LOD pulled me into TSC to tell me they have to let me go after my shift next Saturday, due to keeping too many seasonal TM’s. Quite the bummer.
  3. T

    Switching position after first day of training?

    I had my first day of training for this special overnight position they had which was seasonal. The job didnt seem to bother me, but, I can tell that working 10-2:30am will.. esp doing back to back days. I wanted to call HR and see if since its so early in my training if they could let me do...
  4. M

    Am I still technically seasonal and for how long?

    Ok so I started as a seasonal cashier this past November, 10th. I was one of 6 kept on after mid January. I originally only applied as a way to make extra money for Xmas but once Xmas was over I was really hoping to be kept on, and I was. I really enjoy my job and get along well with everyone...
  5. M

    What is the minimum #of days/hours you have to work to remain employed?

    Ok so I started as a seasonal cashier this past November. I was kept on after January. I originally only applied as a way to make extra money for xmas but once xmas was over I was really hoping to be kept on, and i was. I really enjoy my job and get along well with everyone. Im assuming I'm...
  6. T

    My first day as seasonal overnight (4.5hr shift) is tomorrow.. looking for advice

    This is my first job in almost 9 months. My previous job i was working as a quality control tech for video equipment. I'm a filmmaker by trade but given my current situation (which i wont bore you with) I had to find something temp to help allocate bills with my partner (i'm sure you all know...
  7. N


    My friend and I both started and had orientation in August of 2018, and we were both hired as seasonal. I was hired as cashier (crosstrained at guest service/self-checkout), and my friend was hired at Starbucks. My friend told me that, last week, he was pulled in by ETL and offered a permanent...
  8. healingboostio

    Gripes with how/why I was let go. Quick vent.

    Hey all. Longtime lurker, first time poster here. Not sure if this is the right thread for this post, but if it isn't, feel free to direct me to the right place. I was let go in December. When I was hired on for Electronics, the first thing I asked was if I was seasonal. I was told that I...
  9. M

    Target won't cross-train me after my 90 days

    I recently hit my 90 days at Target, so I went and talked to the H.R lady I was apparently supposed to talk in order to get into cross-training. I've been super excited about hitting my 90 days the whole time I've been working for this company, because as a cashier, it's tough to get hours...
  10. F

    Off the clock or on?

    Hi! New seasonal here. I know these are really stupid questions and I apologize in advance. Are things like looking at the paper schedule, signing up to take shifts, and requesting time off in EHR supposed to be done on or off the clock? And if on the clock, when? During our 15s? Thanks. It's...
  11. A

    Seasonal to regular

    I joined Target as a seasonal team member. A few days ago my manager told me I became regular team member now. But they didn't take action after that. And my workday still shows I am the seasonal. Should I sign a form if I became regular? What are the steps from seasonal to regular?
  12. F

    Bye-bye seasonal.

    Just overheard LOD tell a seasonal - ‘There is a letter here thanking you, We would like you to stay for the rest of this shift, since you have already been paid for it, but if you choose to leave you can.” WTF ? Did you really just tell that person they can leave even though they have...
  13. U

    Still seasonal salvage!

    Here's the breakdown .... My store fell behind in pushing seasonal. Food, hearth and hand, trim a tree, side caps, etc. All that fell on the price change team to pull out of location, sort between food and merchandise, and salvage and donate. There was no planning. The schedule was written...
  14. J

    Seasonal training seasonal

    I’m a seasonal cashier and been working for like 3 weeks and there’s like 2 newer seasonal cashiers that came in a few days ago and my gsa told ME to train them and watch them Incase they have questions. Wtf
  15. L


    I have such a love and hate relationship with Target. This past weekend, we let go of our seasonal team members and told those who were staying that they were going to become regular staff. Once I went to go check to see if my name was up for next week’s schedule, I saw my name wasn’t there. I...
  16. coolgirl

    Went from seasonal to regular

    Hi! So on Wednesday I was notified by my TL that I’m being kept as a regular employee and was welcomed to the team but on workday I am still listed as a seasonal employee and I’m scheduled until the 15th, I’m not sure if it’s because I had changed my availability to open availability because I’m...
  17. C

    Seasonal employment done?

    I was hired as a seasonal employee and when I looked at the schedule in store I wasn't listed for this week. I am not able to log into any of my accounts, I don't know if I have the wrong password or if they were shut down. Whenever I log in it says I can not access my account at this time and...
  18. S

    Seasonal; They did not keep me. I am depressed

    My TL last night, my last shift, said glowing things about me, things that were complimentary and seem sincere. But they are not keeping me after the season. I am in good standing so she said I could reapply in the next season which is Easter. Does that mean they don't want me as a regular...
  19. S

    Seasonal no more

    So they offered me a position to stay on. Yay? Lol. When do I start accruing vacation and sick time and all that? How many hours a week do I have to work to qualify for benefits?
  20. T

    Is it possible to be referred to another Target if I get laid off?

    So I was hired as a seasonal cart attendant, but due to increasing back problems I had to switch jobs. I then was given the job of being a cashier for 3 or so weeks. I think tomorrow is my last day and I will be laid off. I was told by a friend of mine that if I don’t have a schedule for next...