hiya, new seasonal employee here :)


Seasonal Guest Advocate · Somewhere in California
Nov 23, 2023
Hi all! I just so happened to stumble upon this forum while doing a random Google Search, nice to meet all of you, I'm a relatively new seasonal employee (fingers crossed for a more permanent position :D) and figured I'd make an account just to connect with some fellow Team Members, glad to be here!
Welcome!! Speaking from experience, if you have good attendance then you'll likely be asked to stay after the seasonal period ends :)
You should try to find a better job before Target completely sucks your soul dry.
My advice to you, get an education, work on transferrable skills, go to trade school... don't stay at target longer than a year if you can help it. You have very little opportunity for growth in the retail world unless you lick the boots of all of your higher ups.
I say this as someone who works on demand every 6 months to keep the discounts, lol. I did my time in shartget for 2 years and now I have a better place of employment.
Best of luck. Don't let the corporate fuckfucks get you down and DO NOT let them steal your soul.