1. ElectroDevil


    I forgot my password. TBR seems to have forgotten my account linked to my email. So... I was RealFuckingName. Been awhile.
  2. T

    How Long Did It Take You??

    Hello everybody. I am new to Target and I am in flexible fulfillment. I will be going in for my third shift tonight. It seems like a fun job, but I would love to know how long it took you to get the job nailed down as far as understanding how to do your tasks successfully/at a good pace. I've...
  3. I


    Hello all!! All the years I've been with Target and I'm just now finding this... I'm so disappointed in myself. Haha. Anyways wanted to say hi. So....hiiiiiii!!!
  4. twinnzaddie2

    First Day Working (Training)

    I pretty much was excited to start working at target. My first time getting hired at target and it was pretty much different from working at Walmart, fry’s, or any retail store I’ve been in. I pretty much knew what they was training me on but I wanted to see how they do it from how I do it but...
  5. NotQuiteKeanu

    Just had my first real "good" day

    Hi all!! Just got hired at Spot for the season (but hoping to stick around for a while) in fulfillment. I've never worked in retail before (unless you count GameStop, for 3 months, in high school.... 13 years ago). I still get a bit intimidated, I don't know what a lot of acronyms mean, and I...
  6. G

    Overnight Inbound

    Hello everyone! I was recently hired for an overnight inbound position. Orientation is the 20th and I was told my shift would be 5 or 7 hrs, starting at 10PM. I've worked a similar shift in the past at Walmart pre-Covid. Am I correct in assuming i'll be throwing the truck(s), sorting onto...
  7. C

    New Register POS

    Hi, Our store recently updated the registers to a new POS. We are still learning how to use it, which is pretty much self explanatory. We figured out that there are some functions that we can not do anymore, or haven't figured out how to do it. My question is, how do you requisition something...
  8. S

    Just a bit confused coming from a strict target to a lower volume store

    So I’ve been working at target for almost two years now and i just transferred to a different target (that doesn’t have the remodel like my old one :( ) and it’s very different but i found out the store director is this really cool guy and he’s always there and i thought he was an etl that’s not...
  9. K


    Hi! I’m new to here but I’ve been with Target a year. I do pretty much everything but soft lines and AP. I’m 24 and I have bipolar, adhd, anxiety, depression, and type2 narcolepsy. 😬 Target has been pretty enjoyable 6/7 days! I also have a service dog 🐕‍🦺 she’s neat! I don’t bring her to work...
  10. M

    Orientation tomorrow!

    I'm a Seasonal TSS with my orientation tomorrow. Anyone else out there working in AP? Are there any expectations going forward for a seasonal TSS? I've been in retail for the most part for the past 4.5 years working at a grocery store before hand.
  11. ExoGeniVI

    What things should I know on my first day?

    Should I dress up or will they give me a uniform? What kind of questions should I ask?
  12. R

    No job offer?

    So I had my interview online by recording videos of myself answering questions. They were super fast and said that they wanted to talk to me about my interview the same day (Thursday)! They called and told me that I got the job and to watch for a job offer email within 24 hours. I called on...
  13. ExoGeniVI

    Just a few more day’s till orientation!

    Anything you people can tell me about working at Target? I’ve worked retail plenty before, but this is my first time ever working at Target.
  14. N

    Hi , used to work target left now back

    hi ..i used to work at target like 10 years ago had family emergency left going into health care but working at Target part time General merch
  15. S

    Seasoned in Retail, but new to Target

    Hi all! I've poked around for a few days and decided it's time to introduce myself. I'm new to Target, but have 20+ years retail experience. I'm in week 2 of training for a TL position as an outside hire. I've never worked for a company that uses soooo many acronyms that I've seen mentioned in...
  16. O

    Help! I’m new to target and was poorly trained!

    Hello! So I’m new to Target and I just finished my very limited training days. I trained mostly in style and had 4 hours of fufillment training. However, I have a 8 hour fufillment shift tomorrow and I have NO CLUE what I’m doing. I have only worked once with the Mydevice. Can someone walk me...
  17. U

    Hello to everyone!

    I've been employed with Target for about 5½ years. Have "lurked" in TBR for about 3 or 4. I felt it about time to introduce myself. Like everyone else, I have days I like Target and days I can't stand the place. I like the people that post in here, however. You seem like really cool...
  18. T

    New guy here

    Hey guys, I was just hired as a grocery Merchandise Expert, was originally looking for cashier but they thought I would be a good fit for this position. I’ve read the job description taken the tour with the manger but I was curious to what a day in the life of a 6am to 2pm merchandise expert is...
  19. I

    One week into AP training, still feeling a bit more nervous. Is this okay?

    I just started my job as a TSS, and well I honestly like the job. However, I’m still a little nervous especially in terms of doing a PMR. It’s been a week of trianing, and while I got the hang of everything else, is it bad I haven’t had a PMR? I have a KTR, after reviewing btw. My trainer said...
  20. Stardust71

    What happens in the Garage Stays in the Garage

    Hello, I have been with Target for 3 years