1. Clementine

    Hello New here.

    I got hired last week as as Cashier regular (Non Seasonal) Looking forward to working at Target.
  2. B


    I've been lurking this site for the last week or so, reading threads both old and new in preparation for the interview I had this morning for a guest advocate position. After a long struggle of my confidence and my nerves, I'm happy to say that I was offered the job after my second interview...
  3. Prodil

    New team member with questions.

    Hi! I got hired as a Seasonal Team Member 🙂 | Work Area GM I've already done the orientation and watched a couple of training videos. This will be my first official job so im nervous and excited and would like to ask a few questions of what will my first day be like? I will appreciate the...
  4. O

    Sales Floor Hello! I need your help.

    Hey guys, I finaly dicided to post something today. I've been reading a lot of your posts for almost a month and it helped me when I was confused about my job. I recently moved to KC. I got a job here as a GM sporting goods. is it normal that I had one day of training? For the past 2 weeks...
  5. hedgius

    hello (:

    hey ! I’m new to target (3 months). This is my first job, so any advice/precautions would be appreciated.
  6. P


    I applied at Target and got an interview scheduled, but something came up and I had to reschedule it. I then cancelled because I decided things were going alright at my current job, but now I am regretting that. My application says 'no longer considered' as of the cancelled interview. Do you...
  7. L

    Target’ Flagship Store

  8. T

    New-ish to Target and TheBreakRoom

    Hi everyone. I'm an old-timer, in a way, having worked at Target back in 1999/2000, before all this modernization. Back then we just used a walkie and an LRT and had phones on a wall in each department to answer lines. I left back then due to harassment issues with a TL. I've been in retail...
  9. O

    New to both the company and the break room

    Been working for about months. My isles are chem. I’m owning them completely! They’ve already asked if I’d like general merch team lead! Any pointers and help with terms would be greatly appreciated!!!
  10. daninnj


    *taps microphone* is this thing on?
  11. P

    Orientation today!

    New Style Consultant, going back to work after a loooong break to raise kids. One is starting college, so the time is right to make some $. 😂 Not gonna lie, y'all are scaring me a little with some of these posts, but I figure I will give it a try before I make any real judgments. Glad this...
  12. LocoMoco

    New Style Consultant :)

    Hello! I just had orientation today at target to be a style consultant! I worked from home for awhile now and I'm so nervous I'm gonna mess up and get fired. So any tips or nuggets of wisdom anyone can impart on me would be great! Or even just drop a reply to say hello, I need some friends :)
  13. The Death King

    Brand New GSM In CA

    This will quite possibly be my new favorite website. I'm 2 weeks into my GSM position out here in Sunny Northern CA. I work part-time at Target to supplement my full-time day job working for evil Big Pharma. I like it. Its a nice change from my normal desk-jockeying...but damn do I miss my...
  14. Psyfire

    Guest Services A day late, but hey, I'm a new Guest Advocate

    I've already posted here before, but yesterday was my first day on Orientation. I'm currently a Guest Advocate but I applied for Electronics. I may be a Seasonal Electronics after getting through my 90 day trial and will then be evaluated on where my strength lies better in (or they'll ask where...
  15. HRgirl

    HEY :)

    hey hey, I'm not new at target, but I've only ever used this website to get a link to view my schedule, I've been working as HR for about a year, so if you have any questions related to that, whether it be compliance OT, why you have so many missing punches, LOA, time off etc. I'm here! But I'm...
  16. oopsiedaaisy

    hi im new to the breakroom

    im oopsie and i work sfs! :) i hope that everyone will enjoy my constant complaining about my job my feet hurt and if its annoying then im sorry! :(
  17. TheProfessor

    The Professor of Hardlines

    I’m a former adjunct instructor (hence my Professor moniker) in Southern California* who started working at Target earlier this year. I taught English at the community college level for 12+ years after having gotten my MFA in creative writing. Recently, I was laid off due to low enrollment. I...
  18. B

    New to Spot

    I’m new to spot & it’s completely different than any other job I’ve had in the past. It’s a big store with many employees and I’m not used to it. I’m working in the Starbucks. I’m trying to get knowledge on the important things. What are some of the codes I need to know for emergencies? I know...
  19. N

    My Intro

    Long time listener, first time caller. I've been aware of TheBreakRoom for a while now, and I have enjoyed--and been horrified by--a lot of what I've read here. I probably should have went with this introduction as my first post, but I had a question that I knew could only be answered here, so...
  20. InboundGrunt

    New to the board.

    I've been lurking for several months and would just like to say I'm very grateful a place like this exists. Getting to read how modernization has been affecting team members company wide has been invaluable. The community here seems really chill for the most part, glad I finally joined. 👍