1. Uberdead

    Hello 👋

    Inbound guy from small format store(recently upgraded to large format) . Though we haven't gotten bigger on the inside. Always kinda leary of any establishment that would have me as a member- (paraphrasing/embellishing) groucho marx
  2. CuriousFennec

    hiya, new seasonal employee here :)

    Hi all! I just so happened to stumble upon this forum while doing a random Google Search, nice to meet all of you, I'm a relatively new seasonal employee (fingers crossed for a more permanent position :D) and figured I'd make an account just to connect with some fellow Team Members, glad to be here!
  3. Tobias Thibodeau

    Hi all

    I just stumbled across the site and decided to come on in. I've worked for Target for more years than I care to think about and frankly, I'm surprised no one has ever put me on to this.
  4. blueTieGuy

    Hello Fellow TM’s!

    Hello, fellow team members! I just wanted to introduce myself. I’ve been with Target for almost a year now. Found this forum when just searching for a question I had one day. Finally decided to join.
  5. IWTLCTH92

    New TM onboard.

    I joined The Break Room because I’m having a rough time at work, and I need to say what I truly feel when I can’t say it at work. I’ve been working at Target for 8.5 years as a cart attendant, and I’ve come to a point that we need a cart pusher, but only one problem: we can’t afford it.
  6. T

    targetThrowaway here :)

    Hi, I'm just a trans person looking for information about coverage through the new BCBS program. Almost everything I've found was exclusive to health care united which seemed amazing according to testimonials of trans target-eers. Targets? TM? lol This seems like a pretty cool place though I'll...
  7. J

    Target vet clocking in

    Hello all just wanted to Introduce myself! I have worked at Target for 6 years (7 in June) starting out as a Inbound/Flow/Backroom and Electronics Team Member. From there I have been a DBO(DPO) of sporting goods, chemicals, pets/paper and plastics at one point or the other. Moved to POG about 2...
  8. H

    Sayin' Hello

    Been workin' at target for a while now, and a former team member/friend told me about this board, so I'm getting a feeling for things.
  9. F

    Just popping in to say hello

    I have been working at Target since 2005 started in NY now in SC. Any other stores having inbound issues. Never seen it so bad u can barely move in the backroom... and sometimes they don't even get to finish unload to the point they are pulling DBO's to unload once the truck team leaves for the day.
  10. animalcrossing

    I don't have a creative title to come up with so hello

    I can't remember where I heard about this forum but I'm happy it exists, so looks like I'm here now. Obviously I wouldn't want to put too much about myself out there other than that I'm a "seasonal" (I was told that I'd likely be kept after Christmas is over) at a new small format store. I...
  11. B

    Newbie here!!

    Hi so I’m new here. I’m starting at target distribution center. I’m a little bit nervous because I’m not really in the best shape and I am pretty short in stature. I’m 5 foot 2. I applied for the warehouse worker and recently got offered the job. I start in two weeks and just want to take an all...
  12. D

    Home Based

    Does anyone here work in the home based sr specialist positions? I’m wondering what to expect
  13. N

    Brand New To BreakPack, Any Tips Or Advice That Any Of You Can Give Me?

    Hello Everyone! brand new to the website, and now brand new to breakpack; just a little context I Started off in the packing department tt my DC, went from packing for 6 months to feeding; for the remaining time until this point in my job change, being in that department I never would have known...
  14. RedShirtFresh

    New @ A2 @ DC

    Hello, I just finished Distribution Center orientation, it was interesting how the Guild Education benefits were just an afterthought / barely mentioned ! 1) Do very few people take advantage of Guild ? My recent background was as a shift supervisor for a huge bakery DC. It was insanely easy...
  15. S

    Joining the team! ETL HR

    Hello there! I'm starting in a few weeks as the ETL - HR. I've been the general manager of businesses with smaller 3~5 teams, larger box office stores with 20+ members, but never been in a leadership role with somewhere that does as much business as a place like Target. Mostly wanted to...
  16. tak0000715

    hidden pros of target?

    Hey all! I have my orientation this week & im pretty excited to say the least. Coming from somewhere I hated and have worked at malmart before so im happy to get back into a store ngl. Tell me the hidden pros in your store. I wanna know if you collect anything they sell do you kind of get first...
  17. DrWho42


    hi y'all! i worked as a cart attendant at the target from November 2015 until December 2018. i started working as cart attendant again just yesterday.
  18. B

    New guy making use of target forward

    Hey ya, I'm new. Just joined Target. I picked Target because I'm trying to make use of Target's new "Target Forward" program so I can get training and move my way up the ladder.
  19. lokinix


    Howdy! I figured I'd drop in and say hi! I was hired as a seasonal team member. I started Wednesday with my orientation and my first training shift is on Saturday! I was hired for flex, but I will be doing GM (availability goes better with them, so I was told). I work another job FT, so this is...
  20. S

    New External ETL Here!

    Hi Everyone! Joining the team as an SE ETL, and coming in externally from previous high end retail. I want to thank all members of this site for the guidance throughout my interview process, but most importantly the data I’ve got around what a good ETL looks like. I know in some places, an...