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  1. N

    Hi , used to work target left now back

    hi ..i used to work at target like 10 years ago had family emergency left ...now going into health care but working at Target part time General merch
  2. S

    Seasoned in Retail, but new to Target

    Hi all! I've poked around for a few days and decided it's time to introduce myself. I'm new to Target, but have 20+ years retail experience. I'm in week 2 of training for a TL position as an outside hire. I've never worked for a company that uses soooo many acronyms that I've seen mentioned in...
  3. O

    Help! I’m new to target and was poorly trained!

    Hello! So I’m new to Target and I just finished my very limited training days. I trained mostly in style and had 4 hours of fufillment training. However, I have a 8 hour fufillment shift tomorrow and I have NO CLUE what I’m doing. I have only worked once with the Mydevice. Can someone walk me...
  4. U

    Hello to everyone!

    I've been employed with Target for about 5½ years. Have "lurked" in TBR for about 3 or 4. I felt it about time to introduce myself. Like everyone else, I have days I like Target and days I can't stand the place. I like the people that post in here, however. You seem like really cool...
  5. T

    New guy here

    Hey guys, I was just hired as a grocery Merchandise Expert, was originally looking for cashier but they thought I would be a good fit for this position. I’ve read the job description taken the tour with the manger but I was curious to what a day in the life of a 6am to 2pm merchandise expert is...
  6. I

    One week into AP training, still feeling a bit more nervous. Is this okay?

    I just started my job as a TSS, and well I honestly like the job. However, I’m still a little nervous especially in terms of doing a PMR. It’s been a week of trianing, and while I got the hang of everything else, is it bad I haven’t had a PMR? I have a KTR, after reviewing btw. My trainer said...
  7. Stardust71

    What happens in the Garage Stays in the Garage

    Hello, I have been with Target for 3 years
  8. beautysavage911

    Internet Friends.. idk??

    Hi I forgot I had this account omg..... but just curious to meet all of you (: What made you choose to work at Target? Also who wants to be my friend 😖
  9. P

    Orientation question

    Hello I was hired a few days ago and the email included an orientation date that was not in my availability that I discussed with the hiring person. Should I contact hr and see if they can reschedule or would that lead to a canceled offer? I have class 2.5 hours after the time they scheduled for...
  10. K

    New hire - first job EVER

    Ayee what's up! So I just got hired (obviously lol) and I got put in as a Food and Beverage Expert. Here's the thing, I have no clue what to expect and I was just wondering if y'all could fill me on just basics and all that!! TY!! (p.s. if anyone can tell me about dress code in food and bv (if...
  11. s4dbarista

    Hello hello!

    Hi everyone. I was hired on today as a Starbucks Barista. I’m a former barista from a corporate store so I’m definitely interested in seeing the difference. But happy to be here and nice meeting everyone!
  12. J


    Hi everyone! Today's my 1st day of (computer) training. Any insights on what the training entails? I'm scheduled for 4 hours. Should I expect some cashier training today as well? Excited to join Target and look forward to learning the world of Retail - good and/or bad.
  13. S

    Internal job search

    My first post here, and I’m not sure I’ve landed in the right spot, but does anyone have input about applying for a position at another location, specifically how much value is attached to having someone send an email referral before I apply. My ETL and SD don’t seem familiar with this...
  14. SunnyShine

    Target Dist. Center

    Hey all! Just got hired on. I'll be outbound, would love to connect with someone who can tell me more about what it is exactly that I've gotten myself into. ☺ Stay groovy - Sunny🌹
  15. J

    Hello Hey Hi and all that

    Hey TBR! I just started as a seasonal worker and am hoping to stay on for the long haul. Nice to meet y’all!
  16. PerishSong

    Hello there - Some questions!

    Good afternoon! I just got hired on as a cashier, absolutely ECSTATIC! I've been looking to leave the 'majority grocery store' business and move on to something new! I'm sorry if these are silly/dumb/'why didn't you look that up' questions, but I was curious if they could be answered! 1. Do...
  17. L

    New Hire rant (concern!!)

    I got hired as a Seasonal General Merchandise Expert and I already had doubts about this job due to my fear of change. I am an anxious person and I feel like they are always making changes last minute, for example, they rescheduled my 2nd interview when I was already there and then rescheduled...
  18. T

    Foot In the Door

    Hi everyone! I just got hired at Target. I'm not sure where my Store Director will put me just yet because I have experience in so many areas of retail and retail management. I guess I will find out tomorrow. I have been trying to get into Target forever and it felt good to be hired on the spot...
  19. MtnDewCodeBlue

    Just got hired, hi everyone!

    Joined this website a couple days ago when I was looking for help with the interviews. Had my first interview yesterday, second interview this morning, and was hired on the spot there! This is my first 'official' job - I've done stuff like tutoring, food delivery, camp counseling, but nothing...
  20. byunnee

    A Bunny has Arrived!

    hello TBR! gm expert here who was hired about a week ago! it's nice to meet you all and a thank-you in advice for anyone who may respond to my dumb questions later on! <3