1. G

    Just hired!

    Hello everyone. I applied online to my local Target stores about three weeks ago. On Wednesday, I got a call back and was asked to come in yesterday for an interview. I went through two interviews, and after the second one was offered a job as a General Merchandise Expert. I was pleasantly...
  2. H

    New/ not completely new Tech Consultant here

    Hey yall. Worked as sales floor team member about two years just got rehired a few days ago as a Tech Consultant. I look forward to chatting with everybody!
  3. K

    Confused and worried

    So I got a job offer from Target. I just consented to a background check sometime this week, maybe Tuesday or Wednesday. When I spoke to HR that day she told me to come in for orientation next Friday. Yesterday morning, I got an email saying mark your calendar for orientation which is Friday at...
  4. L

    super worried

    a guest forgot to pay and i totally missed it bc she almost dropped her purchases (a bottle of wine) and i reached out to help her and my LOD and i caught it at the end of my shit (she was my last person on the till) and i'm kinda new so i'm worried about losing my job. should i be, or should i...
  5. G

    New to the forum, ex-employee from almost 20 years ago

    Hello All! I'm considering a part-time job at Target because my experience there was positive and promotion opportunities were plenty. Within 2 years of my employment I became a Level 3 Team Leader with my departments being hardware/Auto and Sporting Goods. I'm sure that title doesn't exist...
  6. T

    Hey y'all!

    Hey y'all, been working in my store since October 2018, but pretty new to here. Front end (cashier), but starting to learn other areas. Happy to be here.
  7. SergeantStripes

    3 weeks since final interview, is that normal?

    Greetings All, I had my final interview for ETL-AP 3 weeks ago with the District Lead, APBP and the APD. I felt it went excellent and we even sat around joking and getting to know each other; even connected on SM! However, I have not heard anything definitive yet. Is that normal? Thanks in...
  8. Nibb

    Hey everyone, new Electronics TM here!

    Applied and went through several interviews, and now I have orientation next week! Quick questions from anyone that would know - any advice or details? I'm trying to plan ahead and figure things out before officially being trained, I've already looked at some manuals and training guides for...
  9. jackandcat


    I've lurked here for a long time. 3 years front end - i guess we are now called "guest advocate" or something like that. Pretty good team at my store - but will modernization screw this up? I've liked working at Spot.... but we'll see.
  10. D

    New A&A team member here!

    I just got hired a couple weeks ago part time and have been powering through the online training, which suuuuuucks. A little overwhelmed with how much we're supposed to do - the things I didn't know I didn't know! I suspect I'll be on a steep learning curve... People on the team seem really...
  11. startingupfresh

    Cashier In Training....

    Hey guys! I just joined up and went through orientation yesterday. In all honesty I have no clue what to expect.... Any tips for a NooB?
  12. patricia2626

    New looking for job Chicago

    hello every one Am I only one having a hard time to get target job where they live as there are two in my area together as always get decline? I always want to do the fun jobs stock stuff move things around and cart attender and clean bathrooms as I almost do any job as I wont do cashier I am...
  13. techGuy777

    New Electronics Team Member

    Hello everyone. I'm new here. Just started electronics; I came from mobile. I'm very much into electronics and consider myself a nerd lol. I'm inspired to make my department the best it can be and fix some of the issues I saw while I was a mobile team member, such as a lot of items being out of...
  14. C

    New Here!

    New to target as of last week and they have me cross training as cafe, cashier, and consumables. Was poking around trying to figure out how to view my schedule online and came across a forum on here and decided to join!
  15. itsmoo1920

    New to the team !

    Hey guys, I'm a new team member (cashier) and I will be having my orientation next week. I'm excited and a bit nervous!! I've had cashiering experience so I don't think it'll be that bad. If anything, I'm a little concerned about RedCards but I'm sure I'll get trained on that... any tips or...
  16. S

    Hey looking for tips in softlines!

    Hello everyone! Does anyone have suggestions on being successful in softlines? Do your stores usually have more than one person running RTW? Haven’t figured out how I’m supposed to do reshop or zoning the whole shift while watching the fitting rooms if I can’t see them. I was just kind of...
  17. N

    Dress Code

    Hello! I am joining the team and wanted to know the current dress code. Could one of you post it for me? Thanks in advance!
  18. logkiller


    Hey, Decided to join. Please don't attack me for my former corporate position. I had nothing to do with modernization, but my dept. had everything to do with credit card breaches. Anyway, hi.
  19. G


    hi im GozerZuul, Gozer for short. i have been on the flow team for 4 years at this point. i am autistic, aspergers, and give my all for flow. flow 4 life! ha ha
  20. C

    New GSTL looking for advice

    Just some questions for GSTLs current and former. I am an external hire if that changes anything 1 do you like your position? Why or why not? 2 is it really that stressful? 3 is it worth it 4 how is the possibility of promotion 5 how is the work life balance Any other advice?