Sending equipment out for repair.

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Two different team members stated they are no longer able to order new equipment. Now, this might not be an option at all Targets, but at ours you simply log into the ERC tool, fill out the form, ship the defective equipment to Getronics via UPS. Turnaround is usually a week or so, the only thing they don't repair now is walkies (they have to be sent to CRC for recycling.

How does your store handle it guys?


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Our hrtm does some & GSAs/GSTLs send out ours from the front. Sometimes we combine orders if we need to fill a box.
Hr sends out PDAs/LPDAa, printers, etc. GSAs/GSTLs send out hand scanners & card readers (registers).

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I am the one responsible for sending out all the equipment at our store. I just combine everything into one box. I then use the ERC tool to create the tickets, UPS takes it, and then we magically get a new black box with working equipment in it in about a week. If you have any questions about the process (even though it may be different from yours) don't hesitate to ask or send me a PM.


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One of our GSTLs is responsible for front-end equipment, and our HRTM takes care of any damaged PDAs/Walkies for recycling/reordering.

I will, on occasion, send out the photo lab label printer myself if it's broken.


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I like how you have to create the label first (wt incl) before making tickets up on each item.
Fortunately, our hrtm weighed everthing & made a list so you can calculate the total weight when making your shipping label.