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Edit: I gave away too much details about my store so i changed what i wrote about.

So if you were to received a text from your TL asking you to come in early for a meeting, would you go in early?

No one from the store has called you nor has your ETL contacted you.

No! They shouldn't be contacting you via text message first of all. They should call you if anything.
I never gave my cell phone number out for that very reason.
If they need to contact me they can call my home phone, it will text my cell phone to let me know there is a message if I'm not home.
Unless the TL is a close friend (who wouldn't sandbag you) don't go in early.
if you are just a regular team member then i wouldnt go in (if you dont wan to).. if you arnt on the schedule for that time there is nothing wrong with just saying to yourself "eff that" and putting the phone back down.. lol...

TL texting people Tm's? lol..
I am on good terms with my TLs, and several have my number. If anyone needs something from me, I'm available. This really comes in handy when we're doing shift swaps.
Similar situation this morning for me...

I forgot to pay my phone bill (payasyougo) yesterday so my phone was disconnected. They called my fiance's phone at 7:30am (his day off) and asked if I could come in early for a split shift. They're sneaky and I'm a sucker.
that jpg is funny,if it suits you to go in early ,do so,if not just ignore it.In my case work has my home number,nobody there has my cell.
And she STILL texted you about a work-related meeting?!
Talk about a low learning curve!
When i renew my cell phone contract, i am going to switch my cell number and not give it to anyone at my store other than friends.

So we had this meeting as soon as i arrived for my closing shift. The CTL who ased me to come in early, had to stay an extra hour and 45 minutes for the meeting. She wanted me to come in early so she could leave on time.

Remember, this is the same CTL who texted twice about work after i left work.

Should have gone to your HR or STL and told them you were submitting a punch correction for the time that you were "asked" to work off the clock. which you would have done if you responded to the text. Oh and isn't there something where they have to pay you for 3 hours? hahaha Sure she'll stop toting you off the clock ASAP
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