Usually, stores do it because it's state law. So I'm a little surprised Kroger does it and your Target doesn't.

My local Targets have unit prices.
My state doesn't require it.

However I did notice that Kroger posts stuff by the ounce not pound because they realize a lot of guests can't do the math.

Posting by the pound is more important for meat and fish IMHO.
Shrinkflation Alberto Shampoo. Much more watery than before. Add water, thin the consistency, charge more. Planned obsolescence Guldens mustard in the plastic squeeze bottles. More waste. I cut the top off with my redneck NRA pocket knife when it gets low. Seal it in the refrigerator with a sandwich bag and rubber band. I think Hersheys still sells ice cream in 1/2 gallon containers.
What's the first shrinkflation you remember?
5 lb flour went to 4. Think next thing I remember was at Halloween the popular 16 oz bags of chocolate. Since then candy pkg just keeps changing.
Think the first one a really remember is yogurt going from 8oz to 6oz. Now some of them are only 5oz.

Some granola bars are only five to a package now. Klondike bars are like half the size they used to be.
Noticed just recently that the Pedigree canned dog food has more liquid, less solid in the can. I give this to my dog as a calorie supplement, not as a main source of nutrition, so it doesn't matter that much to me (or him).