Archived smoking a E-cigarette on the floor?

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Jun 17, 2011
I do not smoke ,never did and never will!
with that being said,there is a TM on the flow team who smokes one ,every day ! it is bothering me ,the smell is awful.
he keeps telling everyone that it doesn't have an odor! for the smokers ,maybe not,but for me it does!
our TL is a smoker ,and doesn't seem to see the problem!
but before I make a stink about it with the stl ,is it permitted to smoke a e cigarette while working?
Even as a former smoker, I can confirm that electronic cigarettes DO have a smell, even though they don't emit smoke. The vapor may not smell as bad as regular cigarettes, but you can definitely smell it.
Obviously you have to stick on to the rules of smoking may it be ecig or natural a cigar.
But outside, I think E cigar is better than the normal one as it reduces the risk.
But in floor smell will expose your act !
Why on earth would someone be allowed to smoke at all. If he has something in his hand then he is not doing his job especially on Flow since you constantly use both hands to open boxes and stock. He would not be working to full potential with a sense of urgency with a cig in hand. I agree the odor would be offensive to me. Sounds like someone is playing favorites and I would say something to HR
thanks for your quick replies.
I will talk with hr next time I work!
I'm old enough to remember the days when people could smoke and work at the same time.
The world has changed for the better.
I'm sure this guy figures because it's an ecig he isn't breaking the rules.
Gotta love the TM lawyers, "It doesn't say I can't knock boxes off the shelves with my PDT when I can't reach them, so it must be OK."
Smoking a cigarette is smoking. Smoking a eCigarette is smoking. The guy needs to keep outside if he wants a drag on his eCig.
Smoking a cigarette is smoking. Smoking a eCigarette is smoking. The guy needs to keep outside if he wants a drag on his eCig.

The e-cigs do not emit smoke so technically he is not "smoking".

I use nasal snuff personally. No smoke, no spit, no smell, and in the 500 years that nasal snuff has been in use there has never been a documented case of cancer attributed to the use of nasal snuff. I can snuff a little in store and no one is the wiser.
just an update! STL took care of it! I was not the only one who mentioned it to him !
The Tm hasn't smoke that e cig since ! he was not too happy ,and was ranting and raving about it for a couple of days !
That etl likes to keep his team happy. He will deny a smoke break, if theyre being lazy. They get the hint after 1 missed smoke.
Target.....saving their team members from lung cancer since 19XX.
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