Archived So I just started working at target I have a couple questions

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Aug 15, 2012
What happens after my 90 days? Also how do I activate my verizion discount and how much is it?
You should get a 90 day review. If you are eligible for benefits you will receive information on how to enroll. Also, with Verizon - take your pay stub to a Verizon store and have them set up the discount. Let them know you are a target employee. That's what it worked like for AT&T. Maybe check the Discounts & Perks page on eHR in case you need a code.
Do they like sit you down and stuff? My Team Leaders like me. They are always giving me candy and say good job.

What Pay Stub

and it's been 3 weeks now where do I go to get my real target 10% discount card.

Also the electronics guy recommended me to work at electronics he says it's a slight pay raise 0_o. Damn if I get promoted within my first month that be cool
I believe you are supposed to have your 90 day review with your team leader. When I worked as a TM I never actually got my 90 day
Your pay stub is what you get if you get direct deposit or the remaining part of your paperwork from your check (not the check part obviously).
You should get your discount card from your HR or with your paycheck/stub. If you don't get it soon talk to your HR TM/TL/ETL about it.
Ours was in the cooler. SrTL told us "now it's almost impossible to get fired".
^^^ yeah the secret is out on that one. new hires at my store have told me on numerous occasions that they have heard, they know, or their friends have told them it's almost impossible to get fired from Target, short of doing something obviously termable like theft, fighting, or sexual harrasment. Anything else, and you gotta do it like a million times in a six month period.
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