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Sep 20, 2011
So I've notice we have pretty much everything resetting right now on the carpet how is everyone doing?

For my store we did men's boys girls and infants last week we also started intimates a week early so then this week we only have rtw and performance. I think we're doing pretty good but were so busy the zones are getting trashed and I might have hopefully stuff gets done this week
Take care of yourself first, getting sick isn't going to help the store any.
Remember to partner up with your signing specialist on the adj.
Did you set the big clearance section?
I believe our team is halfway through rtw and we reset men's, infants,and boys and girls on overnights. And we did sleepwear and performance last week. The new clearance block in rtw looks ridiculous and we just added hundreds of first markdowns today. We also started ticketing men's and I dont think we even have all the clothes it wanted us to clearance because with 600+ total markdowns!!
The clearance section is annoying because we had a clearance block that was 20-25 racks depending on clearance...and the adj left room for 14 and showed it all on quads how dumb...I hope it changes next aj

All ajd are done in my store so exciting time to pound out clearance

Wildfire your store sets overnight? That's sweet they won't let me
Normally we don't set overnight but we did for 2 nights right before Christmas to knock out as much as possible
Finished girls boys infants and mens last week. RTW is about done and we did set the clearance block. Performance is done. Sleepwear and the rest of RTW this week.
does anyone follow best practice and actually set the VAs as a team?? is this still best practice? i've always had to set VAs alone... i'm not in sl right now so idk where we are on the sets..
It is best practice, but no. lol Last week: Mens, Boy, Girls and NIT in one day? Right. This week: RTW and IHP, Right.
Let's just say I have FINALLY gotten ALL my clearance out and all the adj. done except Intimate: 50%.
It's been a stressful two weeks but its getting better. I see light at the end of tunnel.

Good luck to all! Infants Furniture and Basics set along with shoes, I believe.

We are almost there! Bounceback for me is the 17th... after that I will be sooooo HAPPY!
That and when we get Rewraps and Strays back under control.
It's best practice to set as a team in one day

Actually that is no longer best practice. My STL asked my DTL. It isn't possible for Ultra Low Volume Store's like mine to be able to set in one day. When you have no payroll you cannot do best practice, so they changed it.
Yes, I do VA's all by myself.
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