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Store Volume

Nov 3, 2011
How do they determine if a store is a low or high volume????? How do they determine what Etl position you going to get????

Rock Lobster

Executive Team Leader
Jun 11, 2011
Its based on sales for the year... You find out where your sales landed every February and then you get fit into whatever category they have setup... Every volume then has a set amount of TLs and ETLs that its supposed to have, and you have to fit into that headcount! The general theory is that stores making roughly the same amount of money should require the same amount of TLs and ETLs to get their workload done! Once you reach a certain high volume, they allow the STL to start placing TL and ETL positions wherever they want depending on the store's needs since if you are that busy, your store will have more skewed sales figures into certain departments and require more leadership in those areas.