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Discussion in 'Distribution Centers' started by StaticSun, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. StaticSun

    StaticSun Former Front-End Guru Administrator

    Hey DC folks, what technology are you using inside the DC? I'm curious about picking, printing labels, scanning boxes, and everything inbetween.
  2. Tpain

    Tpain Guest

    As for as technology goes nothing's changed at my DC. Still running same format inbound receives freight sends it flow or reserve.... warehousing if it's flow takes freight to DePal or shipping wing (outbound department) if it's reserve they take it to an aisle in the warehouse creating putaways and will be pick upon stores request..pretty much inbound receives all freight in the warehouse sends it to warehousing... they either stage freight or take it to the outbound department where the load all freight ready to be shipped to stores... although there trying this other format called UPSTREAM... the second a label is printed the want it shipped in under 24hrs....there trying to create more space for the stores backroom...
  3. Wall-O'-Text incoming
    Well, to start, there's our basic rolling stock equipment. We use Crowns, though some buildings are also using Yales. We have RC lift trucks (with clamp and slip variants in Inbound), SP order pickers, RR reach trucks, TR tuggers, PE double pallet riders, and PRT triple pallet riders. The order pickers, reach trucks and some of the RCs have a large touch screen pad connected by a small scanner gun that allows for picking, puts, etc. For everyone else in the building that doesn't/cant use this equipment, they'll use the good ole Motorola PDT/PDA guns y'all at the store are all too familiar with. Both of these are running a system called 'Nextgen 3D', which is the program the accesses and interfaces with our inventory systems (something called 'Manhattan', but I don't too much about it other than it's name).

    Then there's the non-rolling stock, the super expensive, highly-specialized machines:
    • ART-Automated Receiving Technology, which pulls cartons feed on an extendoveyor through a laser scanner array, which then stamps a label on it and sends it on to it's final destination.
    • Auto-Depals-Monstrous machines that are feed loaded pallets on a conveyor, then stripped in a matter of minutes using a tilt bed and extending 'arm', to be then labeled and sent up to the mezz. Speaking of which...
    • The Mezz-Miles of conveyors on a mezzanine level taking freight from Depal, Packing, and Inbound to the Sorter. There are many splits, junctions and turnarounds all trafficked by some system I don't really know much about.
    • The Sorter-A gigantic almost mile-long machine (at least in my building) that takes cartons and drops to their appropriate store chute to be then loaded on a truck. I believe older buildings use a tilt-tray type, while newer ones use a shoebox style. Uses a laser array system called 'Vision' to read labels to determine the proper destination for each box.

    The label printers are the ribbon-type printers meant for dusty warehouse environments.
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  4. Tpain

    Tpain Guest

    Nicely stated beast!!! You covered all the basics man you must be a trainer at your DC... that's expertly... your the reason they should pay more for certified trainers...R+ man
  5. sigma7

    sigma7 Sr. Team Leader

    Manhattan is what controls SFS too.
  6. SFSFun

    SFSFun Ship from Store: Don't call it Ship To Store!!

    And it is the most user-unfriendly piece of junk I've ever had to use.
  7. tmap98

    tmap98 Backroom Brand Manager

    Don't forget to add it to the IE compatibility view every time you need to access it!