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Sep 20, 2011
Hey guys so I landed a film job it starts mid march how much time off can a team lead take without looking well suspicious? You see I was approached and asked if I would like to go further at target and figured well why not keep my options open being an etl would be nice. But I don't want them to know I'm taking film jobs. This could seem like I'm not really focused on target and I've heard rumors of people with second jobs being driven out and treated in not brand ways lets just say. So how much time do you guys think I could take with out causing any alarm?
Congratulations on the film job. Very cool.
I don't know about the time off thing.
My thought is for you to take what you need and worry about Spot later.
The film work is your future not Target.
But that's just me.
any loa that is for another job will get you fired if you are caught. I have seen it happen to someone that took a medical loa while working two jobs. Went back to the other job while still on loa from spot. The TM was seen working at the other job and was let go right away.

My suggestion is to quit and go for the opportunity, work your two weeks so you can come back. Good luck to you!
As someone who has to taken time off for a few weeks on end for film jobs, I can honestly say that you should go for it! My ETL-LOG was cool about only scheduling me weekends for two weeks when I took a contract film job. The schedule was monday-friday leaving the weekends open.
Obvoiusly you are completely within your rights to use whatever amount of time you have in sick, vacation, personal time off. I'm not sure what the TL hours of availability requirements are in your store, if it's FT or not, if so, I'm not sure what options you have. There are so many types of leave of absence: educational, personal, family, medical, etc. But if you are wanting to demonstrate yourself as ETL material, but yet wanting to cut back your hours for your 2nd job, well, best of luck to you =)
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