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Jun 12, 2011
Surprise! Found out last night that my interview is tomorrow night. Going for GSTL in a neighboring district. I prepped with my GSTL and ETL tonight and feel pretty good based on the feedback I received. Feel free to PM me with any advice, and wish me luck!
If you are going to use an example that deals with any type of score/reports make sure you know the current numbers. I am not saying to know every score lol. During my interview with our HRBP I used an example on how I led the team on getting our service score up in Electronics. She then asked me what the score was. I was able to speak to what percentage we we were at MTD/YTD. I am sure the simple Red Yellow or Green would suffice but it doesn't hurt to show that you know the #s! Most of all just breathe and stay calm. In all honesty I found the district level interview much more laid back and easier than with my STL and ETL-HR. If you have gotten this far you'll do great! Good luck!
Good luck and g-d bless.
I'm sure you will do well.
Good luck, Static! Break a leg, er, um.....oh, just wow 'em!
As said above,stay calm and cool,you obviously know all you need to know and are deserving of the position or they would not send you.Good luck.
Did two interviews, got a call back for a 3rd. I'll know sometime Friday.
Good luck. Stay confident and make good eye contact.

I just went through the same thing, was signed off by my dtl, and am waiting to be assigned an area.. I was nervous as all hell walking into our district office to interview with my dtl, but it was easier than the store level interviews.
No go for the position. Found out a few weeks ago, but I've been waiting to hear back on another opportunity. Well, I interviewed for another position today, and I'll know by the end of the week!
Sorry to hear about that but good luck on the new position.
Cheer recap. Repeat often as necessary.
You're too good to keep down :)
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