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May 12, 2014
I am currently a GSA at my store, well loved and supported by all except my ETL-HR. According to her in order to get promoted I need to talk in the Target Lingo. I feel like that is a total waste of time. Im not a fan of sugar-coating what I am trying to say and I feel like if I do use the TL lingo I am just telling them that their ideas would be worthwhile in some way when they clearly arent.
Basically how does one learn to use the TL lingo?
May 29, 2012
There's part of your problem. You have to always be on board with Target ideas, roll outs, and lingo in front of other employees. No matter how ridiculous or silly or stupid it is, the attitude of "yay, Target!" Needs to be there for all TLs and above...all the time.


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Jan 21, 2014
Be Bold, see opportunities, recognize wins, "Guests"

Basically use all the buzz words you can think of


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Jun 10, 2011
Welcome to The Break Room.

I've never worked for a place where they put so much emphasis on the nomenclature.
The big ones are; customers = guests
employees = team members (TM)
supervisors = team leads (TL)
bosses = executives (ETL)

Customer service = vibe (really really stupid)


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May 19, 2013
I feel like if I do use the TL lingo I am just telling them that their ideas would be worthwhile in some way when they clearly aren't.

It's all about staying positive all the time and spinning things off as an opportunity rather than an error... Like instead of telling somebody their idea sucks or isn't worthwhile, you should say something along the lines of "That would work, but my thought was that we do it this way instead so we can also do this and this." Fast Fun and Friendly attitudes are required. The biggest thing is to spin off somebody's bad idea as an opportunity.

It's also a good idea to know your place and where you stand with your fellow team members, your team leads, your ETL's, etc. So that way you don't overstep your boundaries and can show potential and interest in advancing appropriately
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Sep 25, 2013
Make sure to status with your leaders, leverage your partnerships with your peers, and Be Bold with the Vibe while educating, engaging, and selling to your guests. Don't forget to manage your talent and engage and inspire your team members. By doing so, you will increase your wins while focusing on decreasing your opportunities.

What other ridiculous paragraphs can you make with Target buzzwords?


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Sep 4, 2013
YMMV, but I was told that same thing by my ETL-HR, and when I went into my prep interviews with my STL and now ETL, they told me to stop trying so hard to use buzzwords and just be myself. If they like you for you and you try too hard to say what they want, it can draw focus away from the genuineness of the interview and dampen your spark as a person (personality and attitude are big parts of the game). I was told that using the "buzz words" that I was comfortable with was sufficient, given the fact that I was interviewing for a TL position. It becomes more important the higher up you go.
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