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Dec 10, 2011

I'm new to Target and training to become a hard lines team leader. I am reading the Team Leader Proficiency Levels Training and I'm stuck on some of the questions. I was wondering if anyone can answer them because I have no idea what Business Walk, Leadership Status, etc. are.

Since the Business Walk is a tool that you use every week, what can you do to connect this tool to your Proficiency Levels?

How can you ensure that Proficiency Levels are included in the conversation?

How can you use Proficiency Levels to help you have a more successful Leadership Status?

Hmmmm, leadership status, tl alignment, leadership development & business walks. no staff to lead. Pro one is new one for me
A business walk is a form that you're supposed to fill out each week that has a bunch of stuff you have to fill out pertaining to the store and your department. I happen to have a blank form for instocks TL handy, so here are some of the things you have to fill out:

"TMs are assigned to specific work centers and are available for guests" you rate this as yes, no, or repeat item, if it was an issue last week as well
"Respond to all requests (back-ups, call buttons, etc) within 60 seconds" rate same as above
"Up-to-date on communication - reading message boards etc and following up on mySupport requests" rate same as above

the rest of the questions are department specific
Sorry if this is a stupid question, but when you say "Proficiency Levels" are you talking about the leadership expectations?
The "Proficiency Levels" that you speak of rolled out as part of AE '11. They are a guide to the leadership expectations for each role (it includes SFT/APL, TL , ETL, STL, and DTL). It can be helpful as you try to promote up to the next level, as well as serve as a guide for assessing strengths and opportunities for your leadership status. Other that that I would not be concerned with trying to connect them with you business walks. You should however be connecting business walks with your leadership status and annual review.
Inside, promotion doesn't happen at my store. They'll demote you or fire you. Then hire outsiders for the job. I have issues at my store & it is getting worse every day.
Inside, promotion doesn't happen at my store. They'll demote you or fire you. Then hire outsiders for the job. I have issues at my store & it is getting worse every day.

Don't worry Hardlinesmaster! You are a great leader even if there are many opps in your store... I was in a trouble store as well, with two STLs in a row getting performanced out trying to tackle it! Eventually someone will come along and have the skills to get your store back on track... Always stay positive and help drive that resilient and adaptable culture! Maintain good relationships (especially with the ETLs and STL) as someone who will drive change for them and be a strong partner for them! Its a challenge I'm sure, but one you are fully capable of taking on (imagine when your store gets a good STL and starts to improve)
Rock, I agree with you. I am not given hope yet. Staying focus on sales equals to more hours for the team. I do my walks, status, & stupid alignment too. I keep saying to myself, in a path of darkness, I am the one holding the flashlight to find the end of the tunnel. That way, others can follow with me to find the way out.
I love this channel way too much!
Rock, red & several others, Gtc to you! A big thank you! Also, willie jolley, great book!
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