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Sep 20, 2011
Being a Softlines team lead is tough. Between managing my team, doing the adj every week, doing all my plano work signing and just holding down the floor pad (sometimes literally the carpet sucks at my store) I can barely every find time to work on all the paperwork the business walks, statuses and ugh those 90 day reviews are piling up...(half my team quit so yay training new hires) some days it's just a nightmare with scheduling too l be the only one for my area for hours at a does everyone else juggle it?
It's easy for a TL workload to become overwhelming. Trust me, I feel your pain. I know most Team Leaders struggle at routinely completing business walks and getting time to meet with their ETL. My suggestion is to make the business walk a "working" document. Rather than taking an hour off-stage to complete it, take it with you as you do the adjacency. Try to complete it as you go. I find that my answers tend to be more accurate when I do this. As for the rest of the workload, make sure to keep in constant communication with your ETL. If you find that you aren't going to finish, prioritize as best you can.
Its beyond crazy that with the way things are they have us waste time with things like business walks and status etc. Add to that this team alignment nonsense and you have a triple threat of time wasting. Our walks are up on a wall all pretty and such so they can be seen in visits. So its pretty much the day they are do every team lead in the store rushing to get 15 min to scratch one out and post it. As for everything else I always look at what is going effect sales the most and that is where I make my priority.
My favorite is when all my areas reset at once... Accessory transition + RTW adj and intimates adj all this week yay! Best week ever
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