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Sep 20, 2011
Hey guys so I was wondering if some etl's could help me out here. I was wondering do youike being an etl does is make you happy? Enjoyable job? What were you going to do before you were an etl?

I'm also working on a film and so many people told me to quit my day job and move to la and I would be successful. Before this film i was pursuing being an etl. Now film design is not always steady but I also have theatre design and I've done some commercials...but becoming an etl would mean film goes away but doing film means target goes away. Now everyone will think im crazy but I like target and started getting developed to be an etl....and now I don't know what to do. I've been getting mildly steady film jobs. I just want to know an etls take on a etl job. Pros and cons please :)
not an etl, but a film job could go anywhere, open any number of doors, and be all kinds of financially rewarding. An etl would be mind numbing and sould crushing. Brb making 45k a year (the good part) but 5 years down the road and you're repeating yourself "team, let's make sure we are removing grey let's make sure we are checking multiple, if you work more than six hours you need a lunch!"

You could take the tried and true but you'd always be wondering what if. And invictus taylor regrets the things he didn't do more than the things he has.
Retail will always be here and it will always suck. Go do the other thing.
A ex photographer before digital age killed it. Go with your passion, take certain jobs to pay bils. But, if opp shows with big bucks, take it. Then network those contacts with your great talents of film.
I hated the job, every rotten stinking minute of it. I hated my STL and Sr. Merch, who lied through their teeth. I hated the hours. I hated the shopping public.

What did I like? Most of my people. I also liked the money, but all the money in the world can't make you happy when you loathe the job you do to get it.
Have to agree with invictus,being an etl sounds good until you actually become one,I think his description is right on.
Stuck in Softlines, I have always been an advocate for others to take hold of their passion (including myself). Simply, I would take the film job any day, I have gotten most of my gigs through contacts I have made on set/projects. I talked to one of my ETL's who was over hardlines and she had gotten an offer to be a manager at Charming Charlies. I asked her on her last day, why she was taking the job and she replied with "Well I look at (insert my ETL-LOG's name here), and I think will that be me in 10 years, putting my complete self just for a title. She also said, that being an ETL cost you more than just cutting in with your free time, cuts into time with family and other opportunities". My ETL-LOG as I remember only gets 1 days off!!!! I don't know about you, but I think being an ETL would cost your more than its worth. Its like (sorry if you are not religious), but I will compare in the spiritual realm. Stuff and money can make you happy, but until you get to know Jesus , there always be that empty void. So yea, if I was an ETL, I would have have a void in my heart for sure.
I would hate a job where everyone of my co-workers secretly hates me but act like they don't.
I would hate a job where everyone of my co-workers secretly hates me but act like they don't.

this is what drives me crazy. and not fully knowing what the people above you think. i can't take two faced people. if everyone was honest and didnt act like a high schooler the decision wouldnt be hard for me i would chose target simply because i'm good at it and its stable steady work. Film is what i love but you could have 7 jobs in one month and the next not get any! and its like what the crap i just want to work on something anything! thats my only fear with film. i think i'll make an offical desicion when i graduate. but i also think i've already made it.... thanks team gtc to everyone i enjoy the honesty
A career is a job that you find so fulfilling & like so much that you'd do it no matter how much the pay sucks.
You'd regret not seeing where film takes you. The same can't be said about Target.

Couldn't have said it better.
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