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Jun 16, 2012
So I've been taking classes now for a year and did let the senior of
Facop know of my intentions and was told what classses I should take. I've kept him and the SE and even my GL
In the loop so they could know how serious I am. now that I'm almost done the senior tells me I need two years experiance
And I know of at least two mechs with no experience in electrical....... Is it like this at all DC
No sir, No it is not. at my dc we've got one New mech who came straight off the floor with 0 mechanical/ electrical experience. It's just a reflection of the guy that I can say I wish he wasn't on my key. Now since all DC's are not the same they may require it at yours.
Well that just sucks looks like I'm SOL cause I've stayed clear of getting into problems. I guess ill see what happens and thanks for ur quick response Greenshirt
Got 3 more classes to take but I asked if the SE could give me the matrix so he know what I know and that I'm serious...hasn't got back to me yet though...
i don't see anything in the job requirements saying 2 years. but if that's what your SE is saying just give them the 2 years of school as equivalent to 2 years busting knuckles
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