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Sep 6, 2011
My last day at Target was the beginning of this month (yay for a job making real money!). I just received my vacation pay out pay stub in the mail the other day. I only had about 7 hours but it appears they turned around and took all of it back as a medical deduction. Can they really do that?? Those hours aren't hours I really worked and I'm already gone why would they still be able to take anything out for medical? Help...
technically since its target and they are assholes, they can. But ya since its a check for 7hours you still will be taxed, med, fed w/e then you are left with really nothing
Unfortunately if you did receive medical benefits from Target your still responsible for that premium deduction from your paycheck..... If you didn't have enough in your paycheck for some reason to cover that payment they will absorb any payout to pay for that deduction. Atleast thats how it works in NY
I gave my 2 week notice. No taxes were taken out just medical benefits.. The check was "written" after I was no longer an employee. I don't get how they can take out medical benefits when I can't actually use those medical benefits. But then again like what was said before, it's Target and their assholes.
that's why i use my vacation sick pay as it builds up. I've gambled with it in the past, but nowadays i don't like to let either build up over 3 hours each.
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