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Electronics Specialist
Jul 24, 2011
Hello fellow Team Members, I have been a reader of the forums for a while now and finally I feel like I have something good to post about! I have been with Spot since 2008 working my way up to Electronics Specialist, and then became the Electronics Team Member and for a while I have wanted to move on to a different part of the Target universe because Electronics at a ULV store really blows. A position for an Investigations Specialist opened up in my area and I went ahead and applied for it, so we will see what happens. I am curious if anybody has any experience at an IC, specifically if somebody could fill me in or PM me on what a typical day is like, interview process, etc. I couldn't seem to find much on the new board about this area..
Investigative Specialist is a position very similar to APS. You travel from store to store based on trends to apprehend. It is a position that most APS's strive to do. Investigation Technician is the position I think you thought you where applying for, they work at the IC sending out alerts and monitoring activity from a central location.
No, I definitely applied for the IS position.
Right but you asked what it would be like to work in the IC, and as an IS you don't, they tell you what store to go to and then you go to it.
TPS1 is right. My brother was an IS for years and to be perfectly honest with you, he hated it after about a year or two. Let me inform you what you're getting yourself into a little bit, just so you can have some knowledge before you dive in.

As TPS1 said as an IS you travel from store to store in your area based on theft trends and where your Investigator(your boss) wants to send you. You will not be paid for travel time until you have driven for 45 minutes, so be ready for that(this includes time and mileage). As an IS you are expected to prevent a certain ammount of theft, in my area for example an IS's goal is $30,000 a year. This can be either from productive merchandise recoveries(PMR: Spotting theft and getting the subject to leave the merchandise and exit the store without stealing) or apprehensions(actually arresting someone). There are a LOT of politics in AP that the rest of the store doesn't have to deal with, and lots of room for accidents, screw ups, and dangerous circumstances(my brother was stabbed a few years ago during an app.) There are a special set of skills needed for this job, and it is definitely not for everyone. If you have any more questions feel free to ask me, I'm very well versed with the position.
Not open for further replies.