What now

May 13, 2017
I left Target back in October after just shy of 5 years with the company in various roles(Cafe team lead pricing team lead and GSTL being the most recent). I left mostly after modernization started to kill the management morale and hearing my STL say they'd probably be cutting out our SR TL's (the position I'd just been benched for). I was able to jump into co store management position in a grocery store. I was not expecting the massive step down in sanity this would give me the "New Innovations" that they're doing are things that I thought would have been universally rolled out a decade ago the management at store and district level is a joke and they are constantly talking down to the department mangers and saying things like "i mean you're just replaceable" to they're faces. Everyone salary is expected to work the 14 days leading to Christmas as well which just nearly snapped me. I'm just wondering at this point if i should look at going back to target my STL said the door was always open when i left and every day I'm here i look back and miss target more. I don't know is this some sort of Stockholm syndrome what do i do.
Nov 20, 2018
People DO tend to become quite acclimated to what they "cut their teeth on". For that reason when I was still in my career I NEVER hired from the "competition" or a parallel market as both sides were, without exception, disappointed.

Just go back and say you've experienced a different path, have grown from it, and can bring back pearls of wisdom and are now a far greater asset to Target.


Don't grovel...just let 'em know.

Humble TL

Timers Please!
Apr 30, 2017
Also, back of the line please. No skipping. A CA would be a good start.