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  1. C

    Anyone left Target and miss it?

    I worked for Target for 15 years.. started overnight when I was working in high school, made my way to a senior team leader before I took a demotion to move closer to be with my sick father. Eventually my store closed down and was transferred to a different but it didn't feel the same. Going...
  2. H


    Hello everyone! I have worked at target for over a year now. I am 20 years old and in college. My year at target hasn’t been the best it hasn’t been a great place to work for me. Has anyone quit from target and still received unemployment? My plan was to take a leave and find a new job but I was...
  3. L

    More than 2 week notice

    Can you give more than a 2 week notice? Does this usually cause problems? I recently got a full time job that aligns close with my career and after 13 hours there coming to target to work early AM on my days off is tough. I am a TM not a TL, there just are not very many people trained in my...
  4. StaticSun

    Target corporate leadership departure

    https://www.linkedin.com/in/juan-galarraga/ His highlights: SVP Store Operations & Fulfillmemt Instituted best practices and implemented operational excellence across 1,800+ stores, generating $75B+ in revenue. Directed the digital fulfillment transformation by leveraging stores as hubs. Drove...
  5. queencat

    life since spot

    Its been three years since I officially quit Spot. I left because I went back to school and told myself if I missed any assignments I would quit. lo and behold I missed one, small, 5 pt assignment and immediately went to put in my 2 weeks. they convinced me to do LOA instead, but I ended up...
  6. StargazerOmega

    I think it's time...

    After almost 4 years, I think it's time for me to move on from Spot. I've been feeling semi burned out since mid February, that's when I first started considering leaving, however, I was due to go on a month long LOA in March, so I figured I'd take my LOA and see how I felt once I came back...
  7. B

    2 weeks notice question

    I went on workday and found the change job / voluntary resign option. If I fill that out does that complete the process of giving my 2 weeks notice and make me still be hirable in the future? Also does the date have to be exactly 2 weeks out or would it be enough to put my last day 12 days from...
  8. NormanStansfield

    8 years, 3 months, and 5 days

    Groundhog Day 2012 to today. Got terminated after surviving 6 times on "Final Notice"; I am sad to not see the people anymore (except all but 2 management), but I had decided to quit at the end of the month anyway because my hours were cut to less than 20 for more than a month (in the middle of...
  9. D

    putting in your 2 week notice

    so I put my two-week notice last day was March 31. I call target benefits to get my pension and 401k and find they still have me as an active team member. Why would they have me as an active team member if I put in my two-week notice?
  10. R

    It is time to head out....

    Hey Everyone! As I am sure most of you can tell, I have dropped down my activity on TBR for the last year and there is a reason for that. While I could rant in this post and give huge long drawn out explanations as to everything behind this, I will instead try and keep it short. I am leaving...
  11. C

    Trying to quit

    Is there a way for me to put In my two week notice on the workday app without having to use the computer available at work to do it? I want to avoid someone coming in while I’m in the process of putting in my two weeks and grilling me over it. I just want to put my two weeks in and quietly go.
  12. F

    I'm Lost! 2 weeks

    I’m submitting my two weeks tomorrow. It’s been a fun ride. Does my 2 week start counting down tomorrow as I’m in 2 Wednesday’s will be my last day or will I be scheduled next week and the whole week after that?
  13. Huzzah

    Put in my two weeks 🙌🏻

    Put in my two weeks a couple days ago the day I received an offer for a guaranteed forty hour a week office job making 15.50 an hour. 🙌🏻🙌🏻 My leader came up to me after she got the notice and asked why I left and then made a passive aggressive comment about it. So excited to be done at Target...
  14. Panna Jotts

    I'm sailing away

    My time has come. After many years with the company, I have decided to seek opportunity elsewhere and luckily found a new job with great benefits, M-F with holidays off. Too many changes for the worse in my store, including a rotating door of ETLs+SDs, have made it a bigger headache than what's...
  15. oath2order

    Oath Out

    IT'S FINALLY HAPPENED. Got a new job that isn't at Target. Next week is my last week. I managed to get out before ODL and Easter set. Cosmetics is my last big one and we're doing it good <3 PTL isn't too broken up, thankfully. I bet the STL will try to get me to stay another week.
  16. P

    I'm Lost! Putting in 2 weeks

    So I put my 2 weeks notice in yesterday. I was told that if you call out the last day of your 2 weeks notice that you will be deemed non-rehirebale. Is it only the last day of your 2 weeks or any day within those 2 weeks? HELPPP.
  17. csmommyof2

    Separation Notice

    So I resigned from my position about a week ago. I was just wondering if they just sent separation notices, if I need to call corporate, or my HR??? I really need it ASAP.
  18. C

    Would it be rude to take all my vacation time before quitting?

    I'm really planning for this to be my last year with Target, so I'm thinking about my exit strategy. I have 100 vacation hours saved up currently. I want to make sure I take all of them at the same time shortly before I quit because I earned that time. But I want to do it gracefully. Having...
  19. A

    Quit and some questions

    Hi guys! If I want to quit,how many days should i tell my leader ahead of time? I still have my sick time and pay vacation, can I get the money? Is there any way ?
  20. hufflepuff

    Everything Comes to an End

    This is going to be a novel. Sorry but I'm using this to get it all out of my system. Basically, last Friday was my last day after 5 1/2 years. I start my new job Monday. I already miss Spot. Five and a half years ago I got hired as an instocks and backroom TM for a brand new store not even...