1. B


    Do I have to go in store and fill out a paper to resign or can I just call in and do it online? And if online, how do we do that?
  2. M


    After nearly a year of working at Target. I decided to quit, I felt that there was I bias against me and I was getting in trouble for no reason. Additionally, my new ETL treated me like a child and basically told me he didn’t want to hear what I had to say about a situation. I requested a...
  3. Texacobeacon

    Exit Survey

    Does anyone know who receives your exit survey after it’s submitted? Seems pretty dumb if it just went to your store’s HR.
  4. Texacobeacon

    Exit Survey

    Does anyone know who receives your exit survey after it’s submitted? Seems pretty dumb if it just went to your store’s HR.
  5. G

    How do i go about picking up my last paycheck if i no call/no show

    now before you start judging me for just not going back, first of all I only worked there for two days, so im sure they wont miss me. and i wont go into it but my reason for quitting involves extreme lack of training and an expectation to just know everything already, and I would get yelled at...
  6. T

    Auf Wiedersehen.

    After 6 years and 9 months, as of this past Friday, I am free. I’m not going to lie, I’m actually quite relieved to be gone. The first 5 years were pretty solid. This year, quite the opposite. While I’m going to miss working with certain team members and the paycheck, I’m not going to miss the...
  7. jackandcat

    Best places to work after leaving Target?

    I'm thinking about the rest of my career. My intuition is that I'm at a career ceiling at Target, very little likelihood of promotion. Better pay and benefits are important, but also a fairly good work environment (which is where Target is okay). I've been with Target for over three years, am...
  8. Samanthalynn605

    how do i resign for a second time?

    Long story short, I resigned via workday but was then approached by my manager about more hours, so I ended up staying. Now I have landed my dream job, but I can't resign in workday, there is no button to do so anymore. What do I do? Is there still a way to resign on workday that I’m just not...
  9. T

    Vacation Time before putting in notice

    I've been with Target for 15+ years as a team lead. I currently have about 3.5 weeks of time off banked up that I am never able to take. I'll request 2 days off, and be scheduled 3 (24 hours) and plan to use 2 days of vacation time, and then be required to hit my 40 hours in those 3 days...
  10. T

    Final Paycheck (Abandonment)

    The reasons for my job abandonment are personal and medical and so for that I won’t get into it. Anyway, payday is today and normally my paychecks direct deposit at like 11:55pm the previous day but it hasn’t happened. I’m going to call the store in the morning but figured I’d ask here in case...
  11. D

    ETL and TL reference policy?

    I currently have left Target and have applied for another job. One of the requirements that are needed was a reference from 2 manager positions of my previous job. Since Target is the only job I went in and ask my TL and my ETL on if they could be my manager references. My former TL gladly...
  12. T

    I resigned after 6 years.

    Today was officially my last day with the company. I’ve learned so much in these past 6 years, and I couldn’t have thanked that place any more. It has it’s bad moments, and those bad moments easily are twice more often than the good ones. Although Target has been an absolute emotional...
  13. Dream Baby

    Resigning through Workday

    I am thinking of quitting soon and plan to use up all my vacation, sick days, etc. beforehand. I realize that there is a place in Workday that you go and resign. However since I am just a TM not a TL is there any point in doing that way. I have the impression that once I do that it will just...
  14. W

    Being paid unused vacation pay after termination

    I live in a state that does pay out unused vacation pay. I was wondering how to go about collecting it. Has anyone been through this and know the estimated timeline of when they will pay it out? Do I need to go in person or call HR? Do they send a check eventually? It's been about 3 weeks since...
  15. A


    Lalalaaa bye
  16. Sassy Avocado

    NKG Farewell Extravaganza

    its done...I was demoted to Guest. While Im the one leaving, I would have been fired on Labor Day. I guess I'm not completely ready to tell my story but here are factors in why I left: 1. Lack of training 2. Lack of support by ETL. I got told several times if I proformance a tm out that would...
  17. G

    Former employee quit for medical without 2 weeks

    Hi guys, I am currently lost on what to do. I used to work at target two previous times and at two different stores but under the same HR ETL. So whenever I applied the second time, she hired me instantly. I quit in December 2019 due to medical reasons with my health which are now much better...
  18. JustTryingMyBest

    Answered How do I give my two week notice?

    I was able to get a dorm at my college and the commute to target would be really hard with the buses all messed up from covid. I am planning to give my two week notice this coming week but I am unsure how to. This is my first real job so I am not sure what to do. Help please!
  19. C

    Answered Advice???

    Back in April I quit my position as a Guest Advocate at Target without a two week notice. I explained to my HR TL that I couldn’t continue to work there because of my mental health. I was dealing with depression and anxiety along with a recent recovery from a suicide attempt (which I informed...
  20. R

    How important is 2 weeks notice if I'm resigning while already on LOA?

    I have been on LOA since March since I have a medical condition that puts me at high risk with covid. My leave officially runs out on the 20th, with the 21st being my supposed return to work date. Seeing as my lifelong medical issue has not magically disappeared, nor has this pandemic, I have to...