1. A

    Should I Stay or Should I Go?

    I’ve been working at Target for a little over 2 years now. It was my first REAL job, and I’ve loved it here. As of late, it’s lost it’s luster to me. The management chain is awful, the hours are nonsense, and the amount of work the higher ups want done in the amount of time they give me is...
  2. Targetedbullseye

    Is some thing wrong with me?

    How do you really rebuild? You break down everything you know and love? !! And see who is strong enough to suffer thru the turmoil? And will this make me a great leader of men and women in the end ? Or perhaps I have failed miserably thru being blinded by glory? That is the question bosses...
  3. Planosss

    401k & promotion to guest.

    What happens to 401k after leaving Target? Can it be transferred to new job? What about any loans, taken from 401k , do they become due at end of employment with Target?
  4. NewSarcasm

    That's it, I'm done!

    Upon receiving a "counseling session" which was full of lies and was completely unnecessary, since I had already shown improvement in the areas that they had mentioned, I have decided (yesterday) that I will no longer be willing to work for this company. The path it is taking with modernization...
  5. R

    Is it bad if I call out during my last two weeks (to use up my sick leave)?

    I’m thinking about calling out today (second to last shift before I go 👋) so I can use up my remaining sick hours. Will this negatively affect me?
  6. P

    so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye!

    I lasted a whole month, y'all! I don't know how you folks do it, but I commend you! Had a shitshow of a week last week, with hardly any sleep because of closing-opening-closing-opening shifts, and lots of softlines drama, culminating in the asshole Store Director accusing me of lying and...
  7. Zmaar


    Hey guys! Quick question! I want to quit, I have only worked 3 shifts but I hate it! I have never quit a job before. What do I do? I have heard you can go into your workday and follow certain steps and resign. But is that option only for 2 weeks or I can do that same thing for quitting as well...
  8. B

    I may already need to quit

    My situation is that I have 4 herniated disks in my back. I left my former job in December of last year, for a couple of reasons...my physical condition, and some inappropriate behaviour by my former manager. Anyhow, I've been working here for a week now, after 9 months of pretty much just...
  9. Zmaar

    Should I quit or put my 2 weeks in?

    PLEASE READ TILL THE END! Hey guys! So I have already posted a thread before where I told you guys about how I wanted to leave (even though I have barely worked 3 proper shifts) because my schedule was just too much with my school. But I listened to some of y’all and decided to stay a little...
  10. Krissfak

    Better Latte than never

    I never expected my first job to last for 3 stores and 6 years, but I'm incredibly thankful that is has. Even though I've had some real shitty times with the company.. I wouldnt be who I am or grown as professionally or personally as I have without the skills, memories & growth that Target has...
  11. K

    Anyone else feel Guilty?

    I put in my 2 weeks and I feel a little guilty and scared. Scared I won’t find anything else decent enough. Anyone else leaving?
  12. K


    Anyone putting in their 2 weeks? If so, do you have to submit it in writing or just tell HR?
  13. band_rules16

    12 days to go...

    Put in my two weeks on Monday. Actually put it off because I was really going to miss my team. But then I walked in yesterday to having ZERO three tier carts, because they were all full of toy clearance or being used for other sections...and then had to hear about the craziness of the back to...
  14. K


    I am wanting to leave Target, but I’m scared I won’t find anything that is decent enough. Modernization and the hours drive me nuts. My body can’t handle waking up at 2:30am. What to do?
  15. T

    Quitting Process

    Hey y’all, I just want to make sure I properly gave my two weeks. Last Monday, I filled out the resignation form on Workday and it says it’s all been completed. I’ve had a lot of problems since coming back from LOA and I really just want to leave quietly so I don’t get asked to stay. To avoid...
  16. RightArm

    Last Day

    So today was my last day. After 12 years it was bittersweet. I'll miss my team, some more than others... I was fortunate to be in a store with great leadership and pretty much all the problems we suffered through came from the corporate level. We weathered them fairly well, I believe...
  17. Targetedbullseye

    Good bye etl & tl

    You are dinosaurs ...obsolete...next to go....we own our areas...why do we need you? Lol ...been waiting on this...next round of cuts is. U...
  18. H

    How do I quit?

    I started working at target only about 2 weeks ago, but today I was offered another job that I have been really wanting so I accepted it. I know it’s bad timing, I feel bad quitting so soon after starting and I’m also wondering how I should? Should I still give a 2 weeks notice even though I’ve...
  19. CsideMaster

    Leaving and coming back

    So I put my notice in and had my last shifts this week. I’m starting my new job in a week and a half and I’m excited, but I’ve always been someone to prepare and think ahead...If I need to come back for some reason, if the new job doesn’t work out or whatever, are there any Target stipulations...
  20. S

    So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu!

    Put in my notice. My last day is this upcoming Sunday. My new job will essentially be SFS, but with musical instruments and sound equipment within the distribution center of a wonderful local company. I've honestly wanted to work for this company for a long time, and I have friends that work...