1. blackpink

    Saying "Goodbye, farewell!"

    I put in my notice for my last day to be on the 26th. I was offered a full time job in a different field and am nervous and excited about switching from part timer to full timer. While Target offered me opportunities to work more hours, and I didn't have any issues with any of my leadership. I...
  2. B

    Bedbugs please help!!

    One of the girls at my location got bed bugs super bad and I want to quit since my location isn't doing anything about it. If I quit with no 2 weeks notice is there any chance I can still get a good reference? Or should I try and do 2 weeks and hope I don't get bed bugs? Please help I'm really...
  3. tholmes

    Bye Spot!

    So, this post is a little overdue, I've actually been gone for a few weeks, but whatever. Five years later, one and a half as a lead, and I'm finally done. I just got sick of it one night after a shift and put in applications elsewhere. When I heard back within a day, I knew it was time and put...
  4. C


    Anyone from HR know if I am able to collect my vacation pay?
  5. CsideMaster

    Seriously considering putting in two weeks today

    Been at Target just short of four years. There have been good times and bad, more bad of late. Think I’m just burnt out and ready to move on. Waiting for confirmation that should come in today of a job post target, if it does, I’m probably putting my notice in. From what I’ve seen on here, it’s...
  6. G

    How to quit descretly

    I quit before using workday but stayed. Now I want to quit. Can't find the resgnation button anymore.
  7. Tessa120


    Six weeks into the new job. While the boss has been doing internet sales for a long time, pulling him off the sales floor and creating a department for internet sales is fairly new. My only coworker was hired on about a week before me. So new department, new folks, figuring out exactly what...
  8. B

    Two weeks into the new job...

    I told them I might come back for holiday. NOPE! The new job is so amazing I'll never put red on for Target again. If you can get out, run as fast as you can and never look back.
  9. S

    Trying not to leave.

    This job is stressing me out so much I’m starting to hate it. I remember when I started, as a seasonal, thinking everyone is so grouchy! Now I know why!!! What is wrong w this place??? Was it better back in the “old days”?? And how exactly? Bc I have no idea how some of these people have...
  10. FredPanda3

    Put in my notice...

    I have been looking for a full-time job, but I couldn't stay while I searched anymore, especially with the shifts they were giving me. Closing three nights a week, with a mid on another day. Comparing the shifts I've been getting this summer to the shifts I got two summers ago or even last...
  11. HeckingTired

    My Time Draws Near

    Hasn't even been a full year, and with all of the changes, I'm slowly being driven over the edge. It started out fine, don't get me wrong, but with some events taking place at our store, it's high-stress and no leeway. My substitute TL came to me with concerns about my push speed, and... 5...
  12. A

    vacation hours

    what happens if you do not use vacation hours and you quit?
  13. F

    Accidentally quiting

    So say a team member had put there notice into workday but then changed there mind is there a way for HR to cancel your 2 week notice If it makes a differences the store has no STL and only 2 ETLs right now that is the ETL HR and 1 GM ETL
  14. JagStar

    Another One Bites The Dust

    I know I said I was going to quit in August, but after four and half years of working at Target, I put in my two weeks today. With all the new changes being implemented, angry and defeated TLs, and a workplace environment that has dwindled from pleasant to apathetic to outright hostile over the...
  15. TTGOz

    Leaving Spot (for real this time)

    Update to Nuts. I actually finally, legitimately, and absolutely left Spot. May not be forever, but I feel I'm in good hands where I am going. I'm not going to keep it a secret(and haven't for the last week here) but I've been unemployed for about two weeks, been job searching out of the wazoo...
  16. E

    My two weeks is over, but I'm still getting scheduled.

    Well, hello and goodbye, friends! I've been a lurker primarily here but I really enjoyed the posts. I put in my two weeks, told my GSTL, LOD, and HR. My time is up, but when I check the schedule online, I see they're still scheduling me. I'm wondering if it's normal to be used as a "place...
  17. GlobalTL123

    Hanging up the red & khaki

    Well after sitting on the sidelines and even being threatened at times, i end my time at Target. I wrote a scathing resignation letter to my sd about toxic environment and how it is wrong to treat employees like dirt. For those of you staying with Target, keep fighting the good fight!
  18. G

    Riding Off Into The Sunset

    I've been working in the Flow Team for... 911 days as I write this post and I'm dumbfounded that 2 1/2 years have passed me by. As I sit here and contemplate those 2 1/2 years, I've just realized the irony of it being "911" days ago. Interesting coincidence. At first, I liked those early...
  19. F

    You Don't Change Thread Titles To ...

    I don’t care much back lash I’ll get for my decision in the end but yeah yeah, so I started working at target in 2017 was Market as a season worker, no problem there I was there starting August and my seasonal was supposed to end January , after constantly asking my TL , Lod Etc if I was gonna...
  20. T

    Leaving after 5 years

    Man, where do I start? I started at target 5 years ago. When I first came on, I was so damn excited. I had just gotten away from a dead end job after 5 years, and it was such a load off my shoulders to find something else. For the first 2 years of my employment at target, I fucking loved it...