Couldn't be happier


The one and only SCTM™
Jun 23, 2018
Well, I am officially out! Honestly I dont have any amazing story to tell or hate to dish. I had a reasonable level of good experiences over the past ~10 years with Target store and DC side. There was bad but that will be true of any job.

The big thing that ended up seperating me from the company is I had the misfortune of joining Asset Protection ~2 years ago. At the time it was still a relatively chill place to be, although it was obvious Target was beggining to ramp up focus.

I didnt mind catching thieves and was quite good at it, and safety has always been a core value of mine. But one day an external vendor brought a gun into the DC and sure enough I ended up having to manage the situation essentially solo (on-site production managers were very helpful but at the end of the day I was calling the shots and preventing them from taking steps against directives).

Nothing horrible came from it. I was even told I managed the situation perfectly. But it became very real in that instant how very real things could get an instant and I was not comforatable working in the role anymore and had no desire to return to a labor position.

Stay safe everyone, especially those working in stores and DCs in major crime areas, and best of luck to all of the AP TMs weathering this storm. Thankfully I am in a financial situation I can take some time to collect myself and find a new way forward. Probably try to start my own business at this point.
Congrats! I would love to be in a position where I didn't have to work!

I did retail security for 10 years, mid-90s to mid-00s. Saw some crazy shit, had a lot of fun. Saw people get hurt too, not so fun. Was offered a higher-paying position in the store and took it. These days I'd never work security - way too dangerous and your hands are tied.
Even an old redneck here wouldn't touch AP. Corp has your balls in a salmon net, they dictate everything and you never know who is packing a 9mm. Gone are the days of grabbing a perp by the arm and walking them to a mirrored room. Good luck going forward.