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Jul 18, 2012
Hello fellow Targa-teers!

So gearing up for my first day of training this evening.

Up first Fitting Room Training. (Which is the area I wanted so- thrilled!)
So who can enlighten and prepare me for what I should expect?

All thoughts appreciated!

Thanks Guys!
Depending on your store and guests. It can be the best salesfloor positions or worst.

Provide Guest Service at the fitting rooms.
Take incoming calls and direct calls to extentions/specific depts.
Radio TMs to take calls, breaks....
Repackage merchandise
Re-hanger clothes
You may have to zone the immediate area around the fitting rooms (mens/maternity...)
that's my area of training expertise!! Here are some of the basics I teach the trainees:

A) answer the phone with a smile in your will get a lot of calls...get to know the store.
B) ALWAYS get up and TAG (touch all garments) on the way in and the way out.
C) Best way to limit pilferage is to engage the engaged guest is less likely to steal.
D) learn the way the sales floor likes to put their reshop out. In our store there are four basic blocks for reshop: Ready to Wear hanging (which I zone while hanging...quickest way to get it back on the floor); mens, shoes and infant hardlines (which I seperate in the cart that way), girls, boys and infants(again I put into the cart that way..girls folded, boys folded and infant folded with the accessories in the basket) and jewelry, accessories and sleepwear which we also put the RTW folded.
E) Have fun!! It is not the easiest job on the floor but it is the one that can keep you the busiest and keep your mind engaged.
Thanks so much for your answers. Super excited and nervous! I start in 2 1/2 Hours! Ahh. So ready! :)
It is suggestion, to let hl folks outside of sl know that you have their reshop.
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OMG. I'm am so exhausted from yesterday. Softlines is no joke. We had a entire cart full of reshop from the day shift, and it made everyone really behind.
So I just kind of followed them around and did what they told me to do. Mastering the Phones and Walkie Lango is going to take me some time.
I still know where nothing is. So I was a little overwhelmed. I just keep telling myself it will get eaiser.

I have Cashier Training today. 0_0 I hope I survive this.

Thanks for the above link ^ Helpful.
One Blonde Moment. Totally clocked out for my 15 min Break. *Hits head* Why did I do that? I don't know. Seemed like what I should do. LOL WRONG! Have to figure out how to fix that today when I go in.
Get with your ETL-HR or Clerical, and fill out a Punch Correction to delete the clock out punch.
Putting out reshop in softlines is like a scavenger hunt in reverse. The main thing is learning the brands & where they are (ie: ixhiliration at the front corner, converse at on side, merona on opposite end, liz lange past women's, etc).
The more you do, the more familiar it becomes.
For cashier training, they'll put the register in training mode so there's very little havoc you could wreak. The booklet takes you thru several scenarios but take time to play around with it. I've never had anyone crash a register in training mode (not to say it couldn't happen, tho - there's always a first).
While cashiering, don't ever let a guest tell you how to 'fix' something. Call your GSTL/GSA. We had a scammer who ALWAYS went to the newbies, create a problem then attempt to tell them how to 'fix' it. Don't fall for it.
While cashiering, don't ever let a guest tell you how to 'fix' something. Call your GSTL/GSA. We had a scammer who ALWAYS went to the newbies, create a problem then attempt to tell them how to 'fix' it. Don't fall for it.

This. When you're cashiering, there are always going to be several TMs right near you who can help out. If you're unsure of how to do something, or if a guest is trying something fishy, just ask for help. "Sorry, I'm new and I just want to make sure I get it done the right way." Also, NEVER leave your till open longer than you absolutely need to. That leaves you way open to short-changers and people just grabbing money out of it.
So the part I don't get right now with Fitting Room/ the Operator part. I had no idea this came with SL's/Fitting Area so was a little unprepared for it.
I got my 5529# to pick up. 2280 for Hold. Walkie someone from that department (I know where nothing is yet. I wish the store had a map I could examine at home!) LOL and let them know a call is on hold for them.

I know nothing about transferring calls to other deparments yet. They told me the numbers once, but very quickly, I can't remember them.

Does anyone know how quickly I may be responsible with the phone on my own? I am scheduled fitting room, several times my first full week. I am so not ready for the phone or store pages by myself.
I hope I'll get it more after more training.

The rest of my training just says "Sales Floor" If its just sales floor, and I'm softlines are you still responsible for the fitting room/operating or just Sales Floor Zoning, and Reshop, unless Fitting room is mentioned on the schedule.
If the work area is salesfloor, you'll be responsible for the area they assign you that day.
You're responsible for FR or SL only if your shift designates it.
Re: store layout - see if someone can get you a store map to keep by the phone.
In the meantime, you can always call out calls like "we have a call for ironing boards on line X." The TMs that have been there longer will know which department to pick the phone up in.
One of the things I go through is store layout (now it may be different for you all):

A) softlines-includes luggage and infant hardlines in our store
B) A is HBA (health, beauty aids) and pet food
C) B is stationary and small appliances
D) C and D include-home storage,furniture and domestics (sheets, towels that kind of stuff)
E) Electronics, Toys and Books (when we get a call for books I put it through to electronics) and Sporting Goods
F) Seasonal
G) Market...hardly ever get questions for that
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