Where is the closest Super Target to NY?

Jan 24, 2019
My boyfriend and I both work for target and really want to go to our 1st ST and yes I know we dropped the branding around 2015 but I specifically want to go to a Target with an actual deli and a bakery where they bake in-house because we thought it'd be fun and hopefully tasty! But we're having trouble weeding out actual super targets from targets similar to our stores we work at.

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2331 Route 66
Ocean, NJ 07712
United States

I believe this is a supert. It’s a 2 entrance. Call and double check.
Zoom in on a map and look for a 2 entrance store then look and see what options the store has.
There are several shortcuts to check if a store is a Super or not without actually going there.

One way to check if a store is a Super is to call the store number (just look up nearest stores to you) and when the automated message goes "Thank you for calling.....) Supers usually have the word super after the town/store name, if that makes sense. Despite what some people are already saying here, there are virtually NO Super targets across the East coast (besides in Virginia and North Carolina). I think the largest target over there is the newer King of Prussia store and a 169,000ish sq feet store in the NYC metro, and it's an old GREATLAND store. A double-entrance building doesn't make it a super. Especially not now when stores are getting an additional entrance to accompany either grocery or fulfillment during their remodel.

You could also go to google maps, right-click, and measure the distance around the building. Super Targets are AT LEAST 175,000 square feet, so if you know that, and the distance you measure around the building is that or exceeds that, you know there's a good chance it's a super.

As of now, there are a little less than 240 Superstores, and the bulk of them are in major metro areas in the Midwestern states (Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Michigan, North/South Dakota, Nebraska, Ohio, and Kansas). In Minnesota, we're spoiled because there are more Supers than regular stores. However, there are several in other major areas across the country. The are a shit ton of supers in California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Colorado, and North Carolina. There are also a few in the smaller Southern states like Mississippi and Alabama.
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