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    Archived Educational Leave Help

    If I were you, I'd go into the store and talk to HR or just call the store yourself. The way Spot is going, I'd wouldn't trust them with anything right now.
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    Archived Seasonal Employee Wanting to Quit

    You should ALWAYS put in your 2 weeks if your going to quit.. not just for Target but for any job, no matter how crappy it is. It will do nothing but positive things down the road for you.
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    Archived Do new team members get less hours?

    As you know, hours are hard to come by due to recent events, because its beginning of a new year, and of course lack of sales. If I were I would just get cross trained in other work centers, pick up shifts on the swap shift board. At our store, almost ALL of our payroll, goes to the backroom, so...
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    Archived You people that act like Target is just now turning in the wrong direction...

    Businesses will do what they have to do to survive.... period.
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    Archived Everytime it snows the entire FLOW team calls out

    Most people, atleast the store I work at, they car pool together, ride their bike, or walk.
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    Archived Other Bike assembly TM's

    Since we have like zero hours, what workcenter do you get majority of your hours/work in now?
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    If you have an opportunity to leave Target, do it now.

    Pm me please, I really want to know the specifics.
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    Archived Team members calling for their schedule

    I just take a picture of the schedule with my phone. I tell other team members to do the same.
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    Archived Hardlines TL to GSTL

    Not worth it. I would stay in hardlines.
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    Archived Transferring to another store during the holiday season

    They usually won't transfer you unless the position is hiring/open and have the hours(lol) for you. If I were you, I would ask your HR.
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    Archived So my check was about half of what it should be

    Did you do your punch corrections on time? Should do them as soon as you see *MP* next to your name when you clock in.
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    Archived Bike Assembly

    Hi everyone, Does anyone on this forum do Bike Assembly for their store? I've been with Target for a year now, and my ETL-HR came up to me the other day and asked if I would like to do bikes for the store. She mentioned I would be perfect for it. So I said why not, lol. Anyways, Im...
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    Archived The best shoes for working retail

    jordans when im cashier/sales floor... beater nikes or jordans when im doing carts