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    Meal compliance

    I had a 6-11pm close the other night and my etl told me not to take my meal after the fact I had clocked out for it. So I didn’t. Now HR says they can’t fix it because I had my four punches and they don’t know if I took it or not. So I’m basically not gonna be getting paid for 30mins lol
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    Anyone else annoyed that you have to wait for the Guest to click cancel if they dont want circle?

    That’s why u always ask them after the first item scans saves time especially if your waiting for their form of payment
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    Guest first even the rude ones!!

    Nor did she even look like she needed help. She was on the phone the whole time mad that guest and workers were in her way. No thank you
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    Guest first even the rude ones!!

    She was NOT approachable nor in the isle I grabbing stuff from. I was getting orders on a TIME LIMIT. customers won’t approach tm who aren’t approachable so I won’t ruin the rest of my day greeting a potential problem.
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    Guest first even the rude ones!!

    As I’m minding my business working and a coworker is near by in same section.. why do I hear a customer get mad at us being in the isles working?!!! Without us you guys won’t even be shopping here! Ugh! Took everything in me not to say anything because she was just plain out rude and I in...
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    What’s up w the break schedule?

    Yes I always announce, I don’t think the problem was me being new or not being in front cause the people I got hired with were called but I wasn’t. I just didn’t like how they called me out multiple times trying to embarrass me it was a simple mistake n I even went beyond to help other...
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    Yes I stayed ot and my tl requisitioned me with Starbucks
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    What’s up w the break schedule?

    My TL got mad cause I took my break a lil after the time I was supposed to but they called out everybody to take theirs but me so how is it my fault? I’m new only 16-17 days in yet I finished everything I need to do before my break so I don’t understand