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    MEGATHREAD myDay app

    I've always found the dpci and printed a upc barcode. Saves a lot of hassle
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    MEGATHREAD myDay app

    We need mispick on myday! I can easily find at least 5 a truck in my own.
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    Pricing and Presentation If an item that’s clearance reaches 0 on hand. Does it become salvage?

    It depends on if it is something that is going clearance company wide or not. If it is, it might continue to drop in price. Sometimes it does however just stick to the final price it was available at. If it is only for your store, it will occasionally go back up to full price aftee some time...
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    MyDay App Backroom Error Issues

    If you hit All Items Scanned, it deletes the item and makes it no longer look-upable.
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    No response usually means that it is actually salvage and you can get it to process it through price change
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    BTS set

    Us too. We moved the pogs around to allow the space to keep absolutely all garden out of the back
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    MEGATHREAD Flexible Fulfillment

    TFW your store still only has a TL over hardlines, home, incremental space, presentation and fulfillment..... 😶
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    95% Green set on time realistic?

    When you tie two endcaps to the same end cap, they go 90 and 91. It's how you tie two cooler and freezer doors at the front of an aisle in market
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    95% Green set on time realistic?

    What I've done is put two half full end caps together and set something I want (aka clearance or something else) on the new space created
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    New Brand: Favorite Day

    Aren't the pints favorite day gourmet, compared to the tubs of just favorite day. They are specialty flavors
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    Most expensive (non-electronic) item that guests buy like crazy

    We received 17 in one day once.... And my store is only like, the highest UL volume store too. It was insane
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    Is this Real Life? (A Market vent thread)

    Market was deliberately reducing the assortment by about 10% to alleviate in stock issues for fulfillment and online selection. I think it was in the April addendum
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    MEGATHREAD myDay app

    I mean. That's fair, but were you really going to merchandise 400 extra room essentials towels on the floor?
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    Fulfillment TL experiences

    Until they don't add Fulfillment Ops TL to your store, so you are still in charge of Home, Hardlines, Incremental Space, and Fulfillment at a 7 truck store.....
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    MEGATHREAD myDay app

    Time for the TV wall to look like garbage! Whoooo