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    Archived 401k?

    When did you leave the company? Can you still log into: You should have been directed to go there to select how you want to handle your 401k (depending on the balance). They can either cut you a check or send a check directly to another company.
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    Archived Stupid Item Merge Why Dont You Give Me Backroom Locs!!

    Yes, quite often! It would occasionally work but I'm not quite sure why.
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    Archived Hardship money?

    Now you look like a fool :)
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    Archived Target releases to the AP that they will open at midnight on Black Friday.

    I thought they paid time and a half on Friday regardless of start time? I recall that being mentioned here before anyway.
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    Archived Tgt 401k Question

    By outside agency do you mean opening an IRA? That will be a separate account than your 401k but will accomplish what you are looking to achieve. 401k's are by definition employer controlled. Generally you want to contribute into your 401k up to the company match (so 5% in this case) then...
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    Archived Cleaning house of Team Leads

    Well...yeah, I don't see any mention of a recipe in your posts. That is all he was getting at, relax :)
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    Archived Small 401k and quitting

    True, I do roth for my IRA which is popular. The match will always be considered pre-tax though so I'm at least half right :)
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    Archived Small 401k and quitting

    If you do not roll over the $1010 you'll take a good 25% hit on it. The money in your 401k was not taxed when it was deposited in the account, if you withdraw it you'll pay income tax on it (say 15%ish) AND you'll pay a 10% penalty for early withdrawal. A 401k account is meant to be a tax...
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    Archived Small 401k and quitting

    Ah, ok. If you are looking at the check that itemizes your personal deductions so the match won't (and never will) be there. Log into the site and check your balance there. The match is contributed every time you get paid and is immediately 100% vested (yours to keep).
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    Archived Small 401k and quitting

    The $425 that is in there is 10% of each check really...your 5 plus their match. Their match is already vested so its yours to keep. There is a 401k document on the site that outlines the payout info. Savings and Retirement tab -> Plan Information Available Online ->...
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    Archived The Big Reveal

    So what exactly is changing? Besides the signs on the walls in the break room?
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    Archived Bye Bye Great Team hero

    I would argue the opposite. If someone really earned the team hero title one month its not hard to imagine them being in the running during other months. If people are chosen because its "their turn" then it cheapens the whole process! Of course this assumes they were chosen based on merit in...
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    Archived Pda Question??

    Actually there are two slightly different models. The newer one has an external speaker on the back just above the trigger and it also has working toggle/logout buttons (the green/red little buttons on the front of the pda). The newer ones are noticeably more responsive in my experience.
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    Archived Pda Question??

    I exclusively used the "big" PDAs (the small hand held ones are generally called LPDAs to distinguish them). If you plug them into the docking cradle at your store (this is what is used to restore/reconfigure them) you should get a popup about Microsoft Sync or something to that effect. You can...
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    Archived It's a PDA, not a gun

    Portable Data Terminal. Think of a device that looks like your PDA but it ONLY runs the "RFApps" stuff. Its an older term for a more single purpose device. It couldn't play mp3s or check your email or chat on MSN like your PDAs could (if they weren't prevented by the firewall!)