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    Archived Store Transfer Process

    I am considering transferring to a big metropolitan area, but I don't know anything about the process so I'm hoping that someone here who has gone through the process or has handled transfers could enlighten me. I don't have any specific questions at the moment, just looking for info. I'm...
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    Archived Entertainment MIRs

    Is it typical to not find much of any of this stuff on the sales floor? How much time should I spend looking for the items with no location? What if the MIR includes 10+ items with no locations? I've been handling the entertainment presentation for a few weeks, and...
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    Archived One of my co-workers refers to team leads as level 3's..

    10-4 Thanks for the quick reply sir.
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    Archived One of my co-workers refers to team leads as level 3's..

    He's an old guy thats been with Target for a while so I'm am assuming this an old-school thing.. So I'm wondering what are level 1's, 2's, etc.. I'm also assuming level 1's would be a typical team member, and 2's would be brand specialists.. Does this level system go beyond 3 to refer to Sr...
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    Archived Interviewing for TL postion.. Seeking some advice/input..

    I had an interview with my STL today, meeting with ETL-HR Friday. I feel like my meeting with my STL went great. However the issue is that I have an interview with another company tomorrow for a unrelated position. The other company is looking to hire a MIS assistant/PC Tech which is much...
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    Archived Training a TM for instocks in a day or so..

    My store doesn't really have a Instocks TL, so I guess thats why the drastic count report gets worked by us TMs. I've never even heard of online training.. I suppose I should have mentioned my store is either a B or C volume store.
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    Archived Training a TM for instocks in a day or so..

    I've never trained anyone for this position before and so I'm not sure how to go about doing so.. I know there are a lot of details, and there is no way anyone could learn it all in a day. How much information should I give this person on the first day? I was thinking about just explaining...
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    Archived Instock Team Going Away in March

    Yep I had a feeling this was coming. Looks Like I'm gonna be headed back to full time Flow..I'd be happier going to the backroom though :(. I'm just interested to see how this plays out, because over the last few days, outs weren't done due to heavy autofill batches (backroom and flow both...
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    Archived Why do we still carry CDs?

    Nonsense, current optical drives will be replaced with Blu-ray drives, they are already optional so its just a matter of time before they come standard. Regardless, I build and upgrade my own PC and floppy disk drives are still being manufactured, so I'm fairly certain my CDs/DVDs won't be...
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    Archived Why do we still carry CDs?

    What he said. I only buy digital copies if I only want one or two tracks from a album. The older generation still buys CDs as well. Stuff can happen to digital copies of media over the years and if your don't have licenses and what not backed up..You can find yourself buying it all over...
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    Archived Worst... black friday.... ever

    I was fortunate enough to be picked for the backroom this year and I hope I can get back there for future Black Fridays. There is no better place to be in my opinion!
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    Archived Instocks TMs

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    Archived Lunch Breaks?

    I use a $10 Timex Ironman to keep up with that kind of stuff. Stopwatch, timer, and 3 alarms. Our store is very strict about having cellphones on the floor while on the clock.
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    Archived Tm number

    1-2 weeks I think.
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    Archived Can corporate just stop pretending that guest service is a priority anymore?

    So the store I work in isn't the only one with payroll issues.. My ETLs keep telling us payroll is bad because sales is bad, but how can we be expected to increase sales when Salesfloor TMs are very scarce and Flow Team's hours are being cut so product doesn't get restocked quickly enough...