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    To that one Team Member I - ARCHIVED

    To several Team Members, contrary to what seems to be popular belief, Cart Attendants cannot be at multiple places at once. I know sometimes it may seem like we are magical beings, but we are, in fact, only human. We cannot bring in carts, clean the restrooms, clean up spills, take care of...
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    Archived "I'm sorry, I'm off the clock"

    This happened to me the other day when I was buying a soda when I got off work. I was standing in line and a guy asked me if I could help him get something in Electronics. I said "Oh, I'm sorry sir but I'm off the clock." He replied, "So you can't even answer a few questions?" I replied, "No I'm...
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    Archived This is the Cart Attendant, can I help you find something?

    Hi, I'm a returning member to the forums because I'm a returning Team Member (I know, I needed the job really bad.) However, I couldn't remember my username from before so I made a new account! Yes, I'm a Cart Attendant and yes, I do indeed have a lot of stories to share with you all. :)