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    I'm getting close to that point where I just stop caring

    I wonder how many people who say "if I could find something else" are even really looking? I hear tons people at my store say "I'm going quit when I do X".... and then I always ask them what they have done towards doing X? And 99.9% of the time the response is always "nothing" or some (usually...
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    What are Target TPS for?

    No offense to any TPS's here, but I have to say that every single TPS (and even APS) I have ever met have been a few donuts short of a dozen..... My favorite was a TPS I had to deal with for about a year when I was the electronics TL back at my old store. The guy created this paranoid...
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    Minimum wage going up soon?

    This is true. There are lots of TMs out there who have no ambition or motivation in life. There are also many TMs who have criminal records. In my state, you can basically go online and put in someones name to see their criminal history. The law makes it all public record. I decided to put...
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    So we now have no time clocks at my store!!!

    Last night I came in for my closing shift and couldn't clock in because the time clock was gone. As in, not even on the wall anymore. Instead, there was an LCD screen with a bar code scanner. So then our ETL-HR came out of her office and told me she had to give me something, which turned...
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    Requirements to be STL?

    No kidding. Hear about the guy that leaked the PRISM information? His background? Dropped out of high school. Enlisted in the military. Got kicked out of the military in basic training because he didn't have what it took. Enrolled in college. Dropped out of college. His next step? Got...
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    So I was setting planograms with another TM this morning....

    While this is true in many professions, there are still lots of jobs out there that pay as much as a degreed job or even more. Welders, plumbers, electricians, telecom workers, AC repair, mechanics, entry level IT workers, etc do not require a degree and can easily pay more than a degreed job...
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    So I was setting planograms with another TM this morning....

    Look, this is not politically correct so no one will say it, but I will. The fact is, not everyone has the level of intelligence necessary to get a college education. People don't want to hear that because it means some people will be left behind, and everyone wants to hear that "everyone is...
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    No college degree Team Leaders.

    I think a lot of people are making the mistake of failing to realize that there are different *types* of intelligence. There is emotional intelligence, mechanical intelligence, book smarts, etc. Ever hear of a mechanical aptitude test? They usually give it to plumbers, electricians...
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    What should I put on my resume for TL?

    I ended up giving the resume to him after working on it for 4 hours. Complete waste of time. I gave it to him, he looked at it for about 10 seconds, then said "great. I will keep this on file". So I asked him if I would be getting interviewed for the TL spot. Then he patted me on the...
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    What should I put on my resume for TL?

    This morning I was approached by our STL who told me that one our of sales floor TLs (who he wouldn't name) is going to be gone soon. (I suspect it is going to be our electronics TL though based on rumors I heard....) He told me that he has been impressed with me and that I "run circles"...
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    It's official: no HMOs or PPOs next year

    My insurance at Sony had a zero dollar deductible.
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    is target trying to get me to quit?

    Here are the mistakes you made: 1. Telling them you "might" be leaving before you knew 100% for sure you had the job. To many managers, this sounds like a threat. "I might be leaving for a new job, just wanted to let you know" In other words, it is an insinuation that they are doing...
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    Store falling apart

    Wow, that is really weird.... Normally when something breaks that upsets lots of guests (AC is one of those things) it is fixed with 24 hours. Leadership at your store/district is really dropping the ball.
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    Got my 7 month review

    Dude, you are making the mistake of thinking that you actually "lack of sense of urgency". The fact is, if you are just hearing about this now, it is bull sh**. In other words, they just made something up to justify your review score. Fact is, the reviews are really just for show. I used...
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    So hour cutting has finally hit an unprecedented level at my store

    Target does layoff, just not hourly store employees.