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    Archived Am I Going To Get Fired?

    Part of the reason that he or she may be upset is that in most stores the Flow TL is a key carrying position. On that particular set of keys he/she may have the store entrance key. This would mean that the store would most likely have to have the door locks changed since they don't know who has...
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    Archived Lets talk about the new Red Card App!

    It begins November 4 and gives 30 extra days on everything (except designer launches and Halloween costumes, which isn't affected this year) including the extended holiday return time that is November 1-December 24. More information is on this months front end news that was sent to stores a...
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    Archived Holiday Hours

    You're lucky. We are open later this year. There are a few weeks we are open until midnight.
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    Archived AAR question (sorry)

    Accessory attachment rate.
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    Archived Calling for Authorization on a return.

    So they are requisitioned gift cards? I am just wondering because my store doesn't do those for guests.
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    Store Paygrades

    Receiving and signing should both be pay grade 9 positions. That is normally $1 over base and $.50 over pay grade 7.
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    Archived Calling for Authorization on a return.

    Does your store not hand out the $3 apology coupons for some of those things instead?
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    Archived Importance of ESPs

    We had some communication come through about a year ago that told us to put them on every checklane with command hooks and a summary of how they work.
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    Archived Changing jobs?

    The biggest thing at my store is try and get cross trained. If you show that you excel in other areas as well they may be willing to switch you areas eventually. But the food service area would have to be staffed enough. I suggest that after you learn Food Ave well express interest I other...
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    Archived Paid and Left

    If the guest comes back and it's still in the bin you give it to them. If it has already been logged you will scan the receipt that prints out when you log the items. I believe it will then have you scan the guest receipt and the guest will get a gift card for the price of the items.
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    Archived Pay Grade info

    My store must be different than most. The ad set team will be scheduled as sales floor every Sunday morning. Ad takedown is the responsibility of the Saturday closing LOD and sales floor team members.
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    Archived discounts

    You can use both of those. Gift cards are allowed to be used as long as you aren't buying them for the purpose of using your discount. Although, the 5% redcard discount will be applied after the gift cards have been deducted from the total.
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    Archived Fake gift card texts

    We got those a couple of weeks ago. Numerous team members got them as well.
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    Archived Discounts, Discounts, and ummm oh yeah more discounts

    Most of the ones that I have seen will be 10% off of the things left on your registry. It is normally good for one days worth of shopping. Although, I haven't seen one of those in a while. Recently it had been the create a registry scan so many items and then you get a gift card.
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    Archived GSA Tasks?

    At my store a GSA or GSTL can get backups. Everyone who is available and trained is expected to respond to backups. It is common for the LOD and STL to be among the first to respond if they know we don't have any floor support.