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    Archived Our Ipad was stolen already.

    Im pretty sure the PDAs cost just a tad more than the ipads if i remember correctly. But yes never let them touch anything nice again.
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    Archived Getting Rid of Guest Services?

    We just got this with our remodel. It may look good on paper but believe me it does not work at all. All spot has done is removed a cashier position and made the GSA/GSTL do all the Guest Service tasks.
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    Archived Team morale down is it just me or is other stores too?

    My store didn't even get training hours. I heard rumours of hours sometime in November. God help us in starbucks if we open 10pm for black friday, only have 6 people right now.
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    Archived Any rumors yet on Black Friday open time this year?

    My store didnt even come close to the projected sales last year. Within 3 hours we were sending people home and i was fighting to stay awake. We could always 10pm to 4am then open back at 8am.
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    Archived does target only want etls with NO management experience?

    I know of an ETL that make 6 figures. Lets just say they have been around.
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    Archived ? About funeral pay

    When my grandmother died right before thanks giving they made me give them all the information about the funeral home to make sure it checked out so i could leave but didnt offer any pay. So i would get on that asap.
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    Archived has anyone else seen the new vibe stuff?

    Just like everything else. If its good Spot will take it away.
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    Archived The Bench

    Well poo. :err:
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    Archived The Bench

    Gosh darnit. Know i want to know the question.
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    Archived Amazing vibe moments!

    When you went that extra inch it gave me a great vibe.. If ya know what i mean. :mosking:
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    Archived Starbucks and requisitioning?

    Milk should not be requisitioned. It is accounted for with your milk vendor. He brings a certain amount each time just for starbucks.
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    Archived Dress code?

    I may have forgotten the "r" in shirt. lol
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    Archived Dress code?

    And he has an Under Amour shirt. Im pretty sure it says that were not supposed to wear ****s that a logos on them.
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    Archived Where is the black and white ad with DPCI's.

    At our store its usually softlines that takes it. I would check with them.
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    Archived Receipts Are Too Old

    Anybody with supervisor access has it, it should be k5 at the main screen then k6 i believe .
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    Archived Receipts Are Too Old

    It is in the GSTL function.
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    To that one Team Member I - ARCHIVED

    This can usually be fixed by flushing out the hoses attached. they attach to a hose and ill just run some hot water through them.
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    Archived Difference in paygrade from guest svc tm to GSA?

    It could depend on where you live too. I received a dollar raise moving from photo to GSA.
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    Archived Target "Nurse-In" to take place on December 28th

    Target gave us a pamphlet on this about a year ago. It said to let them feed were they want but if asked then you would suggest using the fitting room and never mention about using the bathroom.
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    Archived Seriously? Cutting hours in the last week of the busiest month of the year?

    They have been cutting hours at my store since black friday and today they realized how behind we are so they brought in people from another store to help out. What a joke.