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  1. P

    Benefits 401k loan

    Hi team members...I applied for a 401k general purpose loan and asked that it be electronically deposited...anyone know how long that takes to get processed and funds in my account?
  2. P

    No available 401k loans

    I've been working at Target for almost 10 years now and have been able to take out a general purpose loan from my 401k with no problem. A buddy of mine who started work around the same amount of time but only started contributing to his 401k at the beginning of this year, doesn't have any...
  3. G

    Covid 19 401k withdrawals

    Has anyone used the new rules for 401k withdrawals? Is it easy? How fast do you get your money? Do you have to fill out a bunch of paperwork?
  4. G

    401k withdrawal vivid 19

    Has anyone used the new rules for 401k withdrawals? Is it easy? How fast do you get your money? Do you have to fill out a bunch of paperwork?
  5. L

    401k loans + repayment

    I was going to ask this on my previous post but it was too long and figured a separate post would be best. I just received a packet from Pay and Benefits in the mail today regarding my vested balance, as well as a loan I requested back in August. They were taking out about 70$ from my paycheck...
  6. T

    I'm Lost! 401k loan!! Help

    I got approved for a 401(k) loan and it says that it supposed to be released today the eighth was approved on the 6th so is the one too 2 days after today ? Just trying to figure out bills
  7. T

    401K plan

    Can someone explain Target's 401K plan? I know they match the first 5% you contribute. Does it reduce the amount you report on your taxes? Do you have to report Target's contribution? If I leave Target, what happens to my money? Any information would be greatly appreciated so I can make an...
  8. Tessa120

    401(k) questions

    Is there a vesting period, or would someone who didn't work long own all their funds? If there's no vesting, how long before that money can be accessed? Any other details I should know about?
  9. Asuras

    What happens to 401k and Health Insurance after...

    What happens to 401k and Health Insurance after you get terminated? How long does the health insurance last?
  10. P

    I'm Lost! 401k and taxes

    I just signed up for the 401k back in October. I haven't touched it, withdrawn anything, taken a loan, or anything. Will I be getting any sort of form, like a 1099 or anything I need to enter on my taxes? I already got the normal w2. Ive been waiting to file until I knew if I needed anything...
  11. reverselogistics


    Can I withdraw money from my 401k to pay an unexpected bill off? If so how do I go about it.
  12. M

    I'm Lost! Question about 401k

    I started recently at Target and got a question about 401k that I did not get an answer for. From the first week of employment I had already set up my 401k contributions through eHR and when I look in the account it shows everything’s active and set up properly from what I can see. However it’s...
  13. pinkp2ie

    Loan with 401k

    Has anyone done the loan process with your own 401k? I've ran into some problems in life, and hoping someone has a good experience. Thank you!
  14. D


    Why can’t you invest in TGT stock anymore? Would’ve seen a lovely return. We used to be able to 🙄 (401k)
  15. chinacat

    401k + Investment

    This may be a stupid question, but if anyone can explain to me what this means I would appreciate it greatly... I recently signed up for a 401k with Target and it said I was also investing 100% into something called Life something? I’m pretty young and new to all of this retirement stuff, I...
  16. R

    I'm Lost! 401k loan question

    If I have a 401k loan that has a remaining balance but end up leaving the company...what happens? Do you have to pay it out when you leave or do you take a 401k penalty when leaving company before rolling it over? Also, what happens to your pension? I have over 15 years with company and wanted...
  17. C

    401k plan question

    When does money start being taken out of your check for the 401k plan because I mine still has not taken any money out of the paychecks yet for that plan.
  18. C

    early 401k withdraw

    Hi I quit target a few months ago. Worked there for about a year and a half. Recieved a 500$ check for my 401k. They didnt mail me my w2 maybe because I went paperless? but they should have since i no longer work there! so i had to research how to find it after being locked out of EHR for no...
  19. Z


    Hello, I know that you have to work 1,000 hours to be eligible for the 401(k), but do you have to work 1,000 in a calendar year, or is it when you hit 1,000 hours from your start date... Thanks!
  20. P

    Benefits 401k worth it?

    So I'm 27, going on 28. I've been working part-time since I was 19, but never thought about saving for retirement until recently. Now that I'm back with Spot, I'm wondering if it makes sense to set up a 401k. I've graduated college without debt, and now I'm working on my "life". Here's the...