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  1. M

    I'm Lost! Working past my shift and there’s still a guest

    So earlier I was at service desk, and I’m off 7:00pm. And there’s this guest who’s waiting to be helped and it was already 6:59. My Co-worker literally told me to help her and I said okay and then she returned A LOT OF STUFF. it was already 7:05 and there’s one more item that she needs to return...
  2. beautysavage911

    Archived Dumb idiots.

    Me when guest(s) ask if we have any more bacon or why it’s expired when my apron clearly says “Beauty” in big fat white bold letters. Like yes I’m totally standing in front of Maybelline for no reason like no Idk why we are out of bacon sir or why it’s expired nor do I give a shit. And I know if...
  3. HardlinesFour

    To That One Guest - II

    To help keep the forum optimized and running smoothly, we archived the previous thread and created a new one! Thanks to our Original Poster - @Hardlinesmaster for starting it! Previous Thread Link - To That One Guest I
  4. G

    Archived Guest issues/overrides

    So I work at guest services at my local target store. I am constantly running into situations where a guest doesn’t like a policy, and I explain that nothing can be done. I’m which point they ask to speak to a manager. The manager then overrides what I said and allows that policy to be broken...
  5. F

    Archived Manufacture Coupons

    To all my fellow Gstls, what do you tell a guest when a manufacture coupon is not eligible for their items but they insist it is? Also what could be the reasons a coupon doesn't apply?
  6. crmcheezfiasco

    Archived Frustrated over language barriers

    Hello! So, I work in a location with a lot of foreigners/tourists. Most of them speak Spanish or Portuguese. I speak English and French, but so far have not met a single French speaker. A lot of times while working on the sales floor, I'll have a Spanish or Portuguese-speaking guest come up to...
  7. C

    Archived How Can I "NOT" Help You?

    List one or more of those things that you really don't want to do, but have to do it because you'd otherwise ruin the vibe. 1. Going in the back to look through several boxes to try and find the item you want that has the same dcpi as the others 2. Ringing up your 25+ items in the 10 items...
  8. TallAPGuy

    Archived Favorite Guests

    We have a plethora of threads dedicated to those all too common despised guests and their traits, but what of those who we have deemed worthy of our respect and favor? We all (hopefully) have those guests who come in that we like, or at the very least don't mind. I have a couple. First are a...
  9. bullseyekindaguy

    How do you act as a guest in other stores?

    Just curious... When shopping at other Targets, how do you act? Do you make it known you work for Target? If a TM gives you grief, do you whip Target Lingo and best practices out? Do you complain about TM's who provide less then stellar service? Or do you give them the benefit of the doubt...