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How do you act as a guest in other stores?

Discussion in 'Guests First!' started by bullseyekindaguy, Jul 16, 2014.

  1. bullseyekindaguy

    bullseyekindaguy Former logistics/guest experience intern!

    Just curious... When shopping at other Targets, how do you act? Do you make it known you work for Target? If a TM gives you grief, do you whip Target Lingo and best practices out? Do you complain about TM's who provide less then stellar service? Or do you give them the benefit of the doubt?

    There have been a couple times when I've brought the Target Lingo when the TM I was dealing with was incompetent. I once had a cashier who refused to give apply my TM discount. So I asked him to call his GSTL over, and the conversation went something like, "So where did you hear that TM discounts can only be used at the store where the TM works... Was it in Urgent News? Workbench? An e-mail? Because I'm a GSTL at another store and I want to make sure my cashiers are following the correct procedure..." To which the GSTL said, "oh just give it him!" (And yes, I had the actual card).
  2. When I'm at another Target, I will glance about and feel like I ought to respond whenever a walkie goes off, I will judge them for not calling for back up cashiers and having long lines, I will sometimes involuntarily start zoning things, and I will occasionally collect some reshop if it's really obvious and/or in my way. One time, I showed a salesfloor TM how to use the instocks screen in item search because I wanted some info from there and he didn't know anything about that screen. Sometimes I'll talk about how different my store is (mine is fairly new and small while most in my area are 10-15 years old and big so the layouts are all different and they have more stuff). Mostly the TMs don't know I work for Target until I present my discount card.
  3. I usually find myself zoning things involuntarily as well. I don't even work for Target anymore.
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  4. commiecorvus

    commiecorvus Former Signing Ninja Moderator

    I had the same issue with signage.
    My wife actually slapped my hands a couple of times.
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  5. I feel bad about messing with folded shirts, lol. And I like to scope out their grocery and be jealous/eville happy at the same time.
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  6. mrknownothing

    mrknownothing purveyor of things

    I haven't been to a store other than mine in a few years, so it's hard to say. The other stores in my area are either ghetto or out of the way.
  7. StaticSun

    StaticSun Former Front-End Guru Administrator

    I'll crack a joke to a cashier about their redcard spiel, and occasionally use some lingo when I need help on the floor.
  8. I'm generally super nice. Though the day that I tried to get my new phone at the Mobile and waited an hour for the guy to come in, but never did, I did leave a comment card with guest service and a note on his keyboard.

    I had to run down to the other Target near me on my lunch the other day...so I was in full garb (Target shirt on...not just red), name tag off, walkie on hip, keys hanging out of pocket, etc. I got a few odd looks from the other TMs. And I found it comforting that I didn't set off their door alarm with my keys...nice to know theirs are as inconsistent as ours!
  9. doxie71

    doxie71 Former Perishables Assistant

    I would always go into other Target and secretly judge. I often would never get asked if I needed help or even acknowledged unless I was in electronics. Mainly I would just walk around and check for fun items on clearance that my store may not have had.
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  10. GlobalJ

    GlobalJ Electronics TM

    I judge them for things they do or do not do. There's one I've been in numerous times and not once has anyone asked me if I needed help. Lol. But I try to keep my employment hidden. One time my involuntary zoning got so bad my gf had to pull me from the aisle
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  11. OP

    bullseyekindaguy Former logistics/guest experience intern!

    I have pushed the additional assistance button when I'm in long lines at other stores...

    It would also make me mad going into other stores and seeing how things were. Our STL liked to be unnecessarily early on transitions and sales planners and she would always say how much out DTL appreciated it... But you go into other stores and it really make a difference. Also, mad me made when you see how dirty/cluttered it is and they got a green on an unannounced visit but we got a yellow and the zone/vibe was mch better.
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  12. One thing I did the other day at another store...because I'm so used to doing it with my own cashiers, is that I went to pay with my REDCard...and the stupid thing is demagnetized (don't put it in the same pocket with the magnetic key), so you have to enter it in manually. And a lot of people get confused...that you have to hit K6 to do a debit, and then K1 for the entire amount and then K1 again to enter the number manually. So when I went to the other store, I asked the person at the register (not a front lane) to enter it manually and then told him he would have to hit K6 and then K1 twice. (I had already shown my discount card so he knew I was a TM).

    But I hate doing that. I hate when other TMs come into my store and tell me how to do things or how things should be done...so I did apologize for that and told him I wasn't sure if he knew to do that or not...and he did say it was fine and thanked me for it. But still...I at least try to let them do their job without giving my two cents unless it's blatant (like refusing to take a discount card...seriously?!)
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  13. Jill of All Trades

    Jill of All Trades hang on, I've got a blinker

    I do my best not to let on that I work for Spot until I whip out my employee discount. For whatever reason, no matter what I'm wearing people come up to me for help when I'm out shopping. I guess ten years in hospitality have given me the look of a person who is there to help. Or something. If for some reason I have to go into my local store wearing red and khaki I will wear my sunglasses inside- that usually does the trick.

    The store by my house has the most clueless cashiers. They almost always need help with something. I was buying wine the other day and the cashier must have been brand new because I had to explain to her that yes, she could use her scanner to scan my license. Other times I've had to explain the coupon policy, and they're always painfully slow... I've considered transferring since it's closer to my house than my store, but it just seems like such a cluster every time I go in.
  14. It's right in the training book that you scan (or swipe) licenses!! Wow.
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  15. redeye58

    redeye58 Hasta Ba Rista, Baby!

    A cashier at a nearby store argued with me regarding some coupons so I asked to speak to his GSTL, at which point he said he'd "allow it THIS time..."
    Stopped by their service desk on the way out when I saw a TL who used to work at our store.
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  16. emilylovesny008

    emilylovesny008 Former Spot Lackey

    I've been shopping at the Target I used to work at since I was small, so I don't really have any experience. I loved reading some of these stories though, and if I ever really get bored i'd probably just go over to another Target and just see what happens :p
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  17. OP

    bullseyekindaguy Former logistics/guest experience intern!

    You honestly think people read that?? I had a cashier who claimed she had learned 'everything' 10 MINUTES after handing her book... When I started quizzing her, she came clean and went back to practicing.
  18. OP

    bullseyekindaguy Former logistics/guest experience intern!

    When I used my TM discount and people asked, "So for what store do you work for?" I said, "Oh, I don't work in the stores... I work for AP in the investigations center." I would start looking around like I was checking things out. That would freak them out... Especially, when i was buying some reusable bags for some project my sister needed them for, and the cashier attempted to give them to me for free.

    I also had a woman who try to guess the store number on the back of my discount card... She never got it right, and when I corrected here she said I was the one who was wrong!!
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  19. I normally try to not make it known that I work for Target until I get out my discount card. I get irritated when other people try to tell me how to do my job (whether they actually work for Target or not) so I try not to do it to others. I did, however, help out a cashier once that was either brand new or was a guest first that never worked the register. I asked her if it was cool if I helped her out and she was actually grateful for the assistance.

    Oh, but I do judge hardcore lol. There's one store near me that does some AWFUL repackages. Every time I see that crap in the clearance end caps I want to bring it to the service desk and say "Seriously???"
  20. I looked for grey dots...