I move too fast, said the guest...

i felt this in my soul because YES this has happened and is happening to me. I am being told by my leaders to not take long with the guest unlock the product sell it and get truck or workload done. They fucking emphasized to me the other day that I dont get commision so the guest should already.know what they want so my job is not guest first its PROdUcTivity bECAUse thats the Numbers our new DICK WAD DM cares about apparently not the sales. So another lead said thats what they want they want me to unlock the product and just get shit done "with urgency" is how she put it. they already get their numbers with opu so my sales dont mean shit. so they want the product on the.shelf they want plano price change audit books revlogs done but its fucking Q4 and seasonal tm called out or they just dont give enough hours because payroll is going to all the new bs management who dont communicate /give conflicting orders/ write documented conversations for bullshit reasons / are on a power trip.....etc. so guess who they call to help get elf on shelf or a xmas tree or.even a damn bike. so yeah im dealing with this shit. I help guests alllll shift long but it is unappreciated because they want that truck push ASAP and if i dont get it done i get a coaching. im one coaching away from a CA what kinda bullshit is that.. they are basically trying to make us move.fast and blow off.the.guest and just.ring them up quickly and get back to our tasks. I had a guest can't decide between the blue or black bluetooth speaker. i said take the blue one i like the blue one! very quickly so i can get back to my truck. she got to the register and kept changing her mind!!!! I am at the breaking point where I am apologizing and explaining that I have a lot of work to finish just take this one of you don't like it return it tomorrow. Some of them see my suffering. some just dont fucking care. Once they know that I am knowledgeable they just stand there grabbing everything i know about the product. which normally i dont mind but my leaders dont want me wasting this time they want me to just ring them up quicky and go push.or do my task quickly. I am having a hard time with this as this is not how i was trained and I have always helped guests and always work as hard as I can.