1. alwaysSCO

    Guests say/do the weirdest things

    Hey fellow targét friends! I have a few examples of weird things guests have said to me, and I wanna hear yours too! my examples: “Do you know anyone who’s gonna have a baby?” Said completely out of the blue and with no explanation. This old guy was trying to decide on what underwear to get...
  2. eggy

    ETL asked me to tell them a time today that i went out of my way for a guest to stand above and beyond?

    Kinda took me by surprise lmao, he was asking about today specifically. I don’t typically interact with guests that obviously don’t need help and especially not ones that get right up on top of me when Im wearing a sticker on my back that says stay 6 feet back and stocking. But overall it...
  3. A

    Which TL or ETL position has the least interaction with "guests"

    I am interested in ETL HR because I feel like my job options post target would be amazing, I could do HR anywhere else in this country. However, I don't know if I want to completely give up my life for a 50/60 hr workweek and end up making less per hr than a TL. I also am open to a TL position...
  4. S

    The customers

    They are not guest. They are customers. Fuck them. All they do is leave their Starbucks cups everywhere and fuck them kids too. Fuck the parents. Fuck Target. The entire place will eventually lead you to be taking medication cause you will feel so low about yourself. I hate it at my store. I...
  5. Calico Tapeworm

    This Will Make Your Day

  6. J

    I'm Lost! Paid and left scammers

    what do you do if a guest claims they have a paid and left but it was never logged so we don’t have a P&L receipt. Practice at my store is making a gift card for the amount of the total that they left or just discounting or requisitioning the whole thing but I feel like guests can get away with...
  7. S

    Customers suck

    I hate the customers.
  8. B

    So a guest asked me today...

    So today a guest asked me a question and I began to answer, but then another team member came up behind me and started answering over me. I was like, “thanks, but I got this”. To which they responded, “oh, you looked like you needed help”. And then I went back to answering the guest while he...
  9. starmaster1000

    24-hour Merch Holds

    Does your store offer Guests the ability to hold items at Guest Service overnight? My store has a rule of not holding it past 10 PM the next day so it has time to be reshopped. We also don't hold yellow sticker stuff (Clearance, Online Item, As Is, Repackage), hot sellers, food and beverage, or...
  10. starmaster1000

    What Is Leadership Officially Taught/Trained for Guest Complaints?

    It's always been in my mind why I can't get any ETL or TL to back me up on obvious scams and return denials (okay maybe one out of 150+ denials where the "Guest" has challenged it and Karen wanted a manager). So I'm curious... what, as a TL, ETL, SD, or above, are you officially told and...
  11. GSTL2019

    Target Circle

    How is everyone offering Target circle in their locations? My STL is always wanting us to reach 30% daily.
  12. B

    Archived TM taking guest survey

    Has anyone ever gotten caught taking a guest survey? If so, is the penalty necessarily termination?
  13. B

    Holding items for guests?

    A woman came into the store yesterday and asked me to hold a blender for her, as there was only one left and she didn't want to put it in her cart because she had a lot of shopping to do. I told her no problem, took it up front, and put a sticky with her name on it on the product. Thought all...
  14. B

    Archived Checkout Advocate Helping Guests Off the Clock

    Clocked out from work and was purchasing stuff at an empty self checkout. Guests asked me for help so I logged in to assist and let the leader know after. Then left. Will I get in trouble? Never done this before.
  15. Ringwraith917

    Archived Guest dress code?

    Sometimes guests wear clothing that is quite revealing, just short of illegal. As an employee where do you draw the line or ask a guest to cover or leave? Maybe im getting too old for this place, lol.
  16. PogDog

    Archived Think of the children

    There's about a dozen regulars I'll see daily, who haul their kids in and trapse about the store for an hour or so. I know these people are either; addicted to shopping, have nowhere else to go, or think Target is just as safe as the park. But, I wonder what kind of mental damage is being...
  17. M

    Archived A real life racist

    My friend was cashiering last night. There was a lady waiting in her line with like 2 people in front of her so she recommended for the lady to go to an open register and she said “no thanks” and when she got to my fiends register she said “I just don’t trust colored people with my money”
  18. G

    Archived Close Talkers

    Just posting to see if anyone relates. Does anyone deal with a lot of close talking guests that usually have bad breath? I feel my sanity peeling away thread by thread each time I'm persistently approached by a close talker that has a lot of questions.
  19. GuestGuy05

    Archived Frustrated: A guest’s perspective

    Hello All, First off, I’d like to introduce myself as longtime Target shopper, or perhaps “guest” would be a more appropriate term. Although I do not work for Target, I have frequented this forum over the past few years as a lurker/observer because I find it pretty interesting to read about how...
  20. Z

    Archived Need advice about an incident

    So the other day a coworker was really rude to a guest. I don't want to go into a lot of detail, but I strongly feel that she was out of line. We were at the fitting room talking when the guest approached us to ask a question, and my coworker was extremely dismissive and rude with him right off...