1. PogDog

    Think of the children

    There's about a dozen regulars I'll see daily, who haul their kids in and trapse about the store for an hour or so. I know these people are either; addicted to shopping, have nowhere else to go, or think Target is just as safe as the park. But, I wonder what kind of mental damage is being...
  2. M

    A real life racist

    My friend was cashiering last night. There was a lady waiting in her line with like 2 people in front of her so she recommended for the lady to go to an open register and she said “no thanks” and when she got to my fiends register she said “I just don’t trust colored people with my money”
  3. 7


    Is it true that we aren't allowed to say anything to children who are running amok and putting themselves or others in danger?
  4. G

    Close Talkers

    Just posting to see if anyone relates. Does anyone deal with a lot of close talking guests that usually have bad breath? I feel my sanity peeling away thread by thread each time I'm persistently approached by a close talker that has a lot of questions.
  5. GuestGuy05

    Frustrated: A guest’s perspective

    Hello All, First off, I’d like to introduce myself as longtime Target shopper, or perhaps “guest” would be a more appropriate term. Although I do not work for Target, I have frequented this forum over the past few years as a lurker/observer because I find it pretty interesting to read about how...
  6. Z

    Need advice about an incident

    So the other day a coworker was really rude to a guest. I don't want to go into a lot of detail, but I strongly feel that she was out of line. We were at the fitting room talking when the guest approached us to ask a question, and my coworker was extremely dismissive and rude with him right off...
  7. C


    LOL to all the guests that ask oh that’s it like they don’t know what the item looks like...or if that’s their drink at Starbucks! Another funny comment is when guests describe their beds but have no idea what size of the mattress they have and they tell you what kind it is...or the guests...
  8. S

    I just had back surgery... Every guest ever

    Can you help me lift this pillow? I just had back surgery... OK so that's a little extreme but some people 😂
  9. RandomTeamMember

    My Checkout Question

    I’ve done some my checkouts in the past. But I’m wondering are all orders on the my checkout free shipping even if you don’t have a red card?? I always thought they all were but someone told me that’s not the case so now I’m confused..
  10. HardlinesFour

    To That One Guest - II

    To help keep the forum optimized and running smoothly, we archived the previous thread and created a new one! Thanks to our Original Poster - @Hardlinesmaster for starting it! Previous Thread Link - To That One Guest I
  11. T

    Screamed and cursed at by 3 consecutive guests :/

    im a gsa at my store and i had noticed that our guest service line was getting a bit long. I went over to help thin it out and nothing could prepare me for what was about to happen. Okay so i get a guest who ordered something online, problem is it was missing a piece and we didnt have any others...
  12. daemon

    Did your store abandon the guest service movement already?

    So a&a, cosmetics, and electronics got all these hours for better coverage and getting the truck done quicker. This week it was all but reversed with not a word. All double coverage was cut and if it took your entire shift to do the truck and not pay any attention to guest then so be it.
  13. LkdTGTB4wrknHERE

    Good Days

    Hi, there! Today was a good day. I pulled outs. I helped guests. I smiled at the impolite. I felt productive. We made sales. :) We got out earlier than normal and the entire team was happy. This thread is to post on and about your good days. I knew when I posted that TGT could find out who I...
  14. coolsureyeahok

    Things That Made You Look Twice?

    I have come across some pretty odd guests and situations, some endearing, some not so much. This is pretty much my list of little things I’ve seen on the clock that made me go “... huh.” I’ll probably continue to add this seeing as the list is still growing, lol. Free free to share any...
  15. A

    How to coach TM for tasks not getting done bc they were helping customers

    TL’s/ETL’s: Let's say you ask Bob to do a task a day for 2 weeks and none of the tasks get done bc he was busy helping customers. Don't get me wrong. I get customer service but at some point it becomes a time management issue when none of the tasks given are being done. What would this...
  16. O

    Guests behaving badly

    Although this is from a Costco perspective, I'm sure many Target team members can relate to this. 17 things Costco members do that make employees cringe -
  17. A

    What questions do you hate being asked the most at work?

    Title says it all...
  18. L

    Is this a tactic target managers use ?

    Hello all, in my previous post I explained why I want to quit (hours cut) but something dawned on me, Friday my manager brought me into the office and coached me because she said I don’t “greet customers in time” and when I questioned her as to why I wasn’t on the schedule she said it was...
  19. F

    What about the really great guests?

    Along the lines of the guests we love to hate, what about the ones who are actually kind or helpful or otherwise quite pleasant? I'll start: I overheard two guests talking about an area that POG had recently reset, saying how great it looked and someone or several someones did a really...
  20. T

    Specific types of guests that are annoying

    1. For my top one would be collectors. More specifically, pop collectors. No we can't put on hold that target exclusive killmonger. No, you can't have more then one. AND NO, THAT THANOS POP IS STREET DATED!!!! 2. Old people that want help with prepaid cellphones. When target mobile isn't there...