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  1. Florida Dawg

    Former Target Employee Checkup

    Hello y’all, So it’s been a year now since I put in my two weeks from Target and been about a year since my final day working at the Target Store I worked at before moving on to my new job. Just wanted to see how everyone was doing that’s been on here for so long. Although my new job has been a...
  2. J

    Can a Target Employee get his/her Employee Number changed?

    Just curious, is there any way a Target Employee can get his/her Employee Number changed to a different one? I heard there was a data leak at another Target store I work close to and a handful of Employees at that store had some of their personal identification info compromised, including their...
  3. I

    Will I get paid during time off for Covid?

    I might have Covid, I’m taking a home test today and was wondering if I do have Covid and needed to take a few days off, how many would that be and would I get paid during the time off that I needed, I only have 6 hours of emergency time and no sick time. But I do have vacation but I wanted to...
  4. I

    Back to school

    Hey everyone I was just wondering how I would go about changing my availability due to me going back to school, I’m sure I speak with HR but is there any kind of proof they will ask me to bring like a student ID or schedule from the school I am going to have to show HR or will I just have to...
  5. livelovetoil2

    I don't know why team members have to be so scandalous!!

    I'm just venting. Thank you for allowing me to do so!! So, at my store there are only two cash office team members. Myself and one other TM. In the entire store, up until just last week, there was only 3 TM that knew how to even do cash office. I absolutely love doing cash office and take a lot...
  6. P

    I’m clocked out

    I’m clocked out for hours. Come back in to grocery shopping. A self checkout tm tries to ask me a question. I respond I’m not working. They get all mad.. working off the clock is a no no.. sorry not sorry..
  7. UboatOfDeath

    So I apparently I got Employee of the month!

    But it's under the name of someone else 😵 Oh well, they tried... It's the thought that counts no? 🙃
  8. loganrube

    Bad coworker

    Houston, we have a problem. So there is a fellow TM that has an ADA in place that made my store obligated to accommodate to her needs. She filed this when the team made the decision that she would not be a good addition to the team because she brought down the morale and just had lots of...
  9. Planosss

    Turn over.

    Recently 65-80 % of new hires are not making it past 30 days. Obviously the stress that puts on a store is reflected in bright red, all over GF. please state store format. Are you fully staffed? How is your retention rate? Are you green in sfs/opu, brla,ofo and the fucking metrics for FOS?
  10. Florida Dawg

    Things might be looking up

    Well once again for the second time in 6 months, I was praised on the closing TL’s email. This is a different one this time but She said I was the MVP all weekend and been nothing but perfect. Hopefully there will be something big in the works for me soon that may change my mind on possibly...
  11. S

    Requesting not to work in a certain location?

    When I say I work everywhere, I mean literally I am scheduled *everywhere* and will pick up any kind of shift for the hours. I was hired in as a style team member and remain coded as that, but I will get hardline shifts, fulfillment, anywhere that needs a body. And I'm cool with it. Long story...
  12. Dream Baby

    Team Member Number to Target Circle

    So I deleted my team number on my Target Circle app. When I try to re-enter it doesn't recognize it. Do I have to enter two or three zeroes in from of my eight digit number?
  13. I

    Old Team Member Number

    When you resign from Target but get rehired at a later date, do you get to keep your previous TM number or do you get a new one?
  14. BullseyeBabe

    Video interviews?

    How do I get to these? Believe it or not, we’re hiring.
  15. N

    Lost item at work

    So I forgot my earphones at work just now but I’m worried that someone from the overnight shifts will take them and not turn them in. I tried to call my store but I can’t reach them since we closed already. Does anyone have any advice on what to do? What will happen if they are taken/:
  16. A


    This Tm quit when I asked why the TM said" I put in a lot of hard work for Target, and no one appreciates me".. I thought to myself seriously, yep that TM works harder than ......???? Ummm...we all work hard . Like Beyonce says " Don't for one minute get to thinking your irreplaceable."
  17. Havok

    When TMs Do Not Introduce Themselves

    You guys ever just have random team members start chatting with you out if the blue without ever introducing themselves? I have had TMs in multiple jobs do that. I'll be minding my own business when, some stranger comes up to me, says my name and asks how I'm doing, then proceeds to chat with me...
  18. M

    Difficult "newbe"

    How do you deal with a difficult "newbe" who doesnt want to do things the way you're showing them (the way I was trained) ?
  19. F

    Restroom indyme PTSD

    I get panic attacks seven years after quitting Target. Every time I look at a clock and it is close to the :30, my mind races. Did I clear the restroom checkup? I was a gstl for a total of about 5 years. Also was a softlines TL and backroom TL. I feel like it's a Pavlovian response. Anyone...
  20. anathema

    door policy

    Curious if this differs from store to store, but does anyone know if there's an actual SOP for handling letting team members in prior to 8? I keep having to do punch corrections because key carrier does not wait at the door the proper time. I was always a 'five minutes before, five minutes...