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  1. Havok

    When TMs Do Not Introduce Themselves

    You guys ever just have random team members start chatting with you out if the blue without ever introducing themselves? I have had TMs in multiple jobs do that. I'll be minding my own business when, some stranger comes up to me, says my name and asks how I'm doing, then proceeds to chat with me...
  2. M

    Difficult "newbe"

    How do you deal with a difficult "newbe" who doesnt want to do things the way you're showing them (the way I was trained) ?
  3. F

    Restroom indyme PTSD

    I get panic attacks seven years after quitting Target. Every time I look at a clock and it is close to the :30, my mind races. Did I clear the restroom checkup? I was a gstl for a total of about 5 years. Also was a softlines TL and backroom TL. I feel like it's a Pavlovian response. Anyone...
  4. anathema

    door policy

    Curious if this differs from store to store, but does anyone know if there's an actual SOP for handling letting team members in prior to 8? I keep having to do punch corrections because key carrier does not wait at the door the proper time. I was always a 'five minutes before, five minutes...
  5. RealFuckingName

    Answered TM ID number components

    In a thread where someone had posted with their TM ID# as their name, someone responded that they knew their store number. How do ID#s work? Do certain digits represent district and store number? Thanks!
  6. A

    Stolen items

    I bought some stuff at target one of the items was box of wine and put it in the locker room but it’s gone now I asked ap but there’s no cameras in that room. am I screwed??
  7. S

    Someone got my employee ID and I don't want them to have it. What do I do?

    They got it and used it to get a discount without my permission. I am currently furious with this person. Then they come back with saying it was a mistake, they did it "on accident". How bad is it if they just start using it without my permission? Can I change my TM number?
  8. C

    I'm Lost! Am i able to change departments during my 90 day period?

    Heyyy i’ve been working at target for over 2 weeks now as guest advocate and i want to transfer to general merch or beauty because I think it’ll be a better fit for me. Will i be able to do this during my 90 days??
  9. The Death King

    COVID-19 Designated Team Member Shopping Hours

    SOURCE Can we bring a family member or partner during these dedicated hours?
  10. T

    I'm Lost! Sick & at work?

    So I'm at work and woke up today with a sore throat, my body is sore and feels very run down and on top of it I'm pregnant. My boyfriend and mom wanted me to stay home but I'm terrified to call off to my managers so I can in anyway but I feel worse and my throat is hurting more and more and...
  11. D

    lost 6 team members how your day going

    Wanna flex? Lol
  12. B

    A reiteration of my 'Last Stage Capitalism' rant

    Hello, good readers! I started writing down my experiences at Target, because there are some really, really funny moments, (funny meaning sad, pathetic, and shameful), but after 6 pages, I decided to spare you all of the tedium. I am too old for this treatment, but...
  13. U

    Policy and law enforcement.

    If you live in a state where marijuana is illegal, and if you were caught with possession at the workplace, would there be any legal steps taken? Or would it simply end in a termination? I don't believe the handbook is available online, so I'm hoping someone with HR knowledge could spare some words.
  14. spikegrouchy

    20 Years Down, ?? More To Go

    Just passed my 20 years with Spot. Still averaging 40 hours a week(that's with vacation hours added sometimes) as a F&B TM. I work in Open Market (formerly called pfresh). My new SD said she couldn't guarantee 30 hours a week this year, but I don't see how they can do without this 'legend.' 😁😁😁
  15. H

    HR experts unite! Questions about role

    Hey calling all HR experts. What is your typical schedule, including weekends? Is mandatory weekends a corporate standard or an individual store/group/district thing? Need to know any and all feedback whether yourself or just your store any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  16. P

    I'm Lost! Quitting in the middle of an investigation

    I was sexually assaulted by a TM outside of work. I didn’t want to report it for a long time and even continued being friends with/talking to the TM. It took me a while to process what had happened, but I always knew it was wrong I just didn’t know what to do. I began reaching out for help...
  17. J

    Switching Job Positions

    If you wered hired under a certain department, is there anyway to physical change your postion title in the system. For example if I was hired as front of Store but now i most do Service Advocate. Is there a way to change that so my title changes and stays just a Service Advocate.
  18. M

    The tale of two stores

    I've been with target for 5 years I'm very good at what I do I didnt start take taking it seriously until year 3 I went from 10 hours a week hardline to 40 hours a week food and beverage expert in about a years time My store leadership was enthralled with me They wanted me to apply to be...
  19. I

    System cant find me (rehire)

    So, i left target cali and just got hired here in Washington. For some reason, my old tm number wont work and i end up filling out correction forms everytime i work. Is there something I can do on my end to fix this? Whenever I try to reset my password and i use my old ID my credentials seems...
  20. B

    What would you do?

    On Thanksgiving day one of our young energetic TM that’s been there two years came in to work at 5 in a very good, silly mood. This is normal for this TM would recently butted heads with her lead because of personal stuff. At 5:15 she was called to HR who told Her she was either drunk or high...