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  1. F

    What are you not understanding???

    Grab a snack....this is gonna be a long 1! Can someone please explain to me why when numbers are bad and scores are red it's automatically thought that team members are the reason? Maybe it's leaders on up to the STL that are the issue. They are busy telling us all the stuff that we do wrong...
  2. Y

    target hires sex offenders????

    There is a TM at my store who constantly makes girls uncomfortable. He is pushing 30, but flirts with 18-21 year olds, he has no concept of personal space, will make a point of finding out when certain people leave so that he can come and talk to them before they go. He will grab my hand while...
  3. Z

    Not sure what to do anymore!

    I have been with Target for many many years, and over those years I have had issues with ETELHR’s and team leads. But for some reason in the current store that I am in I have issues with both my coworker and a team lead. Neither one really know how to do their position correctly, always making...
  4. B

    Rewards/ Motivation from Leaders

    Hey everyone - I’m trying to find some solid ways to motivate my team. Competitions? Walkie recognition? Food? Prizes? (What kinds) I know HR provides break room food, but I think ETLs should do fun things too. Is there something a leader did to appreciate you that actually made work feel better?
  5. B

    Sleepio app

    Anyone use the Sleepio app? I see I can get money toward my HSA/HRA if I take the sleepio app survery... but i have a sleep disorder and worry if im truthful it'll come back to bite me in the ass later.
  6. T

    Weirdly enough, I sort of miss it (from a former employee)

    I worked at my target for half a decade. Went from a cart attendant, to doing every job in the front end, to gsa. I finally got fed up with the way things were going in my store and left earlier this year. My new job is great, way less stressful. But in a way I sort of miss the craziness, I miss...
  7. R

    Is it unprofessional to talk about mental health on the Sales floor?

    I have come a long way at Target. I have social anxiety and I used to not be able to talk to coworkers or guests and every day was a real struggle. I have worked there for three years, I have gotten comfortable with the position, I've made friends, and I am on Anxiety medication. I am very open...
  8. jxssicx

    im completely lost!

    so im a new employee at target and i start my shift at 4am and i don't know where the employee door is! my orientation leader said something about the door being silver and i need to buzz it but i don't remember where she said it was, do i try to use a door that doesn't have a 'fire door do not...
  9. F

    Logistics Oldest tm

    Who on your flow team now inbound team has been at your store the longest. At my store we have 4 flow tms that been working at target since 1999 and all at the same store and were hired at the same time
  10. E

    Question about TM Identification number

    Hello everyone, Today, I just had my first day of job at target as a cashier. However, I could not log into the register using my TM ID number. Whenever I entered my 8-digit ID, it said "I'm not registered". I don't think there is anything wrong with my ID since I could use my ID number to...
  11. B

    Get your limousines!!

    The PERFECT after-hours bonding experience for Target team members are nights out on the town via super-stretch limos!! I did this with MY Target co-workers from 2009 to 2014!! It's SO cool because everyone can simply be themselves and enjoy being with each other in a real world social setting...
  12. Y

    Stupid Question

    Sorry if this has been asked before. Who is my supervisor? I only do guest services, and the other day I had to call in sick and they asked who my supervisor was. I said "well, I'm a guest services team member", and they said "Oh I'm your supervisor". I'm still not sure who I spoke to on the...
  13. S

    Co-worker comes to work reeking of alcohol. Would you go to management?

    This is like 9am. He is not drunk, but this is a daily occurrence.
  14. K

    Mother question

    I just had my son about a week ago and I know I'll be going back to work in about 2 months. Have there been any other moms who have breastfeed their child and had to pump at work? How did they accommodate you and your pumping schedule? I'm nervous that I won't be able to pump since I'm a...
  15. G

    Target Talk

    Just a few quick questions: - What's a "Flex"? example "Market team, you just got a new flex in." - Restroom Follow up is needed. Who should respond to those? And what do you do? - Any way to Backstock Shirts quickly, or is it just one at a time?
  16. whotookmyopucart

    Something Needs To Change Thread

    I gotta know there are other TMs out there who see how Targets are poorly run, projects poorly executed, and the treatment of the employees is just wrong. I know it's retail, but that doesn't matter - we need a certain level of respect. Some of the rules are completely ridiculous, like being...
  17. L

    So...I'm Worried

    A Coworker of mine and a Team leader of Mine were working together. He makes a joke saying, "I am gonna shoot you" but the coworker takes this seriously. He brings it up to our Store Manager. Keep in mind they always joke about stuff, so I don't know why today he reported it. Well. My coworker...
  18. P

    I did something easily fireable

    Hi, today I was tired and unfocused the whole day, at work I went to backup cashier and I ended up forgetting to scan a pack of beer and a pack of water, the guy told me when he walked up that he had stuff on the bottom of the cart and I’m only 17 so I decided to wait till the end to have...
  19. D

    Store location not showing up on careers page?

    Hi there! So i worked at target for a short period of time but was let go because i broke my leg and was unable to continue my duties. I am recovered and have since moved far away from the location i worked previously. I am now attempting to apply to the store near me however the location i want...
  20. S

    Random questions

    Only been at target for a few weeks but I have a few questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated! 1. I've noticed ASANTS in a couple threads. What does that mean? 2. I'm not expecting one any time soon seeing how I'm still new, but does Target offer raises or bonuses? 3. Do inbound/flow...