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  1. R

    Is it unprofessional to talk about mental health on the Sales floor?

    I have come a long way at Target. I have social anxiety and I used to not be able to talk to coworkers or guests and every day was a real struggle. I have worked there for three years, I have gotten comfortable with the position, I've made friends, and I am on Anxiety medication. I am very open...
  2. jxssicx

    im completely lost!

    so im a new employee at target and i start my shift at 4am and i don't know where the employee door is! my orientation leader said something about the door being silver and i need to buzz it but i don't remember where she said it was, do i try to use a door that doesn't have a 'fire door do not...
  3. F

    Logistics Oldest tm

    Who on your flow team now inbound team has been at your store the longest. At my store we have 4 flow tms that been working at target since 1999 and all at the same store and were hired at the same time
  4. E

    Question about TM Identification number

    Hello everyone, Today, I just had my first day of job at target as a cashier. However, I could not log into the register using my TM ID number. Whenever I entered my 8-digit ID, it said "I'm not registered". I don't think there is anything wrong with my ID since I could use my ID number to...
  5. B

    Get your limousines!!

    The PERFECT after-hours bonding experience for Target team members are nights out on the town via super-stretch limos!! I did this with MY Target co-workers from 2009 to 2014!! It's SO cool because everyone can simply be themselves and enjoy being with each other in a real world social setting...
  6. Y

    Stupid Question

    Sorry if this has been asked before. Who is my supervisor? I only do guest services, and the other day I had to call in sick and they asked who my supervisor was. I said "well, I'm a guest services team member", and they said "Oh I'm your supervisor". I'm still not sure who I spoke to on the...
  7. S

    Co-worker comes to work reeking of alcohol. Would you go to management?

    This is like 9am. He is not drunk, but this is a daily occurrence.
  8. K

    Mother question

    I just had my son about a week ago and I know I'll be going back to work in about 2 months. Have there been any other moms who have breastfeed their child and had to pump at work? How did they accommodate you and your pumping schedule? I'm nervous that I won't be able to pump since I'm a...
  9. G

    Target Talk

    Just a few quick questions: - What's a "Flex"? example "Market team, you just got a new flex in." - Restroom Follow up is needed. Who should respond to those? And what do you do? - Any way to Backstock Shirts quickly, or is it just one at a time?
  10. whotookmyopucart

    Something Needs To Change Thread

    I gotta know there are other TMs out there who see how Targets are poorly run, projects poorly executed, and the treatment of the employees is just wrong. I know it's retail, but that doesn't matter - we need a certain level of respect. Some of the rules are completely ridiculous, like being...
  11. L

    So...I'm Worried

    A Coworker of mine and a Team leader of Mine were working together. He makes a joke saying, "I am gonna shoot you" but the coworker takes this seriously. He brings it up to our Store Manager. Keep in mind they always joke about stuff, so I don't know why today he reported it. Well. My coworker...
  12. P

    I did something easily fireable

    Hi, today I was tired and unfocused the whole day, at work I went to backup cashier and I ended up forgetting to scan a pack of beer and a pack of water, the guy told me when he walked up that he had stuff on the bottom of the cart and I’m only 17 so I decided to wait till the end to have...
  13. D

    Store location not showing up on careers page?

    Hi there! So i worked at target for a short period of time but was let go because i broke my leg and was unable to continue my duties. I am recovered and have since moved far away from the location i worked previously. I am now attempting to apply to the store near me however the location i want...
  14. S

    Random questions

    Only been at target for a few weeks but I have a few questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated! 1. I've noticed ASANTS in a couple threads. What does that mean? 2. I'm not expecting one any time soon seeing how I'm still new, but does Target offer raises or bonuses? 3. Do inbound/flow...
  15. S

    Beauty shift experiences at SuperTarget vs regular Target

    I work at a regular Target that's considered slower than other area stores. I was hoping that a beauty advisor from a Super Target could give me a general rundown of their average truck shift. How much time is at the register, collecting carts and how often do you have time to engage the guests...
  16. C

    Everyone at my previous store is on the chopping block.

    Hi all I just heard from a friend that is still at Target that they just had a DTL visit. The DTL spent only 5 or 10 minutes on the floor and spending the rest of the time (several hours in an office). I guess she heard that the DTL told the STL to print out a copy of the current schedule and...
  17. M

    “If you don’t like it here, don’t work here”

    Now I’m sure we have all heard this one way or another, but it’s such a shitty response coming from management (the people we look to for advice and motivation). I’ve tried to think of a witty response back to them when they occasionally say it but whatever I think of makes me sound desperate...
  18. D


    Long time lurker, first post. 14 year employee, retired two years ago, and they are still messing up. I got out because it was just too much, the company is a sinking ship. They will screw employees any way they can, I've seen it all. It's just unbelievable how inept the corp is. I wish I had...
  19. O

    Target treating team members right

    One thing I liked about Target is they, or at least used to, cater food to their team members around the holidays instead of giving out hamburgers from a fast food chain.
  20. beautycutie

    Random questions!!

    Hi everyone this is my first post here so forgive me if this isn't the correct thread!! But I just have several very random questions that I'll have throughout the day but I never remember to ask when I'm at work lol. - How can I find out when my store is having their remodel done, or even IF...