Can I get into trouble for not reporting a conflict of interest?

Mar 21, 2024
A couple of years ago, I used to party with some of my fellow team members. A large majority of them no longer work here, but a small handful of them do. I ultimately stopped attending said parties when our store's front end leader started to frequently attend. Several front end team members attended the parties as well and I know for a fact that he was sleeping with one of the girls from the front end. The whole thing didn't sit right with me and I decided to stop with the parties. I ultimately decided to not report his presence and other activities.

But now, this same front end TL is basically on the verge of becoming the front end ETL for our store and one of my friends has apparently caught wind that someone from our parties is planning on reporting the front end TL to both the integrity hotline and the HRBP. This person planning the report has at least two years worth of text messages, photos, and other pieces of evidence to use against the front end TL and the hammer is coming down. My big worry is that this all somehow blows back on me. I think it's likely that store leadership and whoever else conducts an investigation will find out that I attended some of the parties when the TL was present and I'm worried that I'll get into trouble for not reporting any of this activity. Is that a real possibility? I just have this horrible feeling that I'm going to be called into the SD or HR ETL's offices soon to at least be questioned and I don't know how to go about this.
If asked, you can reply that you stopped attending said parties when a leader became involved. You did not know that said TL was in line for ETL.
The fact that you stopped going when the TL started coming should absolve you of complicity.
Everyone knows that he's been in line for ETL. It's pretty much common knowledge at our store. It'd be even more suspicious if I claimed to not know.
This seems like a good opportunity to just tell the truth if you're asked. Do not say you know nothing about it. Do not lie. If you do lie and it later comes out that you did, THAT will cause some negative blow back for sure. It's always easier to keep your story straight if you tell the truth.

You might catch some flak for not revealing what you knew a couple years ago. But trying to cover it up now could result in worse. How many political and business leaders have been caught in a cover-up for doing something not illegal, but unethical? The cover-up is the crime, not the original wrong-doing. Don't fall into the same trap. About the worst result I can see for you is a caution to report unethical behavior in the future, should you become aware of it.
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