1. AclockworkOrange

    Super Target armed security

    Hello everyone, and I sincerely hope that each and every one of you loyal Target employees are having a great week. This night, I would like to introduce a new business proposition pertaining to the security and well-being of all Target and Super Target stores throughout the United States and...
  2. SomeBodysSlave

    Teaching women to protect themselves --

    So yesterday we hosted yet again - a very successful round of classes of our Women on Target -- should have been two classes - but we managed to squeak in 3 -- because of all the walk ins -- We had about 75 total -- 99% of these women want to be able to protect their families -- "when seconds...
  3. theissueoftissue

    Guests with Guns

    Anybody know if Target has taken a stance on the open carry of firearms in stores? I know there is a vast divide on gun opinions in this country, and each state has its own law regarding the legal carrying of weapons (concealed, open) Just wondering if anyone has ever seen a guest with a...