1. AclockworkOrange

    Super Target armed security

    Hello everyone, and I sincerely hope that each and every one of you loyal Target employees are having a great week. This night, I would like to introduce a new business proposition pertaining to the security and well-being of all Target and Super Target stores throughout the United States and...
  2. N

    Security tags

    Okay so I need help with the different security tags . I’ve tried and tried and even when other members show me I just can’t seem to get it . I can do the cases that have dvds videos games in it etc . But I can not get the spider wraps, or the security tags they have on clothes . Could someone...
  3. Brhosey

    Do We Have Late Night Security??

    Out of all the nights I've closed, I've been working mornings lately. Tonight, I closed. I walked out with a few other girls and as I reached my vehicle which was the farthest away - of course -_- - this utility truck with orange flashing lights came out from behind our target, drove into the...
  4. P

    Locked up Items?

    What's the normal policy for handling locked up merchandise? I know for all/most of the stuff in electronics, you're supposed to unlock carry the item over yourself and have the guest pay for it right then and there..right? But what about other areas of the store? I had a guest want dog flea...
  5. PogDog

    Assets Protection Equipment Management

    I was talking to the APTL about signing equipment out. She's not happy with how poorly our Team signs keys/devices out (essentially, they don't). So, we were trying to brainstorm some ideas that might make the process easier or maybe incentive the Team to sign out (and back in) equipment...