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    New here. Recently accepted an ETL offer as an external hire. After reading some of these threads I am noticing quite a lot of jargon and abbreviations. Was wondering if there was a list anywhere on here of terms and lingo that is used in the Target culture? Thanks!
  2. S

    Archived Questions

    Just a couple questions for now. 1. What is Bullseye? 2. What is “transitional”? Thanks again guys!
  3. K

    Archived Softlines Zone Acronyms

    I just recently started as a TM in Softlines, and I'm seeing different acronyms on my schedule. I know RTW = Ready to Wear and FR = Fitting Room. Can someone please post a breakdown of all the acronyms for the zones please? Thanks in advance!
  4. C

    Archived Terms

    Today is my third day in softlines. My TL is using so many acronyms and words that I don’t know. She talks about “tie in” merchandise. I have been able to figure a lot of them out but I am having a hard time with this one. What does that mean?
  5. R

    Archived Wire

    Please tell me what Wire stands for I forgot.
  6. HLN13

    Archived Completely random questions

    Bare with me - I know these questions aren't related at all. 1. Do all stores have AP? I've never seen the guy standing by the door, I've never even see one on break or anything like that, and I've never met them or even heard anyone ask for them over the walkie. We aren't a SUPER high volume...
  7. talan123

    MEGATHREAD Target Talk (Definitions)

    2019 modernization update: TARGET TALK: MODERNIZATION EDITION - https://www.thebreakroom.org/threads/target-talk-modernization-edition.22586/ UPDATED 3-7-2o15 Most terms have clickable links to their corresponding wiki page. Feel free to add missing definitions. See Category: Terminology...