1. R

    GM TL interview

    I have been with Target for a little over a year now, I started in FOS and moved to GM around 3 months ago. I have been getting groomed for leadership so to say: given more responsibility, a TL mentor, being taught how to strategic plan as a GM TL, etc. I have an interview coming up soon for the...
  2. K

    I just applied to every TL position in 25 miles

    So, I'm looking to leave my current industry for another, obviously retail. I love Target and I have 4 years experience in retail from over 10 years ago and 14 years of casino table games experience. I've got 5 years of management experience split between retail and casinos. I'm pretty...
  3. C

    Stepping down fromTL?

    It sounds exactly how it sounds... curious to hear from anyone who has actually done it... anyone done it successfully? I'm too stressed out to deal with some of this garbage anymore. I survived on 14$ I can do the same with 15$.. -_-
  4. C

    A question about TL development.

    A few weeks ago, I talked with my GM ETL about leadership positions. We chatted and she brough up additonal "developmental activities" around the store to help me as I stay in the pipeline and unofficially train to be a leader. This included being the Seasonal DBO, which is easy so far. Our...
  5. S

    Temporary team lead

    I've been offered a temp tl position while a different lead is on maternity leave. I don't have to interview or anything I'll just get the raise and title until she gets back Is how they explained it to me. Has anyone successfully gone from temp to permanent tl and what was the process like ?
  6. truckdemon

    Advice for a GM TL

    I've been a GM TL for six months now at small-medium volume target. I'm in charge of inbound, toys and seasonal. I did not get much training but I feel like I've been doing a good job, I've gotten a lot of positive feedback from my SD. They also want me to become an ETL which is great but...
  7. C

    I'm worried about my status as an aspiring leader.

    A couple of weeks ago, I talked to my ETL (General Merchandise) about becoming a Team Leader. We eventually sat down for a brief little interview where she asked me my strengths, my preferred department, and near future plans for my training and development. She had mentioned things like me...
  8. N

    SETL --> GMTL

    Hey y'all, I've been a SETL for the past two years and just accepted a move to GMTL! Obviously there will be some similarities (e.g. team culture, performance management, etc.), but I haven't done much at all in the way of GM. Fortunately, I'll get two weeks of training at another store to...
  9. S

    Team Lead training

    For those of you who were promoted in store to team lead what kind of training did you receive? Every team lead I know was sent to another store for outside training but I was not. Just curious if others also didn't receive outside training?
  10. CrazyTarget

    TL transfer

    I am interested in other experiences about transferring. I already have the longest commuted than order TL/ETL and when I move, my commute will be an over an hour. As a "high performance" TL, I know I can find store outside my district closer to my new place. The things that goes against me is...
  11. C

    Corrective actions

    So I quit a couple months ago.. long story I was a TL but towards the end I was being pushed a way.. given a corrective action for performance. So I eventually quit before getting canned. Will that ever fall off my record if I ever reapply for a leadership position.
  12. S

    Setl interview

    I interviewed for an setl as an external hire yesterday. I thought the interview went great until I heard you'll get an email in about 48 hours if I'm going to move onto a second interview. Is it safe assuming I will be getting a rejection email in the next day?
  13. K

    LDR Leadership Role

    I was recently asked to start training for a "leadership role" in service and engagement. The name of the actual shift is LDR. Is there an official title for this? Or is it just taking on more responsibility without a pay raise? It seems like the job is to be the team lead when the actual team...
  14. C

    New sbux lead

    Just got the position for sbux tl and my store has been struggling in the Starbucks field what tips do you guys have for me to make the Starbucks better/things that I should know and be prepared for. I really want to do my best here since I do want it to succeed
  15. M

    Transferring and the 18 month rule

    Hi there I am a TL in style at my Target. Since I signed on to the job I have had various discussions with my ETL and SD about growing towards visual merchandising. Since I recently graduated I figured it was time to take the plunge and go for the VM position and transfer. However.... they told...
  16. A

    On the bench - unsure if I'll get a position anytime soon. Advice?

    Hey all. So I am benched for the next available GM TL position. I was told I'd find out in July if I'll get it. My store is a large store, second best in the district in sales ($76M). My store isn't entirely sure if or what position I'll get, if any due to the fact they added a closing food TL...
  17. Q

    New Fulfillment Team Lead need some advice

    Hello everyone I got promoted to Fulfillment Team Lead recently and just wanted to ask for some advice on a few things. For some insight I am a internal promotion and remaining at my store. I do not have sfs so I just have to worry about Opu & Grocery opu. My question is how can I make changes...
  18. S

    New GM TL in need of advice

    Title basically. I’m a new GM2 TL over seasonal, pets, luggage, entertainment and toys. I’m also the fill in for our inbound TL on his off days. I wasn’t trained at all, which is nothing new for my target career. I started out as a cashier, then moved to style where I was a dbo and then...
  19. C

    Feedback Advice

    I am wondering if anyone has any tips for talking to ETLs or SD about culture issues. There seems to be a trend at my store if TMs not feeling like ETLs or our SD are treating them very well. Just as an example: an ETL literally yelling at another TM in front of other TMs and guests...
  20. tdude2020

    More Team Leader positions?!

    Does anybody know if they are adding beauty team leaders and flow team leaders to the org chart?