1. I


    I recently took over gm 3. I’m over baby, entertainment, sporting goods, toys, and Disney. I’m looking for ways to be more efficient and improve my department. What is your morning routine? What are some tips and tricks that work for you? How do you handle the zone when kids are out of school?
  2. TheClopen


    So a few weeks back we had a huge double truck and all leaders from every area were involved with trying to get this pushed to the floor as efficiently and safely as possible. We had a lot of team members working on the floor pushing this product out. I made a verbal call to some of the team...
  3. A

    Service & Engagement How does is Target leads supposed to handle mental health accommodations?

    Recently I have been having a couple health issues just because I have an autoimmune disorder as well as anxiety and depression and my life is really stressful right now. I just feel like no one is taking me seriously. One day after almost a full shift on drive up I vomited and was told only to...
  4. S

    Business owner and a lead?

    Apparently i have been in the ETL talks to be lead for my department. But i had been working on my own stuff to start a little business 'cuz i can't sustain myself much less my family on $15. Y'all think it can be done? I know obviously lead is gonna be more demanding.
  5. S

    Being put in the "pipeline"

    My ETL, who I've only really known and worked under for about five and half months now, usually checks in with me everyday as he's in charge of plano workload for me. Towards the end of his daily check in with me he mentions that my name has been brought up a couple of times for a TL promotion...
  6. B

    Team lead

    So I got the A2 wh team lead position. Our manager gets fired 2 weeks later, then two other managers leave on A2. Our senior OM quit in the middle of the shift last night. we have managers just filling the gaps, then we hire an intern from last summer coming To manage start of June. We have the...
  7. W

    Talent Day

    Hello! My store is having a talent day for TLs who want to become ETLs. I have a lot of talking points about business, strengths, opportunities, and operations but I’m not sure what they might want in the infamous 60-second elevator commercial pitch. What sort of major accomplishments should I...
  8. T

    Other closing leads struggling?

    So i am the closing lead for a mid-volume store with fullfillment for 3 years now and lately i feel like the expectations lately are a bit much lately. Obviously covid ramped up fullfillment but i dont think they we are getting the right amount of hours and support to keep up with demand. Also...
  9. S

    Pretty sure I’m dead in the water but have to ask

    So I interviewed for several Style lead positions back in December when we didn’t have an SD. I did the interview with my ETL, got their blessing and moved on to an interview with the district Style person and the HRBP. It seemed to have gone fine and I was told to just wait for a response. Then...
  10. K

    Target careers issue

    uhhh help. I applied for a TL position on target careers and noticed I made a mistake in my resume so I canceled it immediately and tried reapplying but it automatically said no longer considered. Talked to my current tl and they said that’s weird. What do I do?? Should I just call my HR?
  11. truckdemon

    GM TL that is going insane, losing all motivation and ready to give up

    Anyone else feeling so overwhelmed, overworked, underappreciated to the point where you are almost lacking all motivation? I've been a gm/inbound tl for over year, but have been a leader overall for over five years. In my time as a gm leader I excelled at my role. I always had and executed...
  12. S

    At the end of my rope. Rant/advice for a struggling inbound TL

    Hey all, So we recently got a new SD, right at the beginning of April and he has not made the changes yet for the new breakdown of B/C/D to style. Currently, I'm at my wits end. I've been an inbound TL for 3 years, always owned PP1s. Hba/OTC/pet/paper/chem. However, my new SD has told me that...
  13. 2nice2people

    New P1 TL needing advice

    I’m a new P1 team lead I desperately need advice from another TL in same area. I DID NOT get any training & need advice. If anybody is TL over HBA/Personal care can you message me?
  14. V

    Advice for Closing TL moving to dayside.

    I am a Closing TL at a low volume pfresh, and my SD is pushing to move me into the Home/Seasonal Specialty Sales role. As Closing TL I have plenty of experience planning and executing in-the-moment rather than weekly workloads for sets/transitions etc. Does anyone have any good advice for...
  15. S

    Stepping down

    So I been a sfs TL for about 5 years now at 2 different locations. I am thinking about stepping down. My HRBP said I have to stay in the district but what if no stores in my district is hiring. I want my desire hours to be about 30 n one store said they can give me 10.
  16. O

    I'm losing my team and I don't know what to do.

    I'm a GMTL who was promoted from GM Team member. The long story short is that my GM team doesn't like that my SD and GM ETL have started to become more strict about enforcing freight push goals. Me and other leaders have been keeping an extra close eye on the team in terms how long it takes for...
  17. C

    What power does the SD have for off the clock events?

    This past Saturday night was a party for me and my usual group of co-workers whom I regularly hang out and party with. We try to keep these parties and gatherings secret since our SD and other ETL's don't like us getting together (as if it's their business) but this latest party was our biggest...
  18. C

    Does this hurt my chances at becoming a leader?

    A couple of nights ago, I went to the apartment of one of my GM co-workers and she was basically just hosting a get together for some people at work to hang out and have some fun. There was about 10 of us ( a mix of some members from GM, electronics, and the front end) and it was basically just...
  19. C

    How do these specialty changes affect GM leaders?

    With the news that specialty sales will be having home and seasonal brought into it, I’m just curious as to what exactly happens in terms of the GMTL head count. My store is low volume and we have 3 GMTL’s and currently in the process of hiring a new GM ETL. We also have two Style leaders, one...
  20. T

    Closing Team Leader Interview Process

    Hello! I have a Closing Team Leader interview coming up soon and I was looking for some info on the process? Who interviews me? What are some of the more common questions for this positions interview? Also any advice is appreciated! :)