1. ImBaffled

    How high can you go

    How far up the ladder can you get with no degree. If you theoretically had amazing interviewing/communication skills paired with an amazing work ethic etc. how far can you climb up the ladder at target without a piece of paper? Me and another tm were talking about this the other day as we both...
  2. J


    Hey I know it’s only 2 pay grades now. I just was curious are APS’s bonus eligible since it’s still TL pay grade?
  3. N

    transferring stores while in TL development

    I'm in TL development and am looking to transfer to another store in the same district. I haven't asked any of my leaders about it yet as I do not know how this would affect my TL development, so I thought I would ask if anybody has gone through a similar experience or has knowledge on...
  4. M

    Offered TL position in Grocery

    So I’m currently already a GMTL at my store, but this week my store director offered me TL position on the grocery side that would oversee Meat/Dairy/Frozen. We currently had this position vacant for the last 3-4 months. I’m trying to get some insight on just what I would be getting myself into...
  5. The Wanderer

    Team Lead Position Advice

    Hey everyone. I'm going to try to make a long story short. I've been working at Target for almost 7 months now as a flexible fulfillment team member but have worked in other areas of the store when needed (flow, hardlines, guest experience). I regularly assist different team leads in their...
  6. J

    Just got promoted to Flex TL!

    Hey team, So I got hired as an inbound expert (at the time Flow TM) July 2018, fast forward to now and just got promoted to Flex TL at the same store. I start training (at another Target) this week for 2 weeks for Flex TL. I've only worked like 3 flex shits my entire time at target. Any tips...
  7. K

    This might sounds paranoid but...

    So I was doing a google search... and I looked up my position, to find it on glassdoor. Anyway, I find out that MY EXACT TITLE, POSITION, AND STORE are listed as a job opening on Now, I try not to read too much into things... But thats hard to ignore. Now I should also say...
  8. A

    ETL bull

    So I'm a TL under GM. My ETL is ruining my job, I cannot function while at work due to being picked on and harrassed on an hourly basis from the moment I clock in. I'm treated differently than my coworkers, expectations are given, direction is given that contend with my success and productivity...
  9. F

    SETL opening

    Was thinking about applying for the SETL is it worth and nobody at my store has made it passed the second interview, but my SD wants me to try for it
  10. Targetedbullseye

    Team leader breakdown

    Saturday chaos...3 team member call-outs ☎ team leaders pushing a lot of freight 🎻 fellow team mate who put in 2 weeks creating ghosts 👻 in backroom to put us farther in the red....another team mate is now talking to his g\f for 15 mins because he despises being phone operator lol 👍 another t/m...
  11. S

    Job Change??

    New Hire for Senior Team Lead position. Only been here for a week but today when I looked at workday my job has been changed to General Merchandise Team Lead. I'm confused as to why since I've only had 1 week of training.
  12. H

    Moving on up...

    Hey guys! Out of curiosity, how long did it take for your job profile to update after you became a team lead?
  13. T

    Immature Leaders !!!!

    Does anyone else’s TLs or ETLs OR even the STL leave out communication and then blame their employees for doing their jobs incorrectly? My store seems to not be able to get a handle of the new systems. Also has anyone ever heard of an adult who literally runs a STORE talk about a bunch of minors...
  14. HangMe

    I think they want me to become a TL.

    So recently work has been treating me really well. I got a DEO and a nice raise on my review. I got the whole employee of the month thing quite recently. I'm now always being offered tons of hours unlike a lot of people. My store never treated me badly, but how well they treat me has increased a...
  15. S

    Dealing with a sociopathic boss

    I was so happy with my job a month ago, but now I am working in a completely different area. There is a supervisor that seems to want to run me into the ground and get me to quit. I work harder than everyone else to try to appease her, but she expects me to finish a Uboat in even more ridiculous...
  16. T

    Making below the base as a TL

    At least making below the base pay grade of pg 45 as a team lead makes me even more valuable to target. They are more likely to want to fire a TL making the actual minium base wage to save money. Being an pessimistic optimist I call this job security.
  17. S

    How can I become a food service TL?

    I've been at Target Food Ave for almost two months now and I already know I want to be a TL (due to previous food service/management experience). Any tips on what I can due to improve my chances o getting my supervisors to notice me?
  18. P

    Conduct final

    TL is on a conduct final for unauthorized work (working off the clock). Would a safe and secure violation result in a term or a 2nd final? 2 separate categories but I think they both fall under conduct. Anyone know?
  19. N

    TL Job Duties

    Aside from the obvious (managing TMs) what other responsibilities and duties does the TL have? Someone mentioned 'it seems like we're (TMs) being asked to do more and more of the TL job but at the pay of a TM.' Not sure how accurate of a statement that really is although we are getting paid more...
  20. T