1. C

    Can I get in trouble for not reporting a conflict of interest?

    Our store has a front end TL who regularly parties and hangs out with his front end TM's, along with sleeping with some of his female TM's. I haven't attended any of their recent outings, but the big rumor that I'm hearing right now is that there was an incident where he got drunk at a party and...
  2. T

    What would you do?

    Our SD called our fulfillment TL over the radio, channel 1, and ask if she could bring him a glass of ice water. She is always working on the floor and she was obviously in a batch because she ask for backup only 10 minutes before this. She went and got it for him. Not very happy about being...
  3. M

    TL Transfer question - Small Format to High Volume chain store.

    Hey all - a bit to unpack here so here goes. I’m being transferred to a high volume PFresh store as their FBTL after doing the same role in a small format store for the last two(ish) years. It’s a lateral move but much bigger team (the position was offered to me by my DSD). She wants to send me...
  4. B

    TL Mid-Year Performance Check in/Pay Increase

    Has anyone heard more about possible pay increases for TLs performing above expectations on their mid-year performance check in/calibrations? I heard something about it a few weeks ago but as we aren't HR none of the TLs or ETLs besides HR can view the "Talent Cycle" or the TL check in docs...
  5. C

    My fellow TL's are setting me up for failure.

    I'm a GMTL who's being treated very unfairly by all of the other TL's at my store and I don't even know where to begin. For starters, we have one annoying guy at the registers who always puts on a stupid voice whenever he gets on the walkie to ask guest service for more change. One day he'll do...
  6. R

    Disrespectful TL

    This TL, they're just rude, have a complex and will not have a 2 sided conversation with anyone, they are always right and if you ask a question about what they said or voice a concern they take it as disrespect and as a punishable offense. Does target teach TL's to be dictators? Everyone else...
  7. K


  8. Y

    Promoting at Target

    The route for "moving up" at Target seems to be TM to TL, or at least a PG45 role. Are there any other ways of moving up that don't involve a leadership position?
  9. F

    Advice for Fulfillment Tl moving to Closing

    I am Flex TL looking to move to ETL in the next year. My store has a Closing TL opening and my store director assigned me this role because it will help me work on gap rooms. I have rarely closed in the last 2 years as Fulfillment TL and was looking for advice because Ik closing is a whole...
  10. M

    When can I come back?

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this discussion 😬 I left Target at the end of April because a DM for another retailer scouted me and I figured why not give it a try as they offered me more money. I just miss the pace and the way things at target were done operationally. I was a GM TL...
  11. C

    How much trouble would I be in for deliberately making noise on the walkie?

    I've reached my breaking point with this place. I've only been a TL for a couple of months, but I'm already dealing with TM's who talk shit about me behind my back, a backroom overflowing with freight, and ETL's who don't support any type of actual leadership decisions that I try to make. I've...
  12. F

    Opinion: worst TL position to have empty ?

    So…another 2 week notice was given. we now have 4 open TL positions and 3 other TL on vacation - out of 9 ! in your opinion - WHICH is the WORST TL spot to NOT have filled ? I personally think it is CLOSER - cause I hate filling that spot. Does anyone think Fulfillment, Inbound, F&B...
  13. I


    I recently took over gm 3. I’m over baby, entertainment, sporting goods, toys, and Disney. I’m looking for ways to be more efficient and improve my department. What is your morning routine? What are some tips and tricks that work for you? How do you handle the zone when kids are out of school?
  14. TheClopen


    So a few weeks back we had a huge double truck and all leaders from every area were involved with trying to get this pushed to the floor as efficiently and safely as possible. We had a lot of team members working on the floor pushing this product out. I made a verbal call to some of the team...
  15. A

    Service & Engagement How does is Target leads supposed to handle mental health accommodations?

    Recently I have been having a couple health issues just because I have an autoimmune disorder as well as anxiety and depression and my life is really stressful right now. I just feel like no one is taking me seriously. One day after almost a full shift on drive up I vomited and was told only to...
  16. S

    Business owner and a lead?

    Apparently i have been in the ETL talks to be lead for my department. But i had been working on my own stuff to start a little business 'cuz i can't sustain myself much less my family on $15. Y'all think it can be done? I know obviously lead is gonna be more demanding.
  17. S

    Being put in the "pipeline"

    My ETL, who I've only really known and worked under for about five and half months now, usually checks in with me everyday as he's in charge of plano workload for me. Towards the end of his daily check in with me he mentions that my name has been brought up a couple of times for a TL promotion...
  18. B

    Team lead

    So I got the A2 wh team lead position. Our manager gets fired 2 weeks later, then two other managers leave on A2. Our senior OM quit in the middle of the shift last night. we have managers just filling the gaps, then we hire an intern from last summer coming To manage start of June. We have the...
  19. W

    Talent Day

    Hello! My store is having a talent day for TLs who want to become ETLs. I have a lot of talking points about business, strengths, opportunities, and operations but I’m not sure what they might want in the infamous 60-second elevator commercial pitch. What sort of major accomplishments should I...
  20. T

    Other closing leads struggling?

    So i am the closing lead for a mid-volume store with fullfillment for 3 years now and lately i feel like the expectations lately are a bit much lately. Obviously covid ramped up fullfillment but i dont think they we are getting the right amount of hours and support to keep up with demand. Also...