1. SuperTarget

    Team Lead Interview

    Hey Team! I know thousands of these threads come and go but I’m looking for some more current information as interview processes change. If anyone has gone through it recently and can share their experience it would be helpful. I’m interviewing for Specialty Team Lead next week.. I’ve been...
  2. S

    Stepping down ?

    Curious question , ETl here. I’ve been having a lot of family issues where someone is getting sicker and I myself have been having some issues . I enjoy target and what I do , but I’m worried it’s gonna start effecting my performance . Anyone ever see it get done before ? And or what I...
  3. httpsjiung

    Sales Floor I cannot stand my TL

    Today, I got in trouble like 3 times by my TL and the first time definitely wasn't even justified. I called for a GM member who I knew was close to the isle I was in if they could help me really quick to see if they knew where a certain grocery item would be in the back room because it was...
  4. J

    What to do when a TL seems out to get you?

    I’m a 37 year old business professional that’s been in retail for 19 years. I’ve been at Target for almost 2 months. There’s this TL that just seems like she doesn’t like me or wants to get me fired. I don’t get it… I put 10x more effort than the teenagers that work in my area and even spend a...
  5. B

    Hiring and terminations

    Can any ETL hire or term a team lead?
  6. F

    Development networking

    Hey, if anyone is open to this I’d love to start a dialogue and just chat with other people who are also pursuing development. Anyone interested?
  7. J

    Team leader

    Why is the fulfillment team leader being held responsible for OPU/DU by SD?
  8. N

    New Role, New Boss...not looking good!

    Recently moved jobs to FFTL because I was flat out told they aren't promoting an SETL who has no other Target experience (not totally true, but I gather there is some truth to this), and this is the other area that interests me. My new boss has a bad reputation and everybody warned me it...
  9. J

    Team leader

    Why do team leaders work 6 days in a row?
  10. TheClopen

    Service & Engagement TL Questions

    So what does one need to know as a first time Service & Engagement TL. I've held a Specialy Sales TL position, then for a while I was a General Merchandise TL and now I'm a Service & Engagement TL. What are some differences I can expect or things I should look out for? Any Service &...
  11. 2

    Target’s Sage Advice
  12. Snapeeee

    Best TL position to apply for and be in?

    Which role and why?
  13. C

    Can I get in trouble for not reporting a conflict of interest?

    Our store has a front end TL who regularly parties and hangs out with his front end TM's, along with sleeping with some of his female TM's. I haven't attended any of their recent outings, but the big rumor that I'm hearing right now is that there was an incident where he got drunk at a party and...
  14. T

    What would you do?

    Our SD called our fulfillment TL over the radio, channel 1, and ask if she could bring him a glass of ice water. She is always working on the floor and she was obviously in a batch because she ask for backup only 10 minutes before this. She went and got it for him. Not very happy about being...
  15. M

    TL Transfer question - Small Format to High Volume chain store.

    Hey all - a bit to unpack here so here goes. I’m being transferred to a high volume PFresh store as their FBTL after doing the same role in a small format store for the last two(ish) years. It’s a lateral move but much bigger team (the position was offered to me by my DSD). She wants to send me...
  16. B

    TL Mid-Year Performance Check in/Pay Increase

    Has anyone heard more about possible pay increases for TLs performing above expectations on their mid-year performance check in/calibrations? I heard something about it a few weeks ago but as we aren't HR none of the TLs or ETLs besides HR can view the "Talent Cycle" or the TL check in docs...
  17. C

    My fellow TL's are setting me up for failure.

    I'm a GMTL who's being treated very unfairly by all of the other TL's at my store and I don't even know where to begin. For starters, we have one annoying guy at the registers who always puts on a stupid voice whenever he gets on the walkie to ask guest service for more change. One day he'll do...
  18. R

    Disrespectful TL

    This TL, they're just rude, have a complex and will not have a 2 sided conversation with anyone, they are always right and if you ask a question about what they said or voice a concern they take it as disrespect and as a punishable offense. Does target teach TL's to be dictators? Everyone else...
  19. K


  20. Y

    Promoting at Target

    The route for "moving up" at Target seems to be TM to TL, or at least a PG45 role. Are there any other ways of moving up that don't involve a leadership position?