1. A

    On the bench - unsure if I'll get a position anytime soon. Advice?

    Hey all. So I am benched for the next available GM TL position. I was told I'd find out in July if I'll get it. My store is a large store, second best in the district in sales ($76M). My store isn't entirely sure if or what position I'll get, if any due to the fact they added a closing food TL...
  2. Q

    New Fulfillment Team Lead need some advice

    Hello everyone I got promoted to Fulfillment Team Lead recently and just wanted to ask for some advice on a few things. For some insight I am a internal promotion and remaining at my store. I do not have sfs so I just have to worry about Opu & Grocery opu. My question is how can I make changes...
  3. S

    New GM TL in need of advice

    Title basically. I’m a new GM2 TL over seasonal, pets, luggage, entertainment and toys. I’m also the fill in for our inbound TL on his off days. I wasn’t trained at all, which is nothing new for my target career. I started out as a cashier, then moved to style where I was a dbo and then...
  4. C

    Feedback Advice

    I am wondering if anyone has any tips for talking to ETLs or SD about culture issues. There seems to be a trend at my store if TMs not feeling like ETLs or our SD are treating them very well. Just as an example: an ETL literally yelling at another TM in front of other TMs and guests...
  5. tdude2020

    More Team Leader positions?!

    Does anybody know if they are adding beauty team leaders and flow team leaders to the org chart?
  6. Dream Baby

    Our new HR TL seems really inexperienced.

    I swear our new HR TL/ETL is not even 25. Why would Target let them run HR in a store with over 150 employees? I am in my 50's and have never worked anywhere that did that. Thoughts?
  7. bloodyred


    Any other TL's feeling overloaded with tasks/expectations? I'm finding it ever difficult to do my own work cause I need to support other work centers, e.g. fulfillment; seemingly our ETL's are struggling too. Plus NPS has been a tough thing recently!
  8. Dream Baby

    Announcing a new TL.

    So my store is losing TLs as usual. However I have noticed they never announce their replacements. Our store used to do this but now you just notice a new face or hear it through the grapevine. Is this normal?
  9. L


    So I’ve done TL interviews twice now and just failed the second one. Each time the feedback is that I was so close to getting it but my answers are too tasky. I personally didn’t feel that way. Does anyone in here know exactly what ETLs and SDs look for when they do interviews because I’m sad...
  10. L

    TL Interviews

    Hi all. So I officially have my TL interviews next week. Do you guys have any tips or suggestions to nail my interview?
  11. J

    Any advice on this?

    So I reported my team lead for unfair and rude behavior in the work place and asked to be transferred positions. My store director said that it seemed like I was taking it personally and denied my request. And after having received retaliation from my team lead and asking for some support from...
  12. moisthippo

    Service & Engagement How to start showing interest in a S/E TL position

    I'm starting to look at the S/E TL position as potential career path that would be a nice pair with my BA degree I'm currently working on. I have talked to my S/E ETL but she didn't really say much and rumor has it anyways that she's about to get the boot. My HR isn't good with definitive...
  13. R

    A&B new Team Lead

    Hi there! Just got hired for team lead of A&B! I wanna impress my team! Any tips from experienced leads on how I can wow and any starting tips? I’m so excited to get going!!
  14. TLSpot

    Advice for burnout?

    Working through the pandemic has left every other team lead I know really burnt out and on edge. I have some time off coming up, so does anyone have good advice for resetting and maintaining not being burnt out as a leader? I know good routines at work, good self care routines, and setting...
  15. B

    Advice for new S&E TL

    Finally got off the bench & making the transition from beauty to TL for S&E! Any advice on the transition? Anything you wish you knew before becoming a tl in general?
  16. C

    Fulfillment operations

    Saw a couple target stores posted a fulfillment operations team leader job posted. Just wondering what this job is. It sounds similar to the food and beverage team leader job in the description.
  17. C

    fulfillment operations

    Saw a couple of fulfillment operations team leader jobs posted. Just wondering what this job is. It sounds like its the food and beverage team leader job.
  18. PogDog

    Performance out

    I have to ask the hard question knowing that I'm severely lacking in this area. I don't know how to properly performance out a team member. I don't think any leads at my store are trained well either. We have a lot of team members that are pulling us down. And keeping them on because we...
  19. F

    How long on bench

    How long are you normally on the bench for? Let’s say a position you want comes up and you think your fit for it and so does everyone else in the store thinks you should get it except your SD what advice would you have going into the interview and what would you do if you where me
  20. R

    Audit advice

    I am applying to be a team lead and I was given a project. I need to come up with a plan to have the OTC team audit their area, they are super far behind and always claim they have no time to do anything but pulls and truck. I have some ideas but I would love to hear anyone’s advice on coming up...