1. L

    Side career boundaries??

    Alright guys this might be a weird question... but I see myself in the future with how everything is moving along might be joining the bench officially and one day will be a team lead. I want to pursue a fighting career in boxing or ufc is it possible for me to do that while still being a lead...
  2. Meli4Target

    What did I get myself into?

    Hi leaders, So I've been a small format team leader for over a year, and I recently was asked by my DSD to report to a 65M volume store as one of their GM team leaders. I'm getting keys and a stanley code while I'm there so I figured I'll be performing opening the store duties. Any current GM...
  3. B

    Use of own Laptop

    My stores TL office has one computer but multiple places to sit. I wanted to know if I am able to connect to the bench, workday, etc on my laptop while in the office and using their wifi? Does anyone do this?
  4. B

    Can they just give someone a TL position without ever posting the position?

    One of the TL positions at my store opened up, and several times I mentioned to my relatively new ETL that I was interested in it, and at first he said i would be a good fit. Even the TL who was leaving recommended me for it. But its been atleast 6 weeks, and every week I looked for the position...
  5. T

    Trying to understand

    I’ve been with Target for a while and it seems like a lot of you have as well I recently got told that I’m getting a bonus and being considered to the next level I’m just curious how often people get promoted to ETL positions and above.. my store is newer and most of the people above me won’t...
  6. MarketMayhem

    How to go from TM to TL

    I have, since the beginning been trying to prove myself to the leaders I am worthy of that kind of position. When my yearly review came I had no areas to work on. And the only comments were to keep doing what iv been doing. I even recommended myself over to market team when we were doing the...
  7. T

    New Style TL questions

    Hi! I just accepted a Style TL position and was a former Style TM. If you were promoted from TM to TL what are some things you wish you had been told going into your new role or some challenges you didn't expect? As far as doing interviews for new TMs do you just follow the packet or are there...
  8. H

    Style TL: what is expected of you everyday?

    I am being developed to move up eventually and was just curious: what does your typical day look like? What is generally asked of you to do on any given day? Are there any tasks you are not supposed to do? (i.e., backup lanes, freight, ect) Break it down for me! The more detailed, the better...
  9. H

    Firing a TM vs a firing TL (super underperforming TL - need advice)

    I've heard it is harder to fire a TL than it is a TM. Can someone elaborate on this? What steps are taken and how is coaching supposed to work?What can/does "documentation" lead to? Somebody please explain all of this in detail. If you're wondering why I'm asking (long rant): Warning: I may...
  10. M

    New Team Lead Advice

    Hello! Im brand new to being a Team Lead only a month in. I was hoping to get some advice on how to approach a Team Member. This Team Member gets a lot of complaints from other TMs. Most of them saying how he is rude. What would be the best way to approach this TM and talk to them about their...
  11. U


    What does it mean to be put on the pipeline? I keep being told i get brought up in etl meetings and that they all want to promote me but i have no idea what it means or what is going to happen, if we have no openings at our store for a tl any advice is welcome
  12. P

    Style Consultant Interview Questions

    I hope this is the right place to ask this question, but anyways, my friend just applied to Target and was able to schedule an interview with them. I did work at Spot for about a year and a half before leaving so I was able to provide some pointers, but honestly I can't remember my own...
  13. S

    How to be a good Team Lead

    READ THIS FIRST!! Alright I understand my header or whatever is very vague and subjective. But I’m genuinely curious as to what some of y’all think. What makes a good team lead? What qualities? Etc.. what has a team lead done for you that in your opinion makes them great?(or good). I’m really...
  14. TheHardlinesGod

    TL Harassment

    So today I was told that I was in the wrong for telling everyone they’re allowed to do lunch corrections for the amount of time it takes the Closing Team Lead to take his security without letting everyone out. I found this out through another TL and I’m kinda pissed and took it as an attack on...
  15. Drew Alex

    Team Lead

    Ive had the idea of wanting to become a TL I’m about to be a year next month.Latley I’ve felt like my TL likes me because I always talk about how my sales are going(softlines).I’m always on it about my VMGS and reorganizing my area. I’ve even mention to her I want to learn the whole store so I...
  16. ImBaffled

    How high can you go

    How far up the ladder can you get with no degree. If you theoretically had amazing interviewing/communication skills paired with an amazing work ethic etc. how far can you climb up the ladder at target without a piece of paper? Me and another tm were talking about this the other day as we both...
  17. J


    Hey I know it’s only 2 pay grades now. I just was curious are APS’s bonus eligible since it’s still TL pay grade?
  18. N

    transferring stores while in TL development

    I'm in TL development and am looking to transfer to another store in the same district. I haven't asked any of my leaders about it yet as I do not know how this would affect my TL development, so I thought I would ask if anybody has gone through a similar experience or has knowledge on...
  19. M

    Offered TL position in Grocery

    So I’m currently already a GMTL at my store, but this week my store director offered me TL position on the grocery side that would oversee Meat/Dairy/Frozen. We currently had this position vacant for the last 3-4 months. I’m trying to get some insight on just what I would be getting myself into...
  20. The Wanderer

    Team Lead Position Advice

    Hey everyone. I'm going to try to make a long story short. I've been working at Target for almost 7 months now as a flexible fulfillment team member but have worked in other areas of the store when needed (flow, hardlines, guest experience). I regularly assist different team leads in their...