1. T

    Taxes, Pay, W2. Corporate? Help!!

    This is very confusing so I’m going to break it down. A TM received her w2 and it said nothing was taken out the entire year. $0. When you look at her paystub last year it shows money was taken out. Every pay check. When she did her taxes she ended up owing a big amount. She didn’t give an...
  2. D

    W2s for ex employees

    Where does someone get their w2? We have no hr and the current ETL in the building is pretty useless, so I figured I’d ask here.
  3. Asuras

    W-2 for 2022 if you didn't work?

    Feels like a dumb question, pretty sure I won't have one. But I was a On-Demand Team Member for half of 2021 going into 2022. Quit in 2022 and never had a shift in 2022. Will I still have a W-2 to worry about?
  4. TheLycan

    W2 for someone that quit

    Question for some that quit and needs a w2 from the store and can no longer access workday.. how would you go getting it? Ps. This is for someone I know that quit not for myself
  5. TheLycan

    W2 still not showing up

    Anyone know when W2s for 2022 will be available for download on workday? Ps. They are still not available for me as of the 10th of January. Any news would be appreciated
  6. T

    Charging $10 to get my W2s mailed to me?

    I think thats against the law.
  7. Tessa120

    Obtaining older W2s

    I just found out that my state return for 2019 never made it to the state. And I don't have a copy of the 2019 W2, as that was with the state form. How can I obtain a W2 for that year? Thank you.
  8. A

    Where do I get my w-2

    Where do I go for my w-2
  9. T

    Ex-employee where go for electronic w-2 tax form

    I use to work at target. It that time of year again for tax season. I was wondering what the website for my electronic tax forms. I know they usually send it though mail bit do remember they also have online. I just need to know that website please.
  10. Planosss


    Team, its that time of the year. You can opt to receive your W2 electronically, you will get an alert when it’s ready. It is the fastest way to receive your W2. Login Page - PaperlessEmployee.com - https://www.paperlessemployee.com/Target/PE/Home
  11. S

    Workday Login trouble?

    Anyone else having trouble logging onto workday from their personal computers? Did corporate get rid of the ability for us to do that? Seems unlikely since that's where we get access to our paystubs and W2's, which is why I'm wondering if it's unintentional. My brother and I are both having...
  12. Patty


    Hi I only work 5 hours a week. I couldn't get my w2s to print from home. I asked if I could do it at the store and I was told no, and that I had to get them from H R, but they are not there when I am. Then I was told they were mailed 2 weeks ago, but I haven't recently them. Everyone is so...
  13. T

    How do you look up/print w-2 on workday?

    I'm try find it in workday and can't. I'm try print it from my store.
  14. T

    How do i print my w-2

    How do I print my w-2 on workday if I elected to go paperless?
  15. D


    Just an FYI, w2’s are available in workday. I’m sure mine is wrong because they had to fix my New Years week check.
  16. TheLycan

    W2 for 2020

    Anyone have any updates or news about when we get our W-2 for this past yr? I checked one day and I don't see any updates yet. Around this time last year on workday it told me the expected date but I'm not seeing that this time.
  17. G

    W2/ tax slips

    Hello i quit target a while ago, and wondering when do they send out the paper w2/tax forms ? is there any way i can view them or do i have to call HR? Thanks.
  18. DialMforMonkey

    W2 for former TM

    Hey guys, I apologize for posting such a mundane question, but the search bar has failed me. How do I get access to my 2019 W2 for Target as a former tm? It seems I misplaced the one mailed to me. Thanks!
  19. Tessa120

    I'm Lost! Online access to W2

    What is the website for former TMs to get their 2019 W2? Thanks.
  20. Prodil

    I'm Lost! E-Filing (Control Number Box)

    Hi! So, I'm filing my taxes for the first time :D through Turbotax but my Target W-2 it just says N for the control number and its asking for more characters. If I won't able to fix it or add something else it tells me I'll have to send my taxes through the actual mail and not through E-filing...