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May 24, 2012
I've seen some mention of 4/7/7 rule in some of your PFresh discussions. What exactly does it mean? Thank You!
Go to workbench on pa guide, It will give more info. Freshness or culling done by 7am & 7pm, truck done by 4am by 7am, is the other thing.
it is a guide on when to tpc items in the open market... (in order to avoid as much qmos as possible)

full case of produce should be tpc'd if date recieved was 4 days ago
partial case of produced should be tpc'd if date recieved was 7 days ago
full case of meat should be tpc'd if date recieved was 7 days ago
Of course, but not many people know much about PFresh...especially specifics, like the 4/7/7 rule.
I don't do pfresh every day. But I do know how to do tpc's for pfresh.

Hardlinesmaster, can you please transfer to my store? You the most global person i know. I wish we had you at my store. I mean whenever my etl is filling a hardlines tm with a mid shift, the other etl in hardlines says we cant have said person. He said this when someone from hardlines already transferred from hardlines to p fresh.

Back on topic. Even those the 4/7/7 rule is a rule, if you are ordering correctly, you should rarely have to use this rule. But no is perfect.
Pbrguy, sorry I can't come to your store. But don't give up, they're are others like me at your store. Just for watch for them.
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