48 hours this week = 8 hours of overtime?

I know this may seem like a obvious question, but with the christmas holiday on Sunday.. If I work actual 48 hours. Do I get 40 hours + 8 hours of OT + 8 hours of holiday pay for Christmas?

Just trying to figure out why my store is being generous with hours, if we're actually gonna get overtime.
If u worked on Sunday the 25th, then that does not count towards the regular 40 hours you work. same with thanksgiving, if you work that day they will still permit you to work an additional 40 hrs the rest of the week.
Is it wrong that I volunteered to work on New Years day for ad setup since I'm not scheduled and have 40 hours the rest of the week, too bad it won't happen though...

I miss the good old days when they actually allowed you to work your 40 and pick up a holiday shift as well.
Overtime is work after 40 hours worked in a week or 8 hours worked in a day. Christmas and Thanksgiving holiday pay has nothing to do with the equation, think of it as a bonus.
This thread amuses me... as almost every single answer is right, but almost every single one is wrong too.

OP - Overtime laws vary wildly from state to state. For instance, in the last state I worked, if you worked over 8 hours in any given day, all the hours past the 8 mark were overtime hours. However, in the state I currently live in you can literally work all day (24 hours) and not get a single bit of overtime (with a few exceptions in various industries), all that matters is your work in a week.

For another example, some states consider the shift, not the day, so if you work from 6 pm Wednesday to 6 am Thursday, in some states that is 4 hours of overtime b/c it's one shift, even if it's separate days. However, other states only care about the day. Nobody can tell you anything definitively without information on where you live, sometimes even the city you work in is important info (though that's rare). Target can have it's regulations/guidelines, but the actual rules/laws vary wildly.

P.S. - Google is a good resource for this info, though it'll take a little digging. Also, don't give your personal info out on here, Spot can get mad.
I always found Target hilarious in this regard:

If I already have 40 hours why would I stay later if you're just going to cut me another day? Why work a marathon shift just to have another shortened?
This is how most of my coworkers on plano feel, not that I can blame them. Sometimes the work just doesn't get done for a day because no one wants to be told to go home 4 hours early on the last day of the week. That would be a 4 hour shift, and it is hardly worth even coming in at all. The ETLs complain that the work doesn't get done because so-and-so went home when they were scheduled or they insist that OT be cut later in the week. Darned if you do, darned if you dont.