A kid pissed on the floor in Market...

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  1. ...because his mother wouldn't take him to the bathroom. I was in the area and overheard that boy telling her that he really needed to go for about ten minutes. She kept replying "just wait... not now... I said just a minute..." Finally, he couldn't hold it anymore. She flagged me down and asked me to get someone to clean it up. I just stared at her with my mouth agape because if I'd verbally responded, I'd have lost my job. Then, instead of taking the poor kid to the bathroom to get him cleaned up or changed or something, they moved on to look at school supplies. This twat acted like it was no big deal while her poor kid was stuck walking through the store in his own piss. He must have been seven or eight... clearly old enough to be potty trained and to know when he needs to go to the restroom.

    If you can't possibly stand to have your shopping spree interrupted because your kid is telling you they need to get to a toilet, then maybe don't have children.
  2. Common event.
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    :-( We had a service dog that came in a little over a month ago that looked like it had to use the restroom to me, but they were training it still so I figured it could also have been nervous. Nope, I was right. It left a lovely poo in grocery. The LOD had to clean it up because no one else was available. I was mildly amused, especially because it was one of our SrTLs that I don't exactly find to be the nicest person around.
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    Not at our store... pretty freaking sad if that specific situation in its entirety is common somewhere else.
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    Sounds a little abusive tbh. That kid is going to remember the embarrassment of peeing in Target for the rest of his life.
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    Poor kid
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    As I often say, some people should not be allowed to reproduce.
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    Man I was sooo happy when my least favorite ETL had to clean up when someone puked on the floor in seasonal.

    We've slowly been dealing with more and more people peeing in the fitting room though. I DON'T think this one puddle was made by a child though. It was way too big >.>
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    Stupid guests... how do they work?
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